Expensive colored pencils vs cheap colored pencils are they any good??πŸŽ€πŸŽ€//coloring City πŸ’“

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new video so let’s get started these videos about colored pencils and I have
reviewed that targets colored pencils before and I will link that video on the
description so I will make a comparison between these sheep colored pencils and
inexpensive colored pencils so here I will begin who is covering these two
layers beside each others and first one will be the cheap colored pencils and
the second one will be the expensive colored pencils and as you see the Sheep
color pencils I began making the normal way and I have video I will link it to
you how I color my leaves in a realistic way and also I will link to you another
link of the video of coloring flowers in two ways and I will also have another
videos for reduced and as you see the I have sharpened the target colored
pencils but the they break they broke as you see so as you see they have some
chunks on the leaves but if you come to the expensive brands they not have
chunks the pigment is lovely and if you have life perjur’d it’s okay not doesn’t
matter with them and if it’s so heavy doesn’t matter but here you have some
chunks on the color and I don’t know what is this and if you saw their view
you will know what I talk about so here as you see this is the faber castell and
here is the target china colored pencils so they are sheep
but don’t anything like it’s not anything sheep will be bad quality
you have the criolla if you’re beginning to start to scold their pencils it’s so
good for you so good you can do with them anything that you like but you have
to have heavy brighter so I will make another comparison to show you what I
talk about with these chunks so first I will choose two colored pencils I will
layer them and I will shade with the darker shade I have so I choose this
pink and this violet so here as you see I blended them very well so the last
time would began with the Sheep called the pencil this time we began with that
expensive colored pencils okay so as you see they blended very well they make a
smooth transition transition they have make me new color in the metal and I
also make it this frame around this lovely flower or shell so it’s so good
but if we started to see their sheep colored pencils we will notice that
there is a big difference a big big difference but
you will see you will see what I so here I began also with the same steps with
the same steps not here heavy or not healed light but I have to go very heavy
heavy on the sheep color pencils the achieved I suppose blending but it’s
also not achieving because it lady chunks not colored a leg honks I think
that is this not a big man this is food coloring or I don’t know
but as you see at least chunks like it doesn’t leave any colored leaf chunks
only so as you see the comparison between the two and it also made their
video and I will link it down below in the description box or in the I you have
to click and it will take you to there so as you see and I also stay it will
put for videos because I will have a review on the stab there Laura Scudders
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