[ENG] [Episode] LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ Album Shooting Sketch

JM: Hi everyone. JM: This is the jacket shooting location for SELF, the last part of ‘Love Yourself’. V: The concept of jacket album is to take many photos and make them into collages. JH: I think this album (concept) is daring and challenging. JM: We’re planning to take photos for 2 versions today. JM: We’re taking photos for the L version right now. JM: I think you guys will be looking forward to the L version the most, with the school uniform concept. JM: Please anticipate a lot. JK: Everyone, we’ve already changed our outfits. JK: And I’m wearing lens. JK: This hyung…
J: Became handsome. RM: If I move it won’t stay in shape. RM: So I will walk sideways like a crab to get my photos taken. S: There are still a lot of outfits left. S: I will do my best to wrap up the shooting nicely. (fighting~) JK: Up till now, I think this is the most glamorous jacket photos that we’ve ever taken. J: When you wear Air Rift (running shoes) and takes it off, the socks looks like…. J: It looks like this. JM: Dolls are not 45 degree, it’s 30 degree. It looks like you’re standing up. JH: Everyone, S and L versions in SELF have finished. J: The outfits in S version is very unique.
JH: Yes, the S version. JH: Everyone is wearing shining and glamorous outfits. JH: We’re also curious of what the jacket photos looks like. RM: Those who are watching the video might be taken aback but I believe the photos will look nice. JH: That’s right. JM: I think so too. RM: Please change this video to black and white. RM: It looks alright now. JM: I think we’re attempting new things every time. JH: Let’s do well in the remaining 2 days of the jacket photo shooting. Fighting! JM: See you tomorrow. RM: Do you guys know snow globe? RM: Expressing that we’re being locked up in another world. RM: Like other people are watching you. RM: We’re trying to portray that beautifully. V: In the E version, my hair color is dyed the same as the flowers and got my photos taken. V: Hi~ J: I’m handsome so whatever I do the photos will look nice. Right? That’s right. S: Art is not easy. JH: Don’t you think I look exactly like a doll? JM: Actually I’m an angel… JM: I’m sorry for always showing fairy-kind-of sides. JM: Our second shooting is finished now. JM: That’s it for today. V: Bye~ JK: Is this right? JH: Guys, E version’s shooting is finished with a unit shoot. JH: You can check out BTS as dolls in the E version album. JK: Today is the 2nd day, right?
JH: Yes. JK: We still have shooting tomorrow. JK: Shall we jump to tomorrow? JH: For tomorrow. 1, 2, 3 JM: The 3rd day of jacket shooting. JK: We’re finally taking photos for Love Yourself’s F version. J: The concept is…
JH: It feels like returning to the innocence of childhood. V: Please anticipate a lot. RM: Since childhood, the horizontal bar and I are not meant to be. RM: I’m already tired. JH: I’m cute, right? S: I don’t think I went to a playground after the 2nd grade of elementary school. S: It’s been a while to see these things. J: Guys, the jacket shooting is finally done. JH: In SELF, we did the F version today. RM: F is an abbreviation for Final. JH: Is it the final?
RM: Yes. JM: I think the photos for this album will look really interesting. RM: I like that our hair colors are different. J: That’s right. JM: This color is the first time for Jungkookie. JM: I think our fans will like it. JH: We’ll be very thankful if you check out the SELF album, where BTS seek for various colors and different changes. J: Guys, shall we jump to the next shooting location after 1, 2, 3? (taken aback) 1, 2, 3 V: Bye~ RM: See you next time. 1, 2, 3

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