Fantasy Treehouse Sculpture – Pal Tiya Premium Tutorial


  • Pal Tiya

    Fantasy Treehouse Sculpture using our outdoor sculpting medium Pal Tiya Premium! We hope this reminds you of childhood and inspires you to create a whole village for your garden ๐Ÿ’š

  • Blakely Page

    I love Pal Tiya! As a ceramicist, I not only work with but also make many different types of clay. Although I will always love ceramics, it is a very finicky, unpredictable, and lengthy process. Pal Tiya Premium is a total game-changer for sculptors. Being able to create large sculpture without the need for a kiln or a foundry is amazing. This product can be used by children or highly advanced sculptors. It cures fast but also has a good amount of time for workability. Once you understand how it works you'll be sculpting in no time, even as a beginner. Do yourself a favor and try it out, I promise you won't regret it.

  • Amber Erkiletian

    This is a lovely little video! The painting and lighting were especially helpful. But as a resident of Vermont I have to ask if there are solar panels for these little treehouses? Now I'm thinking of taking apart some of my garden lights, maybe making some animal sculptures that have night-glowing eyes…

  • Adam Brewster

    Fantastic! This has really captured my imagination. I was literally transfixed by the process of creating the treehouse together with its balcony and stairs – right down to the fancy lighting rig at the end. Love it!

  • AliLou Creations

    These are just beautiful, but why the lights ? If itโ€™s for wildlife then surely they would be better left without
    I made fairy home logs with lights for decoration, but something like this is could be great for nesting birds ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Joe Stafford

    Brilliant video! I will send it to our past Pal Tiya students. Itโ€™ll be a nice next step for their skills and teach them some new techniques.

  • Jennifer Kavanagh

    This is such a gorgeous idea and a great way to get children involved in the creative process.

  • Logan Long

    Huge fan of Pal Tiya Premium. Both, the product and the company.


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