Entertainment Design at ArtCenter College of Design

Personally I think film is really the king
of art. Like it combines everything out there. Watching the behind-the-scenes footage footage
and realizing like oh there’s like a whole team of people who like their job is just
to visualize these worlds I’m totally in love with was a revelation, it was really really exciting to me A concept designer is meant to make something
that lived in their mind visible to your eyes. Something you have never seen before and only
came to life because the concept designer made you realize it. It’s not just one thing, you’re drawing
creatures, you’re drawing characters, you’re drawing vehicles, you’re drawing landscapes,
you’re drawing buildings. It’s about having a really thorough understanding
of the world around you and really knowing how to communicate that to other people with
an imaginative twist. We talk about why things look the way they
do and so it leaves it up to a student to design something that works as fanciful and
as realistic. We spend a lot of time talking about how the
costume supports the character, what’s the costumes relationship to the character’s
identity, environment, status. We have to think about how it’s sewn, what materials
are they using, what colors were available, and what technological advances that we had
as humans to help us make these costumes. It’s a definite plus for students to learn
how to sketch and actually build into 3D whether it’s in the computer or it’s in
an existing maquette that they do in films. So I think the character animation track in
ArtCenter is unique because we’re combining all the knowledge that’s here in terms of
concept design, and combine that with animation storytelling. ArtCenter is famous for having teachers who
are currently working and doing work you might recognize in the field. People come to this
school for that experience too. The instructors here know what the students
can do, the students don’t know how far they can take it. And once they realize that it’s
a huge opening for them. They know the most up-to-date information
and they can tell us about the industry and things out there that we wouldn’t otherwise
know about. They are ruthless and they are hard on you,
but they do it because they love you They want to see us do really well and they
want you to be prepared when you leave. I don’t want people to imagine that it’s just
gonna be a cakewalk in their career but neither do
I want them to be worried that it’s gonna be punishment. I think the secret is just
finding something you enjoy, then you’re willing to try hard. A student who would graduate from this program
would be able to work in film, games, virtual reality, it could be 2D animator, 3D animator,
so it’s pretty exciting, it’s a pretty broad spectrum. This is where Hollywood began, and I believe
that there’s a lot of energy here. You’ve got Warner Brothers, you’ve got DreamWorks,
you have Disney, it’s never ending and it’s a real flux of design here that’s unlike
other places around the world. I want to encourage people to have a dream
and go after it, in the style that they want to go after it. We want to see stuff that is original and
that shows your personality as a designer We’re looking for people who can surprise
us, you are not trying to please the “design gods” you are trying to please a real audience,
that’s just like you . Don’t forget that your ultimate goal is other people saying
that’s so cool.


  • spike swmingbird

    Great video on the entrainment design track, I hope its worth the money.

  • Master Dong

    "I think the secret is just finding something you enjoy, then you're willing to try hard." Right on money there!

  • Ahmed Aldoori

    It's been a year since I graduated from this program, I miss it!!

  • Eugenia

    Why I am crying

  • Jun Steed

    what's the difference between this and illustration for art center or is illustration a term for fine art for you… video for illustration presents like it as the people paint.
    in my place the college kinda have it like a merge of illustration and entertainment design course, calling it "Illustration Movie & Game Art". Fine art is in a different category

  • Jawsie9

    I wanna apply to this program so bad… Too bad I live in Europe 🙁

  • Natalia

    I'd really, really love to apply but I'm so discouraged by reviews from students describing how expensive it is. Even with scholarship graduating with 100k debt? Scares me down to the bone. From what I've seen this is my dream school, but I don't know if it's worth that much money.

    EDIT: Who would've thought. Out of the 11 schools that I applied to my dream school would turn out to be the most generous. *I have money left over from my financial aid- without any loans taken*. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing when that financial aid letter came in. Art Center it is!

  • Jennifer Tsai

    How hard is to get in entertainment design? Does it require people to have to know how to try digital to get in? I really wanted to go in and interested in it. 🙁

  • Do you even LOL

    this is a college that blows my mind, amazing and a dream of mine I hope to one day study at art center as being a concept artist has been a dream of mine for years, art in general has always been a part of me. my biggest fear is not being good enough

  • Alice Kira

    It's my dream to go to this school but I just feel like I lack so many skills! It feels like new students are already so experienced and I'm far below an amateur. I'm not sure when the deadlines are to apply either

  • designeratwork ind

    Wow. Amazing insight.

  • MrNekoCat

    I'm gonna apply in two years I hope I get in

  • Generic Name

    Is this program enough to push me hard to improve? I want to be forced to put double digit hours daily.

  • Rishav Siddhanta

    I wanna go there so bad! I I even think I can manage after a few months of practice,..since I am already working now. Still, wish I had the money..I literally have none in comparison to the course fees! Anybody got any idea on how scholarships work?

  • Hui Ji

    can anyone told me how to find more teaching videos about accd? i would appreciate for that

  • Syiona

    I'd love to go, but my household is low income and I'm afraid I won't be able to attend right after high school… I really love entertainment and concept art, though.

  • Paul Kwan

    How's the animation program at Art Center? I don't see any student work on their website. Thanks.

  • theartistisgod

    My undergraduate school is abysmal for art. They teach you basic values, composition, and color but that's it! I learned absolutely nothing about perspective, lighting, or design. I feel like I am starting from scratch every time I attempt a piece at home even though I've been going to school for an eternity! How do I get to the skills required to be at art center and how do I afford it?

  • Tony Stencel

    Seems very daunting, almost frightening. You’re going to scare kids (and parents) away + the COST(S)$$$$

  • Tejas Panchal

    What softwares are used for 3d modelling

  • omot18

    And be really fucking rich

  • Gisselle o-o

    I'd love to go here.. This is my dream school just seeing it makes me want to cry, I have such a huge passion for art.. But the school I went to just pushed me aside and messed up my grades and everything so it just seems like I'm a slacker and I was sick a lot during the time so they kicked me out and sent me to a different school… I was always denied when I wanted to take an art class so I took french which wasn't bad I liked it too. I'd honestly love love love to be here and complete my dream, but it's also very expensive so I'm just stuck in a state of over thinking. I loved the video tho

  • Wizard of Arts

    What I'm scared about is my lack of formal art education. I'm scared because I'm self taught, so I feel behind. I have no idea what to put in my portfolio. I know there's tons of videos, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. So, I'm catching up. It's my junior year at a school that doesn't have art classes, so I'm buying books. Using drawabox.com, drawing for friends and my own ideas. It's gonna be hard and stressful, but as scared and unsure as I am another part of me is determined. I'm going somewhere, don't know where, but I'll get there.

    Woo. Gave myself a pep talk?


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