[EXID(이엑스아이디)] 2018 Korea Music Festival Sketch

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Korea representative girl-crush! EXID! 2018 Korea Music Festival Sketch There is a special stage of JEONGHWA from EXID! The special stage consists of
JEONGHWA’s solo dance performance
with concept of mysterious dreamy atmosphere. I prepared this awesome stage with two other friends. There will be break dance remix version of ‘ALICE’ for the performance, which makes it more meaningful. It was my idea. Do not edit this part! I planned the stage.
I picked the songs and the mood of choreography. Everybody would know. After I talked to Soo-bin, Yu-ri, who will be on the stage with me today,
worked on choreography! The stage was made like that. I also made 1 min 30 sec track with character of ‘Alice’! You can hear my voice! One or two letters! Like “Ah, ah, ah!” or “further”, such things! Let’s go and see my performance! You were like a doll, the real doll!
-Really? LE is here! Are you here for MC?
-No, I came here to see you. We look like people who are here to just look around.
-All of us wearing slippers. You got this, JEONGHWA! You may go! Wow! You look gorgeous!
-Good job Smile JEONGHWA!! [Special MC for a day! LE and HYELIN!] Special MC for a day! HYELIN, today’s theme is Some & Thing.
When do you feel that it is ‘some’? (laugh) I should not laugh Hello, this is EXID LE & HYELIN! Let’s watch the next stage
of summer night Some & Thing! It is right before the main stage after working as MC. HANI went to the restroom. HYELIN and JEONGHWA is getting ready! Why? Look, LE Is this what you talked about? This smiling one looks cute! It could have got worse!! HANI broke the machine!!
-It’s not me!! There is no break for us today. Please wake up Don’t’ I look different from a minute ago?
I can smile now! I was so nervous before. There was only one day for learning and second practice for yesterday. There was not much time for practice. I was anxious and tensed. I will do as much as I can do! I will let my luck do decide the quality of my performance today because I did my best. I cannot remember how I did it but I was satisfied during monitoring my stage. I’m very satisfied! That’s why I can smile now! When we are doing outbreak stage, walk in slowly.
I will slow my part for you. Person who do the next part should
speed up to cross me! When I’m posing like this, you should go ahead of me. Or you and I can walk togetger! It’s EXID’s turn! It is a special day that JEONGHWA
performed her solo stage! Wasn’t it very dreamy? Anyway, everyone did a great job and waited for us for long time.Everyone was busy today. Thank you very much and where is our next destination? I think it is overseas I’ll have shrimp fried rice for the next time. She didn’t liked her Kimchi fried ride. This was EXID!


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