Ephemeral – Ice Sculptures

(running water)(clicking)
(crunching)– Every time before I do a
set up, I am a nervous wreck.(creaking)I can’t tell you how much
time I spend at nightthinking about details
and logistics, and
is this gonna fit,is this gonna hold up,
do I have enough supportin the bottom to hold
this big piece up?I do sometimes say if I
have any regrets, I don’thave anything but a memory
and a picture to show for it.– Two, three
– I think I’m going to go that way.Because otherwise it’s
gonna get really dirty.The ice that we
create is a lot harderthan ice that has oxygen in it.So we have to temper
it, we allow it tostart to melt a little bit
before we do any carving.It makes it, to
me, almost magical.As a child, I didn’t feel
I was very talented at art,and it wasn’t until I
was long outta school,realize that my mind works much
better in three dimensions.I still struggle
when I do animals.The chainsaw cuts straight
lines, and Tom often reminds me,in nature, there are very
few, if any, straight lines.I’ve known him for 30 years,
he’s a very good teacher.My first ice carving I ever
did was at chef’s school.What would go on back in
the past a little more wasthat chefs would
make an ice sculptureto garnish a buffet,
and it brings outthe total creativity in a chef.Needless to say, what
happens with us who arein this industry, if we
really like that mediumto work with, it really
becomes a passion.(sharp buzzing)When I did my first ice
carving, I was a cook.I loved the process
of carving the ice,that I can just
disappear from myday to day worries and
troubles and thoughts.– You mean in the chest area?
– Like the feathers, yeah.– Yeah, put this back
in so we’ll have morestability with it.
– Okay, cool.– Your 100 percent
focus has to be onthat piece at one point,
ya know, you’re in a zone,and you’ve got to
follow step by step.It’s almost like an
orchestration of we’re
gonna start here,we’re going to do this,
then we’re going to that.We have our times
where we’re doubtingwhat we’re involved with,
and what we’re putting up.It’s wet, it’s cold,
it’s very, very physicalwhen you’re holding a chainsaw
that’s going 5500 RPM,but boy, when it’s all said
an done when it goes up,that’s what makes
the difference.– That’s awesome, look at that.– Crazy how they did this.
– I know, right?– Without it melting
– Is it super cool guys?– Every holiday there’s
probably 10,000 peoplethat get to see our sculptures.– [Woman] Isn’t it
beautiful, look at that.– It’s real ice!
– Oh, that is ice!– [Pat] You know, you could
have made a sculpture outof bronze, you could have made
a sculpture out of anything,and put it up there
and lit it up,and made it look beautiful,
but when it’s somethingthat is actually melting
right before your very eyes,it’s got a little bit
more intrigue to it.– Feel it.
– That feels so weird.– [Tom] God, there’s
a lot of people here.– [Pat] Yeah.
– It’s carved out of real ice.– [Pat] All that
excitement over somethingthat we sometimes take for
granted on what we could do.– You’re an artist.
– Thank you.– How long did this take?
– An hour and a half.Yeah, we started with three,
300 pound blocks of ice.– Wow, so you did this?– [Pat] It’s not there to
forever preserve, and admire,and share, but in a tragic
way, that’s really beautifulthat only a certain percentageof people will experience
and enjoy that.– That’s ice, but you
can’t put your mouth on it.– [Pat] No, get your
tongue stuck on that, huh?How do you like that, have youever seen such a
big chunk of ice?To do something that they havesuch a great memory
of is priceless.– It’s cool huh?
– Yeah, it was cold.– [Pat] The most special
sculpture is the angel.She was like an angel, caring,made so many people’s
lives special.Sometimes on the fourth of July,the day that she passed
away, I’ll take an angeland leave it on my
wife’s grave site.It brings me some
comfort to knowthat she’s still
in our thoughts.I miss you, you would be
very proud of your kids.They’ve turned out
to be perfect people.I’ve been able to
contribute to other people’shard times through
a few more angels,and I’m glad that I can
do that for someone.It took a long time, but
now that I know I can makesomething that will bring
joy to someone else,that tells me that I’ve
got an artist’s hands.


  • Andrew Brown

    This is such a beautiful story. Love the photography and the sound design.

  • JoJo me

    A true Artist and such a wonderful man. I had the pleasure of working for him for 5 years and respect him so much. Beautiful Video!


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