Easy DIY Galaxy Father’s Day Card Made with Minimal Supplies

– Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today we’re going to be creating a card using minimal supplies. I’ve got them on screen right now. I’ve got some very inexpensive
Crayola watercolor paints, some watercolor card
stock or watercolor paper, some white gouache, you could also use a white
acrylic paint, a pencil, a bone folder and a ruler. You’ll also need a black pen. I didn’t have it out on
my work surface here, but you will need a black pen. The first thing we’re
doing is we’re going to create our card base. So I have some
watercolor paper here that it is cut to 10 inches tall by 3 7/8 wide. This is going to
create a smaller card. And I’ve marked the 5
inches mark on each side. And then I’m connecting
that with my bone folder. This is going to
create a square line right at 5 inches. So that I can more easily fold this watercolor
paper in half. If you don’t have
watercolor paper, I would highly recommend
picking some up. You can get some
fairly inexpensive watercolor paper
at craft stores, at art supply stores or sometimes even
in the supermarket. You can get some really
inexpensive watercolor paper. It will make your
card look better if you use watercolor paper. You can try this
with regular paper, but I would really recommend try to get the thickest
paper possible. I’m going to take a pencil and I’m very lightly going
to draw a large heart onto the front of this card. If you have a large
heart from something else maybe you even cut out a heart out of some paper and you
want to trace that on here, you definitely can. I’m just free hand
drawing this heart. I’m taking my time and
really sketching it out, getting it to the
size that I want it. You can do in a shape
for this in fact. I’m going to making a
Father’s Day card today. You could definitely make this
for lots of other occasions. But if you do it
for someone who has a particular hobby
that they really love, so for example if your
father really likes to fish, you could draw this as a
very simple fish image. I think that would
be really fun, a fun way to personalize
this card for the recipient. I’m going to just keep
mine as a basic card. So now I’m going to
add on some color using those inexpensive
Crayola watercolor paints. And the secret to using
these inexpensive colors is that you really want to
add a little bit of water and swish around that brush and really work
it into the paint so that it becomes
thicker and thicker and you can get a really
nice saturated color once you start painting. I’m using the paintbrush
that came with the set. I’m not doing any real
precise painting today, so this little brush
will do just fine. Adding on some red
color onto this area and I’m going to
paint a simple galaxy over this shape. I painted a galaxy
earlier last week. I’ll have a link to that
card up in the top corner if you want to check it out. I’m using the exact same method for creating this galaxy
with inexpensive paints. The only thing you have
to really be conscious of when you’re working with
these Crayola paints is that you want to
make sure that you swirl and mix up that
paint quite a bit before you start
painting with it. You see this purple is a
little bit more anemic. I didn’t mix it up as much. So I will come back later and add more purple on top. You’ll also want to take note of where your colors are placed. Try to put colors
near each other that are together
on the rainbow. So you’ll notice that I
have some red with orange and then its yellow
and then green. I do have one spot where I’ve
got blue coming into red, but those together make purple so I put some purple top. I also wanted to mention
if you have any paint that goes outside the lines, if you’re using
these Crayola paints they’re very easy to clean up. You can add a little bit
of clean water on top and then use a clean paper towel to dab up any of that color. I’ll show this to
you one more time later in the video when I have quite a bit of color leaking outside of the
confines of the heart shape. I had a big wet spot in
the center of the heart so I did dab that up
with my paper towel and then I let this
dry completely. You want to make sure
everything is dry before moving on
to the next step. I then took the black
watercolor paint and I made that really,
really thick and dark using a tiny bit of water. And then I started to paint
over the top of these colors. This can be a little
bit nerve-racking. It can be a little
bit daunting at first. But I promise if you
let that black go on top and let some of the colors
below from underneath, you’ll get a really
cool galaxy effect. You can also add a little bit
of water to your paintbrush without picking up more paint and then you’ll get some
lighter areas as well. One thing that I
like to think about when I’m picking
on the black layer for the galaxy painting is that I like to
keep the shapes to be almost most circular. I’m using more of
a circular motion to paint on. It’s almost like you’re
painting black clouds over top of the colorful
paint underneath. So it’s kind of a fun
way to think about it. I’m going to speed
up the video here just so you can see
the entire process. I did add quite a
bit of black to this just with a few areas with the complete
color peaking through. You really want to
just have the effect of having a black film
over those colors. Also took a paper towel
and dabbed up some areas so that they were a
lot of bit lighter. I really liked that effect
on the black as well. I’m going to go ahead add
some water droplets to this. This is going to give it
a cool dry back affect. So most of it’s
half dry right now. And you want it to be almost dry but not really when you
do the water droplets. So I added that on and then have this
area off to the side that starting bleeding out
this side with that blue on it. I am going to have to
clean up that area. I let it dry quite a bit and then I brought in a
clean water on this brush and I’m just adding
a little bit of water to that outside area and then dabbing it up
with my paper towel. And this really
cleans up that line and makes it so it doesn’t
look like the color is bleeding out of that area so much. So now I’m going to
bring in that gouache. Gouache is just an opaque
watercolor type pigment. You could also use a
white acrylic paint or even just draw
on so white dots with a white gel pen. I think that would
work just as well. Mixing that up with
a little bit of water so I get a good consistency. And then I’m putting it on
the edge of an acrylic block. You don’t have to have an
acrylic block for this. It could be anything
with a sharp edge even just a piece of
card stock of you’d like. This is just going
to give me a vehicle for splattering on that white in a more controlled manner. So I’m flicking it off the
edge of that block there. This gives me a little
bit more control in making some nice
paint splatters that will serve as
stars in my galaxy. Like I said before
you could do this with the edges of
some card stock or even if you have something
that has a sharp edge like a piece of plastic
or something like that. So now that I have
quite a few stars, I’m just going to fill
in a few of those areas and then I let it dry. I’m going to add my
greeting onto this. If you wanted to leave this
blank with no words at all, you definitely could. But I’m gonna go ahead
and draw on the words love you dad and
they’re all connected. So I’m using lower case
letters in a cursive style. I drew them on with a pencil and then I’m going to take a
black pen or a black marker and go over the top. After you’ve drawn
on the letters wait a little bit of time
for everything to dry and then come in with a pencil. You might want to test a small
area with the pencil eraser just to make sure you don’t
smear or smudge your words. So that’s the card for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. I will see you guys
in the next card video and thanks so much for watching. (mellow music)


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