Every BHAI-BEHEN Relation Ever .. | #Siblings #Sketch #Comedy #MyMissAnand #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

There are four Brother & Sisters in this Story Youngest one but most naughty.. Is it Raining?? Well done Bunty…..Carry on Bunty!!!!! eeeuuuuu…..What did you do? You did Pee on us Shruti…… The Trouble maker Nothing happens…..Anyways, now no need to bath Babloo……No. one fool Let’s take shower Jeetu…….Not so innocent as she seems Will see this Bunty Yeah! definitely For this Bunty…..Hit 200,000 likes asap Will be back….by the time you enjoy the video I am going to Market You all do your Studies Bunty come for lunch Mummy is asking for you Bunty have your Lunch You just go… Don’t teach your dad… Huhhh! Slips over beautiful girls become slaves of their girlfriends Oh Helo! Am not girlfriend’s slave girls follow me, Not I I flirt with girls Oh! So what about that Anishka? Oh! that ugly shaped girl Look, What she think of you she thinks so worse about you Beat him!!!! Show, what are you hiding? Wow Amazon Rainforest collection Seems costly Not that much, just from our pocket money used mine also? fine, my face also turned cheap as that of cheap products oky, let’s go let’s use wow’s mineral face wash first listen, it has vitamin B5 and crude volcanic clay What are you talking about? What is this? From this only have to apply mineral face pack Paraben silicon mineral oil free You bought nice item Done na? Let’s hide it Omg ! Our face will shine…..Boy’s will get flat Let’s apply again What the hell! Even the pig do not stink such How are these girls? Beware of me witch’s pony tail is made to cut off screaming……….. Take out your home work Oky, Taking out Teacher! Have you too finished your home work? Madam……Those days are passed. Now, I complete my Home Work I mean….complete my self What happened? Actually, not getting Come here I remember, I have kept it in my bag after finishing my home work Where has it gone now? Don,t know! And what is this? This is my homework Hold it! Daily ask me to carry bag Got failed and entered my class That’s why you are getting an opportunity to finish my homework Homework! It means you stole my homework Keep quiet Yes Ma’am you reach home will show you… Shutup! Who did this poop inside the toilet? Today will definitely get the chance Where the hell are they? Lizards! come fast I will wear this dress….You go and change it fast Today you will have to change I an elder… So, go and change I am so simple that is why you make me to do so Today I won’t change, you will have to do will give a punch…. just go and change Just shutup Leave, it’s no use to take you along OMG! these clothes….. And this slipper Top, Jeans, Slipper Everything is missing Everything? Yes! Babloo!!!!!….. Let’s take revenge from her Where are you going wearing our clothes?……thief…. Take off Take off!!!! Take out the slipper Can’t take off clothes Take out take out….. Jeetu ear rings….ear rings….. But these are mine No problem…..Just keep them OMG! It has Wow’s amazon rainforest white clay shampoo inside That one only… which is paraben free That is why your hairs are so nice Take, Take along No, Not this onle please….this is mine We will bath from this it’s good enough Bhaiya What? Please do our hair massage…..you do it so well You are so lovely….. Please do it bhaiya I won’t…… Will do…. come sit….will do Take this Bhaiya and do it fast Okay! Done Can you hear some kind of sound? Yes! It’s coming Babloo!!!!!…..going to take out his ‘W’


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