Faber Castell Polychromos Colored Pencil Review

This is Karia, again. And I have at long last My Polychromos Faber Castell video review. so let me open at the tin and show you what you get This is a tin of 60. So when it arrives
with a booklet that tells you different aspects of the company. There’s some techniques in here. There’s actually a mini color chart here, that you can actually
color and to match the colors if you want to. but this is your mini color
chart. That is in here. And in the back here – At the very top of the tin here gives you the history of the company. And all these various sorts of information. In the back there are the colors that are included. And I want you to take note of all these yellows. These are all the colors that are included in this very tin. So
if you say you are thinking about getting the tin of 60, you can look up the colors that
come in here and then buy some colors that DON’T come in the tin and that way you can try it out. That’s what I ended up doing. That’s how I tried it out. So here’s the tin.
One of the things I LOVE about this is that you can lift this up with one hand. Then you have all your pencils right here. And this really I found to be
extremely useful for just having everything in one place. And then I can
have my coloring books here and it’s super easy to work like in this way. So one of the first things that I did is I actually ended up taking out the yellows that were included in the tin originally. and I took out these yellows and I put in this
color put in there some other random one. I think this one I put into
headed in some ground and some greens just because we do a lot of nature you
know flowers and stuff and plants so I felt the need to augment what is
included with someone greens and then I keep the rest for me if you like you
know a lot of yellows you can end up doing that because you can get the
colors individually and that we have to be there some other things I want to
talk to you about namely we should talk about how they actually this is a review
I did last night of the spectrum nor the past just comparing the different pencils so
one of the things that you’re seeing right away across all of these is that
their fabric has stopped having promised 50 crystals number of different lines
there’s one that comes in a red box and blue box so you are so not all fiber
test cells are going to be the product harmless but this reviews about the
public harmless anyway what you’ll see is that you’re black and so are the best
blacks you know they’re your darkest black maybe the softcore might you know
might be similarly dark purples the blend ability is absolutely spectacular
across with this blending pencil and overall I found that for me I really
like the depth of color and intensity that I got from the fire but herself
without having to press as hard so for the Prisma color and for the corridors
and get these dark dark colors you have to press super super hard with the fire
has still not come as you don’t have to present hard to get the absolute darkest
color that you want you can even at Exit probably have done a darker black than
this the other thing you’ll see this tribal
cross here is the race ability so usually colored pencils and not every
single and in fact these are not truly completely erasable but being able to
erase a little little bit will help you with a certain techniques where you lay
down your PC or with you know making corrections and cleaning up your edges
so that’s another thing that have really liked about the public has promised the
other thing is if you compare that the same color palette and the same color
see that the the paula creamer which are here as this
one gives you the Richard darker color and it stays Richard overtime where the
Prisma color may begin to fade I ladies out in Sun so they may begin to fade
prismacolor and spectrum the water whereas with the polychrome most you
gonna have that color fastness that’s part of what you pay for so that’s the other thing to keep in
mind I didn’t raise a little bit of this sort of see if it could be a race that’s
part of why this is so thats entering the color death and in terms of the
usability I love using me as with Blender pencils this was done I think
with the prison color blaming themselves there are a number of different brands
you can also blend with white and don’t blend with what they feel like he gives
it lightens the color in a way that I don’t necessarily like Nicolo but the
blender pencil do not necessarily like the color so that’s what I used in this
half I used a blended pencil for this half a used in a blender pencil and you
can see all the white that’s here but when I use a blender really move around
so I found that to be really really awesome and really amazed at the fact
that I want to talk to you about some things about the polychrome the other
thing I really like I don’t know if you can see but most of the color still
almost all the way turnt up this is that I haven’t been sharp then I have been
using them I’ve been using these pretty almost exclusively for at least three
weeks that this had to be sharpened recently so you can see but the other
thing that I like about this is that unlike the president colors which you
have to I feel like you have to shop with the Prisma color every time you
need an online you end up having to sharpen with these they do seem to hold
that point for a while don’t need to be sharpened as often as
you can see that but this maintains maintains a sharp point for quite a
while this is a fairly often discover a lot so but you can see how much I use a
lot you can see how much as soon as a nice point so that’s one of the things I
really like about this even though the pencils are fairly expensive descent ran
me $100 for sixty colors and to get the whole hundred and twenty colors you’re
gonna be spending in the rain just $200 in most places over retail prices more
like 350 I still think that with these you do get a better value because with
my prismacolor you know some of the colors are here because you have to
sharpen literally every time using the other things I really like about the
color here’s all the way that color is all the way across the entire pencil
