Fashion Illustration – Style Exploration | Watercolour Pencils

nice I am back with a new video and this
is going to be another video for my style exploration
series this time I will be exploring watercolor
pencils sup let’s get started I’ve never actually come across a fashion illustration done in
watercolor pencil so finding an artistic inspiration was
hard I ended up looking through our works
that or not fashion illustrations but they were still done with watercolor
pencils or at least that’s what it said on the
description and I used to not like the pencil marks
that would still be visible even when you didn’t
lay down the water to blend the pencil together to create the watercolor effect however when I saw some the artworks when I went and searched up for
watercolor pencil art I actually really like the effect had
and I wanted to use that technique in my own fashion illustration and see
if I would end up changing my mind and liking it I also found in some
fashion illustrations done with watercolors and pencils not
necessarily watercolor pencils but it gave of the
same effect as the other artworks I’ve seen so far
so I took that as an inspiration the problem was that I found the artwork and click the link
but it didn’t take me to a blog or a website which showed the name of the artist the
illustrations didn’t even happen artist signature so I
unfortunately do not know who created those beautiful fashion illustrations I
really like the style as well so it would have been so great I were able to find out who the artist
wise you guys know who the artist is for these illustrations I would appreciate it if you would let
me know other ways that’s alright I guess so the idea had in mind for this particular
illustration was that for the skirt court I would try
and use that technique I saw on the Internet and
you will see me do that later but for now this is the good old sketching part
entrance bring the sketch onto the watercolor paper using at the
light box with your YouTube main steps in Nigerian
process I mean if you guys have been watching my
videos you always see me do this the rough sketch and the
lightbox than the clean sketch it gets a little
bit repetitive but that’s my process I don’t really
think I change up my sketching process sins I haven’t thought other ways our method
aside from this current one besides this sketching process really
works for me so I might stick to it for a while okay now we’re in the coloring process and I think it’s quite self-explanatory
hell to use watercolor pencils I mean you lay
down the pencil on the page and you can if you want add water to the
pencil marks using a brush then you get the watercolor effect what
I tend to do is if the page is still down I collar
with the pencil so that I get really saturated lines which helped
create the shading in the picture in time to see me do that in the video
itself watercolor pencils I am using are by the way a really crappy and cheap
quality watercolor pencils some you guys might know that
summer-like art supplies or cheat and not even artist quality
materials and like some other than are from the
dollar store sometimes with those cheat art materials
it’s a hit and miss so far I’ve been pretty lucky to score
decent quality art materials for a bargain have a deal but for this one it was just miss the brand is or L I dull recommended all I’ve honestly never heard the brand the
forward but I got this set as pencils when I was 13
or 14 years old and it’s the only set watercolor pencils
I have in my art supply stash so this is what I’m
using for this video I feel like the quality
did effect the way the illustration came out in the
end you can kinda see that the colours or not vibrant and I found it really hard to make the
colors bright however speaking on a positive note
about how this illustration came out I only really late how I colored the
skin and that’s about it I don’t like how to
dress came out it looks way to lacked the here is all great but
I feel like I could have done better with it all with the skin I used the pencil to outline and and I love how it turned out originally
I was going to use my black while a near like how I did with my previous videos
for this series but when I play Stillwater and started
creating the watercolor effect on the skin the brown
but I used was somehow pushed aside instead being
blended with the flesh color technically that would it be ideal for a watercolor pencil because
you want the colors to blend together instead being pushed aside but because that
happened it created a subtle outline on the skin and I thought that looked awesome so in
the end i emphasize the outline by going over the jury in with the watercolor pencil
but that time I left it dry and didn’t at the water
that was kinda like my happy accidents I did the same thing for
the hair and address but it didn’t turn out the
same way hands so why am not too happy about it I also added some pink colors to the
knees and shoulders kinda like a blast I might have overdone
the shoulders at it but I really like companies turned out
which sounds odd saying out loud but I might
write out again for future artworks actually seen a lot manga artists and illustrators do that
further drains which is why I wanted to give it a try it kind of gives some sort I’ll innocent look to a character ask for the skirt I’m going to briefly talk about the
technique I try so from the artworks I saw on the
Internet it looks like they started by coloring
with the pencils in streaks then added water on top exact so it kind of gave a soft wash with the pencil streaks showing
underneath I tried that the first time but the
pencils ended up blending too much with the water so what I did was that
while the paper was wet I redrew the pencil marks which made the lines appear more vibrant I think the technique would work well
for hair and when rendering tool or maybe a really nice we did texture so overall I’m fine with this exploration its not something I would like to continue
to be honest but maybe if I got better quality
watercolor pencils I would have a different and better
experience the only thing i’m taking away from this
however is how I colored the skin which I can’t get enough I’ll anyway that is it for this video I hope you
guys enjoyed this video and the third part in my
exploration series which I mean it wasn’t exactly
what I was hoping it would be but lesson learned I gas with that said please check the Description box for any
up my social media links there are also the materials are used in
this video as well as and HQ and my email which you can use to
contact me for any questions or commission increase that is it please give this video a
thumbs up if he did like it and subscribe if you haven’t
already thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one be do doomed and and


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    I don't use watercolour pencils too much, but I can share with you my experience on that. Sometimes it IS about quality. I have Staedtler Noris Club (24 colours) and Faber-Castell Goldfaber (12 colours, these are really old!) sets. I picked similar colours from both sets, put some colour on the same piece of paper and tried to 'blend' them with paper with the same amount of water. Noris ones aren't very bad, but I saw that the paper has still some pencil structure, and Faber-Castell ones just blend perfectly in my opinion. I did my best to use both of brands the same way and discovered that Faber-Castell pencils were better. If you want to have some more art pieces done with watercolour pencils, I recommend you to save up some money for more expensive, but good quality ones.
    One more thing: I tried to mix up some colours, and there's even more differences between these two brands. Well, for Noris pencils it looked worse than with Faber-Castell ones. And when you mix these two brands together, it doesn't look good. Just find your own brand that you'll like, and don't get discouraged by the quality of these you're using now! 🙂
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    Hi Zyra,the name of the artist who you asked about is Jiayin Li, check her out on

    About the illustration, the skin came out really good. If you'd try better pencils, you would get more satisfaction with this media. Take a look at Derwent Inkntense or Derwent watercolor pencils. Derwent Inktense are more vibrant, but derwent watercolor pencils are also really nice.

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