[EPISODE] ‘Skool Luv Affair’ Jacket Photo shooting Sketch

It’s too cold, ooh. I don’t know what to do. I’m such a man. Is this some kind of test ? I don’t even want to walk. haha. it’s freezing! My mouth is frozen~~ Ughhhhh Mommy…. There will be a scene only for two of us, Jungkook and me. But everyone got in the car and closed the door. It’s 10 degrees below zero. So embarrassing. Just focus. You know, I don’t feel comfortable looking at you from such short distance like this either. Let’s just do it~ Ahh I can’t do this! Wow, it came out great. I’m sorry. We have a photo shoot in the classroom now. It’s the ‘LOVE’ version of our song, ‘No more dream’ We have to spin around like this so as not to get too hot. If we just stand still, it’s burning hot. My hair looks gorgeous, right? I’m such a man. I know how to put on a tie. (Jimin feels sleepy zzZzz) It’s so different outside. Something’s different from the studio. Starting from this year, I really want to show everyone how awesome I am. No, you shouldn’t do that to me. Somebody’s trying really hard to show his greatness here. It’s not on purpose. This sweater is a bit bigger than my size. So I heard we have a photo shoot outside pretty soon. I’m going to have a cold tomorrow. We are done with the hideout scene. The hideout?! This is V. I’m going to do the voice of ‘Brook the Elder’ today.. How come Brook’s the Elder? Yohohot!? (j-hope:Not funny) We are almost done with the photo shoot today. If V’s done, we all can be done~ Laundry, done! Oxy Clean! (The name of a detergent brand in Korea) Tada! After three locations, this is the last spot. We are done! My body did such a great job. Great great great great job~~~ Ah, Aww Don’t you think it’s too much? He’s being nice because there are so many cameras here. If there’s none, he’ll be….. When did I ever do that? Today we had our photo shoot at 10 degrees below zero, but I had so much fun. My feet are completely frozen… SUGA! It’s 12 degrees below zero! Yeah, it was 12 degrees below zero and we did our work. It was very cold but we were at some beautiful places too. It was fun. The weather was too cold but we haven’t done our photo shoot at those places before. So it was lovely. Thanks to the hand warmer and the heater we could survive. I couldn’t really see the individual pictures. The concept of confrontation came out really well. It was very embarrassing. We were facing each other from short distance. We never looked at each other like this before Ah haha Yay, today Bangtan did their first album jacket photo shoot outside. I think it came out really well, just as we expected. Don’t you think so? Oh well It’ll be weird if I say so… I can feel it. We’ll see when everything comes out. Our concept is ‘being a man’. I wish everyone could find that out. We had a great experience today and had so much fun. We’ll keep this energy for the music video too! Go Bangtan! Go Bangtan! Come here~~ Thank you so much. And special thanks to you today, Cameraman… You’ll never be disappointed. Please look forward to it. It’ll be amazing. It won’t be released yet (It will be^^). But You’ll see something great soon. Thank you so much, Sir Camera~


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