Fall squirrel watercolor and colored pencil – mixed media

welcome back to Candys Art World I’m
Candy and today I’m going to be doing a fall squirrel it was suggested by one
two three four you see when he made the first comments on the review video I
posted on Tuesday I’m going to be using Jane Davenport watercolors neutral
palette mostly and a little bit from the bright palette I also use our teaser
color pencil this will be my very first piece where I mix water colors and color
pencils and never done it before so this is technically a mixed media piece of
art and this little squirrels gonna be like
sitting in a road munching on some grub with trees changing colors for the
season in the background and leaves everywhere you can see a I made the
horizon line and now I’m starting to pencil in the squirrel I’m using that
pencil I reviewed last week or not last week Tuesday I think it shows up better on video than
my other pencils and this video is sped up about half
half as fast as it was normally might seem like I’m drawing fast I really
wasn’t drawing that fast I was trying to get the squirrel as
accurate as I could with pencil before I started color and water coloring in the
background the photograph that I used was from one second I will tell you pixabay it’s a great website that you
can use there they’re painting our pictures it’s photographs for any
inspiration or you can use them on your web pages or whatever I found a cute
little squirrel and I decided that would be the one I drew for this i penciled in some of the tree trunks
just wanted to make sure I knew where I was going before I started the
watercolor try to have some shorter looking tree
that pushed it further back in the distance they’re not really shorter
trees they’re just further away give a little depth well
in a drawing out a few leaves that I will be doing in color pencil as well so
it’ll be the squirrel and these think the three leaves it’ll be my pencil the
rest of being promoter come some of the shadings and color pencil
too and a little branch right in front of the squirrel I guess it’s not a
branch is a twig he’s a little squirrel never around paintbrush
Supercheap brown paint brush I use it the whole this whole piece I don’t
switch my paintbrush except for when I’m adding water to the paper I have a clean
paintbrush I use for that so I don’t accidentally tense the paper that also
is really cheap it was a freebie on what is that called
I wish yeah I ordered you just pay shipping on these ones and the quality
isn’t really all that great then the bristles are not even but it works good
for well I don’t know about good it worked okay for me to wet my paper with and then this for the sky I’m doing wet
on wet technique I wanted to have a blue sky this time a light blue sky so it would contrast
with the orange and green leaves a little bit more than the yellow sky did
on the last fall scene I went back to my clean brush to help
blend it out sometimes and I went ahead and just painted over the trees I drew
in and everything so that way there wouldn’t be white behind the leaves that
would be the the blue sky so with painting you kind of work on
layers and go to the furthest back and then the things that are more that are
closer to the camera or viewer whatever you add those after sometimes you have
to work around things like if you were if you wanted white in here and you’re
painting for watercolor you have to leave that because white really isn’t a
thing too much and what a color but you can also lift it back and just with
though I clean really wet paint brush you can lift the color back up if you
need if you actually got color where you didn’t want it but I’m really enjoying doing watercolor
this piece only took me like two hours to complete that’s what you know I had
to let it dry between and all that stuff do a couple different layers of things I
had to do the the sky and then the branches first the sky I let it dry then
the branches let it dry and then the leaves but he still didn’t take very
long to do not that I mind taking a while to do a piece but sometimes it’s
nice to to get a whole piece done in like two hours Here I am doing wedding have the the
street decided to do in smaller portions instead of doing the whole street at
once like I did the sky and I mixed
black and brown and gray try to make a color appropriate to represent a street and in the photo the back of the street
was getting some light so I had to go back and lift a little bit to represent
the the light being back there here you can see me lifting it and I went to wet the paper and Excel
use the the wet brush to get color so I just said okay I’ll use it let me clean
my brush and just use some of the color that was already put down and spread it
out this is the last part of the wet-on-wet the rest I do wet on dry where the brush is wet but the paper’s
dry this layer was kind of flat and I ended up adding some texture to it so
it’s not just one flat color and my trick to take your texture or the
lighten color I like to just grab some paper towel
it really helps add texture to the street Here I am just kind of dabbling in some
color to add more texture not doing it in a smooth matte method just kind of
stippling and wiggling it on now it’s trying to give a a little bit
more darkness under those leaves that I drew in try to give it shadow mmm added some shadow under the squirrel I was testing for dryness there make
sure that was dry I mixed mostly brown with a little black
