Exporting assets from Sketch to Zeplin

Hello folks, here’s a quick video on how assets
work in Zeplin. To export an asset to Zeplin, you just need to select the layer in Sketch
and set it as exportable. You don’t even need to select any of these options here because
Zeplin will figure that out for you, depending on your project type, project density. One
other way to export is to use a “Slice”. Let’s see it here on this icon. I’ll create a slice
and the cool thing about the slice is that you can leave paddings around your icons however
you want. You select the slice, you select the layer and you group them together. When
you do that and select the slice, there’s an option right here that says “Export Group
Contents Only”. When you select that, Sketch will ignore the background and you’ll only
have the icon exported. Basically that’s it. Let’s export this out to Zeplin. So, right
here, when I click the layer, I see the asset immediately. Same thing for this yellow icon
here. I can just click this button and export the icons wherever I want. Hope this helps!
If you have any questions, let us know.


  • peachysweet

    How do you export to SVG in Zeplin though? It didn't seem to be an option in this screencast.


  • Daniel M

    How do you export to JPG?

  • Vishnuvardan RS

    Is it possible in windows Zeiplin app?
    I don't see any options like (make exportable) I see in video.

  • Ognjen Divljak

    Is it possible to copy "Everybody Talks" text and paste it into code?

  • mizzo011

    I don't think this is a good solution to the problem. Ideally the developer should be able to take assets from a sketch file in Zeplin WITHOUT the designer having to do any special exporting or slicing in sketch. Like I said, that would be the most ideal and save the designer extra work.

  • Emre ÇINAR

    It's a bad situation to export as SVG!

  • Attila Nagy

    Still looking for the way to export to svg.

  • Daniel Batista

    i don't have sketch in windows ( great tool that only works in 1 OS )
    so i'm using zeplin only and i will be stuck because i will need to ask it to the designer and he will do not know how to slice it

    In different size icons i would slice it (photoshop) and export it with same width and height and i'm checking that working only with zepling i'm stuck and dependent of what designer's do

  • Barys Kuzevanau

    F.u. with your explain. If I use for first time your soft I can't understand NOTHING, I have no panel on the left side like you.


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