Earthship Design

The idea of the earthship is that
it looks at all issues concerning the way that a
building operates from an ecological perspective. We’ve got as much glass as we can have.
Every room can be open, then it’s really fantastic. Not only have the experience when you’re
inside the inside the Groundhouse, you don’t feel
like you’re enclosed. We try to use materials from the
site, so used the earth from the site from digging the excavation. The idea of the Groundhouse is to try to use as many recycled or up-cycled materials as possible. We’ve developed an engineering solution to construct a
wall, which is the heating system for the house
because it can store the energy of the Sun, but also it’s
a very good strong wall. It’s the base of the wall construction, it’s off a van, a camion. The idea is to take the tire, it’s finished the
trend is gone, but it’s still very strong, so we put the earth inside. This makes it very stable when you when you build it into the
wall. I think about to 300 pounds in weight. That’s why we have a strong building and that’s why we have a building which
can keep itself at a nice temperature. It’s not taking the material and breaking it and reprocessing it
because then you have to have more carbon, more energy and more carbon. If you want a zero carbon building you try to use the material as it is. We want the water to be cleaned, but also we want
to to use the nutrients, the energy, in the
water for growing organic food. If I have a shower in the Groundhouse, now the water is
coming into this tank for two weeks. The reads are growing, cleaning the water, looking quite nice. Then it’s coming
into this one and from the pond we have a pump which
goes to the tank for for watering the garden,
so at this point the water is clean you
could you could swim in it if you wished. I made the uplighters. They are made with lime. The first bit is made with chicken wire and newspaper, recycling, and then covered with plaster and plastered into the walls, but behind
the lime is also mud plaster and the tires themselves, so it’s a very
very thick wall and this is what helps regulate the
temperature in the house. We have insulation under the floor, special recycled
insulation in fact, so the installation under here is called
foam-glass and it’s made from car windscreens. They take the windscreens, they smash them up and they melt them and on the top we have cement mixed with sand from the site. It takes a little bit of time, but we
needed a round wall for the bathroom and and we
wanted to light to come through from the Sun and the light to come out so
that when some is having a bath, you can see them in fact, we have tested it, even if you go really like this you can’t you can see
anybody. It’s accessible, its
ecological, it’s zero carbon, its really what should be happening for
the future.


  • Mandi T

    do you have design plans for this house? im looking into making one myself. what was the estimated cost for this one

  • Mandi T

    do you have design plans for this house? im looking into making one myself. what was the estimated cost for this on

  • lemonade budget

    making my own tyre earth house with glass front in Cyprus.

  • Grid Free Life

    We love living in our Earthship here in Colorado.


    Would this kind of home do well in Alaska?

  • going2sleep

    More earth ships needed after the next housing bubble, coming near you.

  • chyna Nhua

    That's the most beautiful earthship I've seen so far.

  • umar luxat

    House owner intended to give a comprehensive explanations but …. ironically the video owner intended to give just a bite like. Wants again : valuable resources goes waste do to sycophants in charge .

  • James Oliver

    Living in Harmony with our Earth ! Who would have thought it possible ? Living simply so that others may simply live . Awesome work guys . Lovely home .

  • Michael Cunningham

    this roundhouse was payed for by the brighton Earthship this man is a con man and a lier he should be in the dock for his crimes

  • Jeannine Summers

    I really like the windows opening up! Beautiful!

  • Galv140577

    Things like shelter, water, food, sewage treatment, electricity, and recycling are basic human needs. Governments build houses that exploit those needs because you have to pay for water and sewage treatment, as well as food and the packaging it comes in, waste disposal, shelter, and electricity. These things are not free so you are not free, you are a slave. The only way to free yourself from economic slavery is to get real. In the real natural world where money doesn't exist water falls from the sky for free as rain which you can harvest and filter to make as much drinking water as you like, the Sun provides all the free energy and warmth you need all year round, and the sewage you produce is great for making compost and enriching the soil to grow plants in that provide all the food you can eat as well as clean fresh oxygen for you to breath.


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