for the tree trucks and a lighter pressure you put on the brush the skinny
here your lines will be if you want it thicker you put a little bit more
pressure on the brush yeah it opens up the bristles and makes the line thicker and you don’t have to worry about having
perfectly straight lines for trees the more texture the better I used to be the most intimidated about
trees because they just seemed like would be the hardest thing in the world
to try and duplicate I figure it out if you don’t try to actually duplicate them
and just kind of just try to represent that that’s a tree it seems to work out
better than trying to make it exact leave the same tree and this time I decided to go ahead and
try to give these trees a little bit more dimension you know they are in the
back background I wanted them to look a little bit more realistic so so in this
photo the light was coming from between the trees the two rows of trees so I
tried to have the lighter portion of the trunks be towards the center and the
dark room towards the edges so on the right side the left side of the trees
will be lighter and on the left side the right side of the trees will be lighter Here I am mixing colors for leaves this
time it’s not completely orange and yellow tried to make it browns and
oranges and greens this time and know normally you wouldn’t have
leaves all the way down to the ground on a tree but it’s representing the trees
back in a distance behind it – on this that’s why their sleeves down and my technique for leaves this dab I
don’t know if that’s a technical art term but it is what I did is dabbed on
the leaves and try to leave some of the sky show ins in some places so if you have green in your palate but
it seems a little bright you can add its opposite and it will tone down the color
a little bit so the opposite of green is red so if you add a reddish color to it
I used like a Sienna kind of color it’s like orange you red Brown and they help
tone it down a little bit so it’s not just like BAM Crayola no offense Crayola I hardly ever just use a color without
mixing it with something else anyways I don’t know if that’s just habit or or
what I tend to mix colors instead of using them straight out of a tube or or
in this case a water pipe water color palette and Here I am adding a little leaves
onto the street it’s a little harder to have them show
up in the dark razones button added so many ways give it some interest I felt like I need a little more orange
in the trees these are my color pencil this my color
pencil said as Artesia they’re pretty good color pencil set for
the price really really good color pencil sets can be like near $300 or
more I didn’t have the money for that especially not knowing how much I would
end up using color pencils but this set I’ve seemed to be using quite often you
can see some of my consoles are shorter than others from being sharpened decided to start with the leaves so I
can kind of get a feel for how the two mediums work together it ended up
working pretty well because I always thought when I used my odorless mineral
mineral spirits to blend out the color pencils it made it look very similar to
watercolor anyways so I thought this would be a good thing to count combine
the two mediums but just because there was two different
mediums I still wanted to use the same color palette so that way it didn’t look
totally out of place but that’s a good thing about color
pencils as you can blend them and you can layer them up and you can blend them
out mineral spirits odorless mineral spirits I have is Mona Lisa branded that
I don’t think it matters what brand to use I mean maybe some are better than
others I’ve only used the Mona Lisa so far suits
I do not know if you know you can comment below if other other kinds are
better or not there’s some you should have a way you can comments at the
bottom but this the mineral spurts really are
odorless so I don’t want you to pour this into a cup that you might actually
use to drink out of I use a little shot glass that stays in my art studio so
nobody else what accidentally drink out of this because I’m sure that’s pretty
toxic but to use the odorless mineral spirits
you build up layers of the color pencil and then you put down we blend it out
with the mineral spirits then you let the paper dry because if you go back in
with the color pencil laws wet you run the risk of damaging the paper watercolor is one of the fastest mediums
to work in I’ve found for myself anyways and colored pencils is one of the
slowest mediums to work in because you have to slowly build up the layers so
you don’t smoosh the paper to where it doesn’t take anymore
color the first time you blend out with the
mineral spirits you can have your paintbrush a little bit more damp but
then the subsequent layers you want to make it less damp like almost dry
because if not you’ll end up lifting the color pencil and that defeats the
purpose of all those layers here’s my handy dandy pencil sharpener
um when you use a sharper pencil it gets into the tooth and the paper better so
that it doesn’t leave as much white texture behind and at least with the
paper I use because I use the watercolor paper it’s got some texture to it and if
you have a dull pencil it kind of skips over the texture with a sharper pencil
it gets down in the grooves and then you use your odorless mineral
spirits to help blend into the little grooves that might have gotten missed
and I was adding a little bit more color pencil shadowing underneath the leaves
