Empower Creativity – Sketch Your Creativity with Concept Artist, Colie | MSI

This is the Night Shrike I call this dude the Happy Jack A bike for a vampire hunter This dude is called the Big Cat Hi, my name’s Colie Wertz, and, uh… I design spaceships You’ve probably seen a few in a couple of movies What I love about my job is that I get to get on the same page as someone else who’s a creative First thing I do when I roll out of bed is go get a cup of coffee The hour that I spend in the morning doodling and sketching on my own is my world… and I own that world The 8-9-10-hour day that I get to spend collaborating with someone else is me getting into their world That’s what they hire me for My inspirations tend to come from a lot of cars They have what are called hard points – things that can’t change There’s a feeling that is present in any make of car Comic books was the big thing It’s kind of how I learned muscles and shapes and proportions and things like that. When I was 11-12, that’s when I really started getting into sketching spaceships I still crank stuff out on a small scale and actually get a better feel for what I’m drawing Recently I’ve gotten into Octane Render It’s definitely changing the way that I plan because you plan around your most demanding piece of software I need a really beefy video card; I need a fast processor, solid state, and… MSI has a good reputation for having really robust equipment and has shown itself to be a really positive production platform It’s faster than my desktop My workstation has become a laptop The machine’s got fantastic color, and as you can imagine, when I’m working I need to be able to see the lights, the darks, all the different hues This Creator laptop is doing it all for me, and it’s got plenty of ports for monitors or running VR So when you get a all-in-one powerhouse, you have to hug it, and… I’ve really really enjoyed the experience on the Creator I like to be mobile like to track my motorcycle, probably one of the most fun things that I do It’s a very focused manner of existing It really plays into my “when-the-moment-strikes”, the creative moment or a moment of inspiration When that hits, get on it


  • Alexander Self

    I like that mis is moving into the professional Market. Thanks

  • JGHifiversveiws

    2:31 Did they pullover or…………

  • Darren Davis

    Coolest ad

  • Samuel Martin

    The system claims that it has nearly 100% sRGB, but that happen to be one of the worst color formats out there, it's just a suggestion but MSI should use ACES or something like

  • Jimbo_44

    I really like the “Big Cat”

  • TheDivineInferno

    Had a msi "gaming" laptop. It burned out 3 times and had to get a refund. The cooling unit just could't keep up with Even the lowest settings. From My perspective msi Are only good for their gpu everything Else just kinda gets too hot and dies.

  • Salmon Mammaries

    My dream job… so cool.

  • Chisagxdasher

    yum yes aaai

  • VanConglo

    i only searched this video for the laptop and it was an add

  • Rob Nitsch

    Colie you are a beast!

  • Justin Roberts

    It wasn't until the two-minute mark that I realized I was watching an ad.

    Also I want the Nightstrike.


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