some brands of the caring dosh the Brant the colors on the very bottom the
spectrum noir the colors only at the very bottom with this you have the color
all the way since it may seem really easy to just out of class speaker the
other thing I like about even though it’s not super perfect color that you
get generally doesn’t good job of matching what’s painted on here so that
makes it really easy to just pick your color and the other thing is a light
color even your light colors still gonna give you a nice look like almost like
you can see that this is really gonna give you that color that’s on him and
you don’t have to press super high life with some of them when you get to these
like college and pursue I’m not even present particularly hard and I’m
getting pretty much the color they control is amazing each pencil is absolutely perfect as is
to be expected at this price range there’s no problems with any cancels
being pretty much I had been as I said extremely happy with be overkill for I
think that they’re perfect and that they’re not necessarily overkill I’m
sure you can find it this so I did my colouring still you
know what I did this with the hybrid hassles of this is all done with the
family has done I really just have been really loving the way back he gives you
a lot of rich color these are these are actually both fairly dark colors that I
just putting really lightly so you can actually get lighter tents that way to
get the darkest color analysis what you want so I’ve been doing that so that’s
pretty much it they come in sets and it tells you 100 let me tell you the exact sets that
they come they individually but they also come in sets of 12 24 36 6872 which
I have not seen any person actually carries a 72 set but there is a 72 sick
and then hundred and twenty six the murdoch-owned
books you can do 36 easy and get plenty of colors and
just the ones that you want extras the hundred and twenty might be overkill but
if you if you’re in the budget to spend $200 man it’s perfect so for most
coloring books I would say get very sick sore in the 60 if you can find the
seventy-two 72 might include some locals colors and I’ve been missing so that’s
something else to keep in mind and last but certainly not least is it so such a
minor issue that I was like I shouldn’t even mention this but I figure I’ll have
fun with this this color is called medium flesh I’m gonna say that that’s
not exactly accurate for everybody I did contact them and they do you mean flesh
as in skin rashes and meet so there’s that it is when it’s literally not be
under the world but I do find it funny this is something that americans
american companies don’t really do like really doesn’t do that other companies
in the USA doesn’t do that but this company is based out of Europe so I
guess that’s something that you know that’s something that they do not forget
that’s very minor not a big deal but ask for the console themselves they’re
beautiful they really do last a long time because you’re not going to be
sharpening every five minutes as you are with the Prisma colors to give you a
rich color there’s no they’re not like a lot of residue their traceable they do
you know they’re great for coloring books because they don’t you know you
don’t have to press super hard to not damaging the page behind it so that’s always good so
overall there’s really nothing but good things to say about this set if if this is within your budget them
and this is something that you were thinking about do you want this I have
the means to get the 3rd of 16 I think given set of 16 take up some of the
yellows and greens and blues you know and you’ll have your person
adult coloring book set all the other thing almost never imagined I took this
I traveled with this as you see here with no bubble wrap no nothing just the
way that these all the way from New York City to just somebody National Park just
insane to me come in and they did a great job of traveling as you can see
nothing was damaged everything survived the plane gets you some national park we
had to take on the plane airplane to San Francisco and San Francisco we took a
bus from the bus know we took the train first and then we
took a bus and that’s how we got to our hotel and then we did that back and
forth and it survived all of that without any damage without any problems
in saint in it comes with this is a very nice high quality traveled in so you can
take these with it is a little bit like longer on the side of a kind of life
because it means that you don’t have three sets to work with you don’t have a
three packs and needs to work with you just have to this is really nice for you
because up and will do so great pencil highly highly recommended literally can’t go wrong with these
pencils their color fast they have bonding and the pencil as I mentioned
earlier that have bonding all the way from top to bottom so you’re less likely
to get breaking just in the middle as you are with colors which are famous for
having breaking just a lonely little so overall no complaints totally totally I would highly recommend
it if you don’t have a set of charisma or you don’t have a set another brand
new your dog collar with the set of sixty is perfect I enjoy and have a
great day hope you like my review


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  • Tiffanie Thornton

    I have the full 120 set of the poly fc. I found them on amazon for $155. I also have the Prismacolor full set and the Derwent full set.

  • jenna manninen

    It dosnt matter if colors fade if u use it for colouring books. It oly matter when u sel pieces clients.

  • Butterfly 0054

    Great review! I have recently had the urge to try colored pencils again. I got a set for Christmas in high school, but since I have to sharpen them every 10 seconds and the lead constantly breaks, I remember why they turned me off.

    Your reviews helped me make an informed choice on a new set! Thanks! 😃

  • kanati kanati

    I know I know… I'm being anal… but for the love of all that is holy it's not FIBER Castel. It's FABER Castel. Good review except for that. 😀


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