Environmental artist makes a statement with crocheted plastic sculptures

My name is Michele Lougee and I teach at
Lesley University College of Art and Design. I have an exhibit called
Timber! at Boston Sculptors Gallery and it is using the material that I have
used often in my work, crocheted plastic bags and I am looking at seeds and
natural organic form. I have a giant caterpillar and a ghost-like tree in the exhibit
and the work addresses concerns for nature and the environment. Probably about 10 years ago I
learned about the plastic debris in the ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,
and I started I learned about crocheting plastic at about the same time. That first exhibit was really recognizable ocean creatures. So I had a giant octopus
and jellyfish and sponges and sea coral. Often people don’t know what the heck it’s
made out of unless they read the literature or I happen to be here to tell them and then there’s like wow moment for them and
you know this is a lot of plastic and what a cool thing to do with it and then they start bringing their bags.
I’ve continued to work with this material, for one because it’s still a
problem. It’s, you know, Cambridge has now banned the bags but it needs to be
addressed in all communities and you know we really need to stop single-use
plastic overall. I hope to raise consciousness about you know that we
think about each time we use plastic and then it doesn’t become such an ingrained
part of our world and I guess that’s really my desire.

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  • Annette Hormann

    Dear Michelle, I find your work very inspirational and beautiful and that it is made of disposed plastic bags is even better. In the video you mainly talk about raising consciousness about the problem around plastic (yes yes yes!) but your artistic work comes short – for me this is a pity! With the very best of wishes, Annette


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