Ellen Hutson Guest Designer – Easy Shading with Prismacolor Pencils!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
today I’m in the classroom at Ellen Hutson
and I’m playing with some of the new release stamps and these are so much fun
I’ve got not just one but two cards for you today and I just wanted to show you
a fun technique or a really easy technique and it’s shading with your
prismacolor pencils so these stamps are perfect for this technique they are a
solid stamp so, people can look at them and kind of think that they’re a
little bit limiting but it actually opens up a lot of other horizons as well
so what what I’m doing today is creating two very clean and simple cards and I’m
starting by stamping out the background directly onto my card front this is a
top fold card using some Altenew inks and the classroom will have all of the
products that I’ve used today listed there and the link will be in the
YouTube description below now I thought it would be easy just to do all my
stamping first so what I’ve done is chosen colors that I think would work
really well with these images this set is called snailed it it’s hilarious and
has some really fun funky kind of designs that just make me smile
alright so to add the shading on the background I am just gonna do it very
lightly I’ll just I didn’t want the background to kind of be the focus so I
have chosen some prismacolor pencils that are very similar colors to the
actual stamp colors or the ink colors that I’ve used and just basically
working where I think the shadows are so this toadstool obviously it’s got to be
a little bit rounded so I’m working sort of more on each side of the actual image
and then sort of drawing the color in and I’m doing with the beneath a
toadstool I’ve just used a kind of a grey a warm grey
and adding some really light shading along beneath it and along the stem as
well so the the snail itself is kind of the focal point of the card and like I
said very clean and simple cards today and I did stamp it in a fairly dark color
because I do want it to stand off you know off the design and you want to be
able to see the image so I really just added some darker brown on the edges of
that just to make it look a little bit rounded and for the snail itself I just
came in with the warm grays again I’m not using any gamsol or anything I’m
just actually using the pencils to blend with themselves and using a light hand
because I can always come back and add more color it is harder to take away
although you can use an eraser it’s just easier to add less colour and just keep
building up on them I’ve got the matching dies here and I’m going to cut
my images out with the both at the same time I made sure that I spaced them far
enough apart on the piece of card stock that I could cut them out at the same
time and then I’m simply just going to pop this up on the front of my card
that’s as difficult as this card got it’s very simple but a real fun design and I’ve just got a couple of photos
close-up photos showing you some of the actual shading there so for my second card I decided to
actually add a little bit more detail using the pencils just showing you how
versatile they can be they are such an easy medium to use the stamp set I’m
using here is called thistle and that’s another solid image stamp set so it’s
not like a line art one so there’s these solid images are perfect for this
technique I’m stamping out I had to do it in purple I was thinking about doing
it another color but thistles are purple I just couldn’t not do it in purple I
love to sort of change up colors of flowers but this time I just couldn’t
bring myself to do it anyway I’m stamping it out and a couple of
different types of purple and then using the green ink for the leaves and the
stems and I’m not too worried about the stems of the flowers because I can
actually draw those in later and thats one of the great things about these
pencils is you can actually use them to add these details without getting too
sort of wound up in the stamp set themselves so this is a panel of
cardstock it’s cut to the same size as my card from I’ve die-cut an oval shape
out of some stamp masking paper and it adhered it over the top of the whole panel I left it in place while I did my coloring just in case I did sort of accidentally
get any marks or anything on the cardstock you don’t need to
do that. the leaves I’m doing very similar to the first card all I’m doing
is actually some simple shading and using very similar colors to the actual
ink itself just a slightly darker I’m not blending out with any gamsol I’m not
doing anything fancy here I’m adding the darker color and then sort of almost
pulling it out with the lighter colour and I’m not pressing very hard on my pencils
because I can always come back in and add more and it does add so much depth
to these, like these leaves are such a beautiful shape and
it just brings them to life. so something else you could try is actually adding a
different color over top of the green with the prismacolor pencils and that
would just make it add such a wonderful variance to the image so a nice golden
leaf or even the red tones you could really make this your own along the stem
I used the darker pencil to add some sort of little you know almost thistles a little kind of dots of green and that just those little extra
bits of detail that you can add with a pencil which is really easy to do and can really take your card image up a
notch it’s hard to see in the video here but you will be able to see it in the
picture at the end with these the flower portion of these images I’ve I didn’t
show you the dark one it was too hard to see but on this I’m going to show you
this the paler flower here I’ve chosen I think it’s a total of three different
colors of purple so this is my medium color I’m just slowly working up from
where I think the shadows are going to be and adding little flicks of pencil on
the way I’m not just doing it in the same spot each time I am kind of varying
it up because you know that flowers aren’t perfectly even at all then I’m
coming in with the lighter color which is almost the same color as the ink
itself and adding some more flicking motions and just slowly working my way
all over this flower it doesn’t look much yet but it does actually change the
whole look of the flower in the end bear with me I have or sitting here thinking now do I
want the darker color or not or is that going to be just a bit too much but
honestly this flower really didn’t come to life until I added the darkest color
which is actually the darkest color I used on the other flower itself and
you’ll see that here and I haven’t added much at all but I did do it from a
couple of the middle spots of the flower as well as the base now for this
technique you do not have to use prismacolor pencils you can use any
pencils that you might have in your collection it’s just that I love them
and they are so easy to use and I find the softness of the actual lead in the
pencil because they’re wax based, is really easy to work with and now for the big
reveal I’ll remove my mask I made sure to stamp
a couple of the leaves over the edge of the mask and that just gives that oval
finish I’m going to pop the die this is actually MFT wonky oval die and that’s
what I originally did the die cut with through the mask paper I’m just popping
that in place on the front panel because I want to do an impression or emboss
with the die and to do that I’m using my Big Shot. whatever you would normally use
on your machine for an embossing folder so this one’s tab one and then I’ve got
a base plate I like a shim in there then I’ve got my cardstock with the die
facing upwards and my rubber mat and a another plate on top and then just roll
that through it actually doesn’t put a lot of pressure on so if you’re having
trouble getting it through your machine don’t force it because you don’t want to
damage your machine you might have your sandwich wrong
so just recheck your sandwich and there you have it an embossed wonky oval die
now it’s time to work on my sentiment I’m using a powder tool to destatic my
black card stock before I stamp out my sentiment with some Versamark ink
so this sentiment is from the snailed it set and it says hope thistle cheer you
up just love it it cracks me up I’ve used
some white embossing powder I’m just going to hit that with my heat tool and
to get rid of the residual powder all that I do is wait for it to cool down
and then just wipe it away with the dry cloth I’m just going to assemble my card
now using my ATG and add some adhesive to the back of the panel and pop it up
on the front of my top fold card and then I’ll just add some foam squares to
pop up my sentiment thanks so much Ellen Hutson for having me at your
classroom today I have had an absolute blast playing with your new release
products in the Essentials by Ellen line I’ll have all the links in the
description below so please head on over there and check out the classroom
there’s always heaps to see and do until next time happy papercrafting bye


