Face Paint Prank ft. SpongeBob, The Loud House & More ? | NICK

Nickelodeon brought these four
kids into our studio for the once in a lifetime experience
of getting transformed into their favorite Nick characters
by a master face painter. I’m beyond the word excited
to be turning into SpongeBob. Unfortunately for them, our artist
is less of a master and more of a disaster. This looks nothing like it! This is “The Face Paint Prank” – Hello.
– Hello, I’m Alex. Nice to meet you, Alex. Aiden, nice to meet you. Hi, I’m Lena. Lena, nice to meet you. What are you doing here today? Well, I’m doing a major face painting
with a celebrity makeup artist. I’m going to be your
face paint artist today. He must be the best. And uh, who are we going to
make you look like? So I’m going to be Patrick Star. Michelangelo. My buddy, SpongeBob. This should be no problem. I can’t believe I’m going to get
my face painted by him! – Oh my gosh.
– What’s up, guys? Very excited to get my face painted today. Cowabunga! When we start, you’re going to close
your eyes for the entire time. So let’s close your eyes. He must do amazing work. We are going to begin.
We are going to start with a base. This is a very important
part of being a turtle. Getting my face painted
by a celebrity is really cool. And a superstar that can
do makeup is pretty awesome. I’ve done all the Nick stars. – I’ve done Jojo Siwa, Ariana Grande.
– Wow! Oh my goodness! This one might tickle a little bit. Feels kinda weird. Feels like I just put, took a handful
of mud and just glopped it on my face. Love that squishy feel
of sponge on my face. It’s just so soft. Kinda burns. – Burns?
– Yeah. Well, hold on. No it doesn’t.
Wait. Yeah, I just can’t feel anything. I can’t see or hear you for
my face has been cauterized. It is the exact color of Leni’s skin tone. Wow. You are literally going to look
exactly like Michelangelo. Excuse me, I’m getting a phone call. – I’m sorry, just one second, okay?
– Okay. Yeah, mom? Hi, what’s up? Uh, yeah, I’m in the middle of a job. Yes, I walked the dog. No, but we didn’t have any poopy bags. No, so yeah, I just picked up
the little doodies with my hands. Wait, what did you just say? I didn’t wash my hands. I know, no I didn’t wash my hands, no. Is that a problem? I don’t know, if you
just picked up dog poop. Well, it’s fine because a lot of the
paint has cleaning properties. Really? So, there won’t be like
a lot of poop on your face. But why did you just say
poop on my face? No, there’s no poop on your face. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Just making sure.
– Yeah. – No, no, no.
– Yup. We’re just going to add
pores all over you. – Because you know, he’s got, you know.
– He’s a sponge. Exactly, he’s a sponge. Keep your eyes closed,
this is a special technique. Three, two, one. I don’t think that’s a special technique. You’re going to feel
a little spritz, okay? What? – It’s okay.
– I don’t like spritzes. – You okay?
– You. – Okay.
– Do I look handsome? Feels a lot like glitter, it really does. Did you just put one on my nose? Now this is probably
the most important piece. So what we’re going to do
is throw one of these on. What else could possibly go wrong? This is a prosthetic.
In my opinion, the best piece. And wig… This right here. Feels like I am Patrick already. Wig’s done? – Oh, reveal time!
– Yes. – How excited are you right now?
– I’m really excited. Because we’re about to do the big reveal. – Okay.
– So this is the big reveal. Wait, don’t tell me.
I want to be surprised. I think he’s going to do great
because he’s a celebrity face painter. What? Oh my gosh. What are you– [laughing] – This isn’t…
– It’s just like the picture. No it’s not. You look like Leni Loud, right? No.
Not one bit. Nice job. – Are you a professional?
– You like it? Kind of. I think it looks good. I look horrendous! [screaming] Well, what’s different about it? – Everything.
– A lot. Does he have yellow eyes? You’re going to wear this
for the rest of the day, right? No. -Oh, now you look exact– It looks nothing like it! Not what I really expected. You said he did
ten years of face painting. I was thinking, yeah, he did.
But now, yeah, right. No, stay away!
I’m a monster. A monster. What do you think about pranks? What? Why would I think about pranks? I like doing pranks, but I don’t
like getting pranked. Well, then tell me what you
think about April Fool’s Day. What day is it? I did not see this coming. Ooh! [laughing] That is horrible. That was an awesome prank. I feel betrayed by my mom. Did you guys know, at all,
that you were being pranked? – No.
– What about you? When you started just
smudging it on my face, I was like, oh no.
This is not going to work out. Okay, guys. Because you have been such
good sports about this prank, all of you guys get
to collectively paint my face. [cheering] What? Time for some payback! All right, my eyes are closed. – Oh man.
– No, not this one. It does tickle. We’re just as experienced as you. – Spray!
– Oh the spray. Oh no! [laughing] So, all right, do you guys
know what you’re doing? – Yeah.
– No. Just like you didn’t know
what you were doing. How would you like walking around,
showing all your friends this? You look great. I don’t know, does he? Brilliance. ♪ Who lives in a pineapple
Under the sea? ♪ ♪ SpongeBob Squarepants ♪ Alright, that’s all I’m going to do. I am not happy with the makeup.
I am not happy with it. I’m taking it off in the bathroom.
I’m taking it all off. Cowabunga. Maybe if you’ll get closer, you’ll see
that it looks exactly like SpongeBob. No it does not. You need more practice.
You need more practice. Jolly good prank.
Jolly good prank. Note to self, never trust
Nickelodeon with face paint. Three, two, one!
Open your eyes! [laughing] Oh, wow, you guys did a fantastic job. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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