[ENG] 연근 런던일상 브이로그 #1. 집에서 밥해먹기 / 길가다 발견한 예쁜 로컬 공원 / 런던 작은 갤러리 탐방 / 페인트칠 하기

Today I’m gonna make French toast as a brunch Actually, I never made it before so I don’t know how it gonna go I add to many eggs + milk I also put Agave syrup to make it sweet cuz I don’t have sugar at home + salt I will soak bread into this Spread butter on a pan and roast bread I’m going to uni then I will go to B&Q to buy some paint I dressed up really casually today It’s a big shop where you can buy, house and gardening equipment I don’t know exact shade of my wall so I decide to buy these small testers I will walk back home cuz weather is soo nice today I found this small local park on the way I didn’t know about it even though it was so close to my place It looks like a scene from the movie I’m back home There are so many stains left by previous tenant soo many stains 🙁 This is so bright I couldn’t find an exact shade I will buy this one. It was a bit simllar to wall shade. I’m cooking dinner now Today’s dinner menu is pan-fried pork belly It’s an instant fried-rice. I just need to put it in the microwave. It tastes better than I thought I also took out this lemon tea that i like Taste is deeper than other lemon ice tea I gave up last time cuz it was too difficult to read but i will try again I’m on the way to the exhibition, which was on today’s lecture I was so surprised when it came up on the powerpoint cuz I was gonna go today This gallery space is so beautiful Artist put oil paint on the mirror Bus suddenly terminated in the middle of the way There are a lot of protest and event in this area so this happens a lot Big Ben is under construction Maybe Bus stopped because it was under contruction I was starving so we came to any restaurant on the way it’s an Italian chain restaurants It’s mushrooms filled with garlic. It was better than I thought Main manu is aubergine paste. It was ok This exhibition is related to the first exhibition that we been to Furnitures in the other gallery was made in this gallery workshop ME – (Can we go this?) I guess security will come if not. There’s something in this room ME- There’s something outside, but we cannot enter If I look at how organize it is…(?) There’s someone working We on the way to other gallery near by Friend – It’s like Europe street I felt a bit of pressure because there’s way too many guards They opened the gate for me. I think there were 3-4 guards in one room I really enjoyed it. Cy Twombly is one of my favorite artist It was my first time seeing his sculpture in real life We came to bakery cafe near by Arrive at home! It was long day I will light up new candle that I bought today It smells like forest, soil , and plant. I really like the smell.

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  • 희빈Heebeen

    런던 브이로그라니 너무 기대돼요
    앞으로 자주 놀러올게요💜💜
    첫 번째 구독하고갑니당ㅋㅋ!
    제 채널도 놀러오세용🧡🧡


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