  • Barb Ghig

    So gorgeous, Therese! I love the effect of using your pencils to add shading…so pretty!

  • Dianne Ayers

    Lovely colouring…love the snail!

  • Cards by Maaike

    Unlike us normal peeps, botanist call purple blue instead. So you used blue 😉

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    Oh my gosh you made this thistle image beautiful, ive never seem them as beautiful flowers , awesome job!

  • Cynthia Clark

    HAHA @ that sentiment. Thistle crack me up. LOL

  • Maureen Hughes

    Lovely cards and the snail is so so cute!! Thank you for showing us how to shade – this lifts a flat stamped imaged into something marvellous.

  • Dana Joy

    This is one cute stamp set!!! You’re right it is a really versatile stamp set

  • Sherri C


  • Audrey Shaw

    Love the thistle, but then I would wouldn't I!! and the snail is cute, if a snail CAN be cute :o)

  • margessw

    Thanks for this helpful video. And for these two gorgeous cards.

  • Wanda Culpepper

    This is an OMG moment — why didn't I ever think of that? I often mix different media on my cards, but somehow never thought of adding details with colored pencils to the stamped image itself. Brilliant. Love both these cards. Thank you.

  • Happy Scramper

    The colouring really does make a lovely difference. I missed your gorgeous music on this video – always enjoy it! xx

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    What a fun stamp set!!

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    Oh my, this is an amazingly informative video.
    Thank you for sharing these cards.

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    I just love all of your videos, more, more more! Lol!

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    Your flowers are beautiful. Love that you used the colored pencils to add accents. Thanks for the inspiration


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