[EN CC] The Untamed OST Cover | ไม่มีฉินก็เล่นเพลงหลานจ้านได้ | (try to) Play Qin with Piano App

Hi! Welcome to Archira Channel. I’m Archira. This Video I introduce the musical instrument that I used to cover the Qin sound from The Untamed Series. I used to introduce “Flute”. You can watch it! But I forget to introduce this musical instrument. Many people ask me “What a musical
instrument do you use in that clip?” In truth, I have told details about a musical instrument, about the app under every clip. But I think many people do not know this kind of instrument so I will tell you. FYI : This musical instrument (and Flute) only in Android. IOS has no it. Koto (Japanese stringed musical instrument) The sound is similar to Qin. Unfortunately this app doesn’t have Guqin or Guzheng. I tried to find it in other apps but didn’t find it. T^T Choose Koto and try! OK! I will play it as an example for people who have never played it. I will play “Qing Xing” (Cleansing Music) It’s very popular among fans of The Untamed series. When I play sometimes I press hard. Sometimes gently press. It’s up to you. It’s wrong! sorry=O=;; wrong for 1 point=w=;; I will play The Collection of Turmoil too. In The Untamed Series, It’s dangerous music but many people like it so much! haha XD OH! Nooooooo This is so hard. I have a lot of fail with it. In original music use Qin. It’s a stringed musical instrument but this is a piano app so I do as much as I can. Must practice. Try again! It’s wrong for 1 point=w=;; This is the end for introducing the Koto instrument that I Cover Qin sound in The Untamed Series. You guys who have android. Let’s try playing it.


  • Tay


  • Asada Chino


  • Amy Wang

    is this Luan Po Chao? ??? you're so greaaattttttt!!!!! so genius!!!!!!!!! i stan u!

  • David leo

    Ohhh yoi are great..will you plzz tell the notes…i really like it

  • Rayji FineArt

    เราเล่นทุกเพลงเป็นเสียงเปียโนแทนทั้งหมดเลย ทำใจ iOS เครื่องดนตรีน้อย??

  • นันณภัชสรณ์ กิจวรรณจักร์

    ฟังทอนหลังๆแล้วคิดถึงจินกวงเหยาเลย ฮื้อออ พี่ซี…

  • Kachanun Matsaeng

    ต่อไปขอ gu cheng ได้มั้ยค้าา พลีสสสสส

  • Fan Quỳnh Mạnh


  • Milk Tea HunHan

    Love u ??

  • Tae Mary

    3:19 You can play full music .

  • NJ V love


  • ปภาดา ผิวเพชร



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