Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m working with the Pitt
Pastel Pencils, 60 colors. Color index, color matched
with all the other lines of Faber-Castell. They’re also security
bonded, the SV bonding, which bonds the lead to the
pencil all the way down. And they have great
excellent color opacity. Very, very easy to
blend and get sort of even richer variety of colors
than I have in the 60 color set. One of the other
features about it is, that it gives me the ability
to come in and work real detail areas. And come in, pop
some highlights. If you get too rich,
then you come back in and you touch it and
blend in like that. But you can use a stump for
blending with these guys. They’re a lot of
fun to work with. Has real brilliance. And again, if an area
needs to be defined, then I can come back
in and work on my dots, so that they’re sharp. So you can see, I’m
really covering the paper, which has a lot of tiers. Notice, I’m drawing
with a stump, smooth with your
finger, easy to blend. It’s a great medium to work in. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • cool70200


  • KAZAMA176

    yayyyyyy.finaly the pencils i was looking for.thank you very very much. 😀

  • Jojo Malik

    what kind of paper you are using for it?

  • Blick Art Materials

    @jojoptoni09 I am not sure which paper the artist is using in the video but any pastel, charcoal or drawing paper can be used – it just depends on your preference.

  • MsTokies

    Faber-Castell vs prismacolor? the problem ive been noticing is when i go to sharpen the pencil on my older one it breaks alot. I think it is bad care on my part but even new ones I have the problem. I just bought the pens and notice they are pretty nice so im wondering about the pencils now

  • Gene B

    these are great quality, the ones i bought doesn't smear what so ever

  • 13Moondancer

    I have these and they have totally helped to improve my pastel technique. Buy a set, you will not be disappointed.

  • ghostie7790

    i love Faber Castell. Everything they make is super amazing. i'm asking for a set of pastel pencils for my birthday. Iv'e worked with their set of graphie pencils and they're great. i have no doubt that the pastel pencils will be the same quality!

  • Nope

    i want that 60 peice set so much… shame they cost $160 ):

  • SoulReaver27

    Who is the artist in this video?


    Do you deliver to malaysia

  • Blick Art Materials

    Yes – Blick ships to Malaysia. For details about international shipping, please visit our Blick website shipping page at: dickblick . com

  • Witzel Asper

    that blue is just eye popping i love it

  • mightywar

    Is it made out of chalk or oil? Because i was looking for chalk pencil pastels

  • LuckyInsanity

    Can someone tell me what everyone uses to draw on with pastel pencils? I've been looking everywhere but I can't find the answer

  • SuperPaola1963

    I love these pencils!!!!

  • Rafal Skrodzki

    I love using those, I got a speed drawing on my channel for anyone who's interested seeing what you can do with pitt pastel pencils.


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