[ENG] [EPISODE] BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ Jacket shooting sketch

Hello everyone. This is the jacket shooting location for Love Yourself. We’re here to take photos for ‘L’ version. (looks around)
This set looks like my uncle’s house back in the days. The set looks like a home. The concept is drowsy and sweet. Today, we have to get photos taken while feeling relaxed. But that’s kind of hard for me. I’m really looking forward to this album. I think the fans will love it too. And we’re having fun get photos taken. People will enjoy looking (at the photos). Please look at it favorably. (aegyo) (satisfied) We’re going to the next location. We had an indoor photoshoot, we were playing with the balloons. The photographer said: “I have to see your faces to get good shots.” All of a sudden everyone stopped playing and was like… (intense look) Everyone was like that. (so happy) We got a lot of cuts. I think this album is a striking piece of work. It’s meal time for us, we’re going to eat. This is our second jacket shooting. It’s ‘V’, V. That’s why V hyung’s photos looked really great. All of our hidden talents are revealed in the V version. Please show us a gesture that’s filled with love towards ARMYs. Isn’t it refreshing? If it isn’t for a photoshoot, I don’t get to wear these style of clothes. It’s a fun photoshoot. Everyone is so tall, I can’t get closer. It’s the first time to have blond hair in the album (photos). Whatever Namjoonie hyung does, he looks cool. Let’s go!
We need to do our best! We’re good at this, fighting! I couldn’t even say a word. Fighting! A boyfriend feeling. A feeling like you’re having fun with your boyfriend. Commonly known as the ‘boyfriend look’. We’re here at a pizza restaurant. We dyed our hair differently. We’ll show you cool photos. So please anticipate a lot. Where did the bracelet go? Personally, I really liked today’s photoshoot. Our outfits were so colourful. It was a mix and match of different pieces. I really like it. I thought I didn’t fit in with this kind of atmosphere. It was better than I thought, I feel that a new image have been created. We need to go past naturally. It’s really fun. I’m really looking forward to it. Please anticipate a lot. Love Yourself’s jacket shooting is finished. Everyone have worked hard for L-O-V-E 4 versions’ photoshoot. Everyone have worked hard. I’m really looking forward to see how the photos will come out. Yes. Please look forward to Love Yourself album. Please anticipate.

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