Faber-Castell Goldfaber Pencils Review & Demonstration Fire & Ice Wolf

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today’s video is going to be a bit of a product review and demonstration. The product is Faber-Castell’s
Goldfaber pencils. These are a student quality pencil, so they’re not professional artist
grade, but they’re certainly better than what you’re giving your kindergartner. They, I
would say they definitely compete with Prismacolor’s Scholar pencils, maybe even a step above,
almost on parr with the Premiers (their big line) but not quite. They are a student pencil.
Unlike Prismacolor, these are lightfast. They are all highly lightfast, and unlike the Polychromos,
the big name on Faber-Castell’s coloured pencil roster, these are wax based, but they don’t
have the typical wax bloom, and Ill get into that. You’re going to see me do a demonstration
while I talk about these pencils. The piece you’re going to see me do is this guy. This
was supposed to be a collaboration piece. Unfortunately my collaboration partner has
disappeared on me; haven’t heard from her in 2 months, and I really want to get this
review out. This is the voice over that I had planned to do then, and I actually recorded
that video and it is still up on my channel unlisted. It was waiting for her. I’m gonna
leave it up, it is linked in some playlists, so you may have actually seen it or you might
be able to find it if you go hunting. I’m gonna leave it up, I’m not gonna take it down,
but if you’ve watched that or if you go watch that after, just be aware that a lot of the
points I have to say about the pencils is going to be a repeat of that. I do like the
Goldfaber pencils. I also did this piece exclusively in the Goldfabers. This was supposed to be
my piece for YTAC Vintage– or, sorry, “VS,” Vintage was the most recent, vs was before
that. But I lost the footage. I was experimenting with microSD cards in my camera and I got
a bad one. I also did this piece up here exclusively in the Goldfaber pencils. That was a piece
I did for my giveaway winner. She requested a tiger, so I did a tiger, and yeah, that
was also Goldfaber pencils. I can’t show you physically obviously because I sent it off!
Anyway. Real quick before we get into the video, I wanted to mention a couple of things.
First of all, I love doing these face cam intros, I am going to continue to do the face
cam intros in all of my videos, but I’m gonna cut out those pointless “outros” that I’ve
been slotting in between the end of the artwork and the end card. They’re just, I just end
up repeating myself, and there’s no point. I will do other bits of face cam in videos
where it’s relevant, but for most of my videos where I’m just gonna cut to artwork, do a
voice over and I don’t need to pop in, I’m not going to. It’ll just be the intros. Not
a big change, but just a heads up. Also, yes I did clean up my shelf work. I just wanted
to address, in case anybody gets curious, this thing over here, that accordion file
against the wall. This shelf is a little bit broken, and that’s actually kinda holding
the side of the shelf in so it doesn’t bow out and let go of the lower middle shelf.
Yeah. That’s why that’s there, and it’s not floating by magic, it is wedged in there.
Anyway, on with the demonstration and my thoughts on Goldfaber pencils. Alright, so, on with the review of the Goldfaber
pencils. Now, Faber-Castell has three tiers in their products. There’s the red label,
which is what you buy for your kindergartner, or what you buy when you’re just doing crafts,
that’s their lowest level. Still pretty good, ‘cuz this is Faber-Castell. The you have the
blue/grey line, their student grade material. When I say student grade, when most artists
say student grade, we don’t mean the stuff that you give your 10 year old, we mean the
stuff that you get when you are practicing your skills with high quality art materials.
Maybe you’re a teenager doing art, maybe you’re a college student, ,maybe you’re just getting
used to coloured pencils, or maybe this is good enough quality for you and you don’t
have the budget for the professional line. This is what you would buy. Faber-Castell
also has their professional artist grade line, that’s typically in green labelled containers,
and for coloured pencils the professional artist quality is their Polychromos. The student
line here is the Goldfaber. Now with Polychromos, that is what’s classified as an oil based
lead. It’s a little misleading, really they’re all gonna have some wax in them, but Polychromos
is oil based, the Goldfaber is wax based, but you’re not going to see the typical wax
bloom in them. Not at all like what you would see with the Prismacolors, particularly their
Scholars after you layer a bit. You are going to notice a bit of a film, but it’s not a
wax bloom. It’s a little bit different. Goldfaber currently only comes in 48 colours. That’s
an oddly small range if you ask me for a student grade line. I would like to see it expanded
up to 60 at least, maybe even 72, but it’s not a bad line, and the colours do all match
up to the Polychromos colours. You’re not necessarily going to get the ones you expect
to get, there are a couple of shades in the 12 set tin of Polychromos that are not in
all 48 colours in Goldfaber, but the colours that Goldfaber has are also Polychromos colours,
and they do match up very nicely. I’m gonna do that comparison one of these days, actually,
I’m going to pick out the 12 set colours from Polychromos and as close as possible to the
equivalents in Goldfaber, and I’m gonna compare them and show you that they’re a very good
