Easy Flower Fairy ? — Makeup & Face Painting Tutorial for Beginners

[Music] hi guys this is Olga welcome back on my youtube channel and I’m starting a new series of face painting tutorials I’m going to do some videos for beginners so today I’m gonna show you how to paint this beautiful bright and very easy to do flower fairy mask so what I’m doing is I’m starting with applying a light lilac color on the temple areas and on my forehead using a sponge I’m going to double load the number 6 brush and I’m going to paint the flowers so what I’m doing is I’m loading the brush with white make sure that the consistency of the paint is really creamy and then you raise the tip of the brush and load the tip of the brush in any color that you want to make the contrast for the flowers and I really love this Bollywood ping from chameleons for painting my flowers I think it is almost the best color for doing almost all of my flowers so what you do is you press on your brush you press on the bristles and if you want to make larger petals then you press once you lift your brush a little bit and you press once again and if you want to do smaller flowers you just press on the brush and you get that kind of a triangular shape of a petal to keep everything symmetrical and you should paint one detail on one side of the face and then the other detail on the other side and this is how you keep everything balanced and symmetrical I want to triple load the brush now and I want to paint a very easy butterfly exactly in the center on my forehead so what I’m doing is I double loaded the brush like I’ve done for the flowers and then I loaded the tip of the brush again with purple color and what I’m doing is I’m pressing once and doing a long teardrop and then I’m doing one more teardrop shape a little lower and I’m kind of creating a triangular shape for the top wing and I’m doing smaller wings on the bottom and this is how the basic shape of the butterfly is created I wouldn’t apply some leaves to the flowers now so what I’m doing is I’m just double loading the brush with light green and with club green [Music] let’s set some details and I’m taking a smaller brush this time I think this was a number three round brush and I’m taking wise make sure that the consistence of the paint is really creamy this is how you’ll get all the colors really bright and I’m doing the head of the butterfly and a little teardrop for the body and two little antennas there are so many ways of doing the intestine and the bodice of the butterfly so it’s necessary to do it exactly the same thing I’ve done you can do it in any single way that you like and let’s add some dots and some sparkles just to enhance the design [Music] and we’re doing little stars what did you is you start from the center and you make a small flick up and then a small flick down and two little flicks on the sides and this is how you get all these little sparkles [Music] I want to apply some glitter now and what I’m doing is a moisturizing my finger into a wet wipe and dipping the finger into the glitter and applying the glitter to the face and this is how you’ll make the key just stick to the face for painting the lips I’m using a q-tip I’m loading it with paint and applying the paint on my lips and this is what you want to do when working on again you want to use a separate q-tip on every single child all done thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed please subscribe like and comment and season my videos bye bye [Music]

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