[EPISODE] ‘상남자(Boy In Luv)’ MV shooting Sketch

Let’s go! The Real Man~ Now we’ve started on our big run of two days. BangTanBangTan BangBangTan Today we’re in a great condition ever. We’ll show you the best performance. Today I’m the real man. Click Click Sure. I feel nervous. But we’re going to get used to it. Fighting~ We had fun at the very first time but it’s getting more difficult though. This time, our choreography is cool. We’re enjoying the choreography, so it’s gonna work. It’s cool even now, but we’re trying to found a leak part and compensate the defect to be more perfect. We’re gonna burn our passion. Fighting~ Why are you shaking my heart? I think we cheers for today with full energy. Fighting >_< Filming a music video is tough but it’s fun. You look very experienced. Don’t make me so high! I’m a shy boy I just like only to do rap. They said it’s cool. I feel good for it. Acting is a little bit embarrassing… But it’s fun. Acting… ahhhhh Give a rose after agonizing Of course, I’m just all talk. I wouldn’t have done well if it had been a real situation. Ok cut~ Thank you The real man’s music video filming is over Wowwow The real man is coming back 12.feb.! plz give us attention! SUGA: Give your LOVE! / V: Don’t miss the first stage. Hold me tight! Love us plz! We’re eagerly looking forward to Bangtan. The real man style~ (Jung Kook:Hold me tight!) Plz look forward to Hold me tight ~


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