match. Things I have noticed with the Goldfaber pencils using them, first of all they are
beautiful colours. They are pretty true to the colour caps painted on the end of the
pencil, so you do know what colour you’re getting when you pick them up. That’s always
nice. And it is a nice strong lead, they don’t break very easily. I am always sharpening
using my Mitsubishi manual hand crank sharpener. I’ve never had a problem with these leads
breaking off in the sharpener. Very rarely do I have the tips snap off when I’m colouring
(usually only when I’m using too much pressure). These do layer well. You can get 4, 5, maybe
6 layers depending on how heavy you went in with the previous layers before you start
to develop a bit of a film. Like I said, it’s not the typical wax bloom you see if a wax
based lead. It’s a little bit different, it’s almost oily, not quite, but the thing is once
you get to that point you can smooth out your layers, you get a nice smooth, glossy, uniform
finish on it, but you’re not going to be able to layer on top of that anymore. You’re not
gonna get the 6th, 7th, 8th layer on there very well. If you really put a lot of pressure
into it and try to put that extra layer down after you’ve started to notice that film,
you’re actually going to start scratching away the layers underneath, and it’s not going
to be smooth, you’re not going to get the look you want, so if you’re an artist like
me and you really like to do a lot, a LOT of layers, these probably aren’t gonna cut
it for you. But if you don’t do many layers, if you’re really good with solvents, that
kind of thing, maybe these will work. Another thing I’ve noticed is while they are brilliant
colours, really good matches with their end caps and everything, and they do match up
pretty well to the Polychromos, it’s not a very opaque colour it puts down. They are
very translucent, and I noticed when I was colouring this fire wolf here that even on
the 4th and 5th layer, I was still able to see some of my graphite sketch lines below
it, and I don’t really like that. Had I known that, I probably would have done my final
sketch before colouring in, well in this case probably my red Col-Erase, just so it wouldn’t
be quite as visible. So that’s another thing to keep in mind if you’re going to use these
pencils. They do claim to be very lightfast, so… well it’s Faber-Castell, they do produce
excellent lightfast materials, I’m gonna trust them on that. At this time I haven’t actually
gone ahead and looked it up and seen the lightfast ratings for each colour. On their Polychromos
line, every single pencil has 1, 2 or 3 stars on it; they have those stars on them that
show you how lightfast they are on a scale of 0-3. — [crinkling noise in background]
Sorry, my cat is eating a chip bag. [Billy! Psst! *claps*] The Goldfaber pencils, they
don’t have that rating right on the barrel, so I don’t know off hand what the lightfast
rating is for each pencil, but I’m gonna go ahead and trust Fabe-Castell’s claim that
they are highly lightfast, because everything else that I’ve ever looked into from Faber-Castell,
if they’re saying it’s lightfast, it’s lightfast. Another thing I don’t necessarily like about
these pencils that’s purely a preference, purely a design thing: the colour names are
not on the barrels. You get the company name, the line name, Faber-Castell Goldfaber, you
get the logo, and then you get the open stock colour number, but the names of the colours
are not on the barrel. I can come up with a good listing of the colours if I do a proper
swatch sheet for these pencils by comparing that open stock colour number to my Polychromos
pencils, since I have the full range there, I’m gonna find them all, but they’re not-
that’s not readily available information. So if that’s something that matters to you,
keep that in mind. Overall I do really like these pencils. I do think they’re slightly
higher in quality than Prismacolor’s Scholar. Purely because of the translucency and the
limited layering, I would still say that Prismacolor’s Premier wins, but it should, that’s their
professional artist grade line, this is Faber-Castell’s student grade line, so that’s fair. I do think
that these are probably the best student grade coloured pencils I have ever used. They are
very affordable considering what they are: sturdy lead, highly lightfast, from a big
name like Faber-Castell, and they’re pretty widely available. You can find them in Michael’s.
I got mine on Amazon– well, my husband got them on Amazon for me for Christmas, but I
already had quite a few open stock from Michael’s, so yeah, now I’ve got even more! Anyway, I
hope you enjoyed my little demonstration piece. I really wish this could have been the collaboration
it was intended to be, but c’est la vie. And I’ll see you in the end card. Thanks for watching! You made it to the end of the video! Don’t
forget to hit like and leave a comment, and if you haven’t already, hit subscribe and
ring that bell. I upload every Tuesday and Thursday, and I feature artists and crafters
in my endcard. Use the hashtag #LookJennaYT. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you later.
Bye guys!


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    Interesting review, I've been wanting to see them for a while 😀 The wolf turned out lovely. It's annoyingthey dont have the names of the pencils on the barrels, I always use that more, as it's easier for me to remember the names rather than the numbers. I'll probably not try them, as I use a ton of layers 😅

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