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this is a faber castell 24 classic color pencils
review that i am doing eco pencil they have a classic gold pencil a set of 24 colors from white to black they are hexagonal as you can see there is a lable to put your name on and each pencil has the color code company name and logo they do not put the name of the color
just its code ok so we’re gonna see the colors the colors look nice but you have to press on the pencil to get
the color as you can see this is one layer
this is two layers and this is three layers i had to get three layers to get the color of
the pencil as you can see you have to press on the pencil and the blending is not good i did not like it
it is ok but not great i am gonna try two other colors to try the blending and i really had to press really hard on the pencil so it is tiring for the fingers but it is ok for beginners it works great i have already drawn with these pencils mixed with my other set of pencils that
i always use and it looks ok they do not have skin colors but they have
this one 330 that looks almost like the skin color i used it along with the light orange 314 you can play along with these 2 pencils and get
a nice skin color they work good for manga anime cartoons
and all kinds of kids stuff but for realistic portraits i think they are not
gonna be the best ones but they are good for beginners i tried this eye drawing for a quick to see
how the colors will look and they look pretty good the orange mixed with a light brown and
a little bit of.. the skin color looks good it looks ok as i said for beginners it looks ok
what i did not like is the white pencil because it has absolutely
no effects does not help in the blending does not do anything at all so yeah i would give them 6 or 7 over 10 but they are good for beginners
i recommand them if you are on budget thank you for watching
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  • Kiss My Art

    Beautiful drawing and great review!!! I subbed! Sub back if you like πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Nica Camargo

    you should've put some credits for the original artist to prevent copyright issues. your outline was just copied from Cassandra calin.

  • Czech Seoul

    Are these oil based or wax??

  • kile file City One 2

    Good !!!


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