and the squirrel got a little bit more precise shadowing I had it a little bit shadow under some
of the little dab leaves and I used watercolor for if you decide to do this
you can put a lot more detail on those leaves to a futile if you’d like it seems as though the odorless mineral
spirits doesn’t lead to doesn’t end up messing with the water color I was a
little worried that it might but it doesn’t it didn’t at least not and the
little amounts that I was using for on the roads Here I am trying to decide what colors
I’m going to use on the squirrel with color pencil it’s like a lot like a
watercolor you have to start with your lighter colors and build up to your
darker colors darker values with a light gray to start with the photo it seemed like that was the
under color for a lot of this squirrel I’m not sure what particular kind of
squirrel this is he was just a cute squirrel so he’s cute squirrel breed I was just getting like a base base layer
of color onto him and I end up adding the texture a little bit more texture to
him and subsequent players it’s still beneficial to run with the
grain of the hairs or the fur while coloring them in but it doesn’t matter
as much at first and Here I am adding the little twig I had forgot to add that
twig in the drawing process so I kind of just
drew it in as I was going with the color pencil because in the photo he had
leaves and twigs in front of them so I couldn’t see his little little feet its
hind feet so I couldn’t I can’t draw it if I don’t see it cuz I don’t know what
squirrel feet looked like too much so I added in a little twig again sharper pencil of the better gets
into the tooth of paper this little squirrel had that like light
around a light brown around the eye like a ring and then Brown blended up and
through the gray we used a little peach to to try to get
that lighter tones in on the face and the ears and I was trying to make his tail fluffy it’s a little harder to do with the
watercolor already in place they’re going a little heavier handed
when I get to it to make a little bit more like
individuals furs again with my handy dandy pencil
sharpener adding the black into the eye and being
careful to leave a little white space because for like a little reflection in
his eye to give it a little bit more dimension I was gonna go ahead and blend it out
but then I decided I should put some white-collar pencil down to help protect
that white spot and this is a Derwent white color pencil had some to his belly because in the
picture he had a white belly pretty much just to protect that area from blending
out to other colors you see I adapted the paintbrush into the odors odorless
mineral spirit of spirits and then I kind of break it off at the side of the
shot glass to make sure that there wasn’t too much
moisture in the brush go adjust the very edge of my paintbrush
turned out that I like it’s good to have some paper towel so
you can clean your brush or you’ll end up carrying some of the color over to
other spots when I was testing to see if it was dry yet before I started adding
another layer added another layer to the eye first and decided to change up that twig a
little bit I think it looks a lot more like a twig
now and adding the furs in his short thin
strokes of the Cal pencil and tried to keep some of the lighter color showing
between and made sure to add a little bit more
of the brown colors and again this is sped up by 50% so this
took a lot longer than what it looks like because of all the little little
short little strokes of the pencil even though that belly was white I had
used gray to try and give that little dimension little shadow between the
pieces of fur decided to try and sermon and say could
see better what I was doing wanted to add more browns into the tail
because this little squirrel has brown grape but that kind of his tail when his
little face had brown in it I apologize my hands in the way for most of the time I used to like a red brown and orange e
yellow and stuff like that to try and get in depth of fluffy tail illness a trick if you’re filling in big
portions with the car pencil down the side of the pencil and turn your pencil
like a quarter of a turn while you’re doing it
and it’ll keep your point sharpened more for you so you don’t have to sharpen
your pencil as much but with this portion of it I’m using the point of the
pencil so it wears down a little quicker it’ll just help save you a color pencil
from being sharpened too much if you can use this side of the pencil lead here I was trying to add little shadow
underneath the the squirrel chin entering squirrel arms to help them
stand out a little bit more and the little squirrel body so it could
be she can tell where the squirrels stop some of the tails Turks and defining that little squirrelmail
full a bit cuz I saw those squirrels nibbling on something I decided to try and use my white pencil
to lighten up the ring around the eye a little bit and it worked so this color
on this white color pencils pretty good I mean it won’t bring it back to white
but it definitely lightens it up the munchies that he found and giving
him his nose back and a final layer of mineral spirits try
to calm down some of them fur lines I’m ready and really pleased so how
those cute little squirrel turned out not perfect but I think he’s cute I hope
you enjoyed watching please like subscribe and leave a comment I have a
Great Day (:- ()


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