FIFA – Soccer ball cake – Football cake – How to make a ball topper

opening music hi everyone welcome to today’s
video I’m gonna be making this cake a soccer
ball popping out of the earth a little guy would love this cake stay
tuned I’m gonna show you how to make it here I’ve got my little templates to cut out
my little patch work here and then I have some different cutters
when you’re cutting fondant and gumpaste if you don’t want it to stretch you’re better to cut with these wheel
cutters if you use an exacto knife it works fine but it tends to pull the fondant or the gum paste and
stretch it where is this just cuts it here is an
inexpensive Wilton cutter it’ll do the job just
the same what I like about this one it does the stitching we’re going to do a little stitch around
each shape to make it a little bit more
realistic and obviously we need a little rolling pin I’m gonna be working in fondant
here is my fondant rolled out I’ve got my template I print my templates on cardstock just
to you know have something that’s a bit
sturdier to work with and now I’m just following the template and cutting out my shape and as you see
because it’s a roller as opposed to an exacto knife my shape
stays nice once you’ve got them cut you can use that stitch roller there and you just hold your hand to guide
yourself so you don’t go all over the place and you’re just going along the edge to create a little bit of a stitch right now I’m cutting my black pieces if you need in the gel you’re more
than likely gonna end up with a big sticky disgusting mess exactly the same thing your just pressing in to the little seem there I started by attaching one of the black ones and then I’m just out from the black ones
I’m adding the white pieces okay and now just brush a little bit of water on the back and make sure your
seems meet up nicely press go all around that black piece let’s see gonna fit it before I glue okay that fits good there centre it and then you can kind of do a
circular motion and that kind of stretches it just so you can have the two seems meet I cut this black piece in half and see if I can fin angle its shape alright that’ll do add a bit of water and lets stretch that on I wouldn’t classify this as difficult I would classify it as fitly and so this is if you want to make it in
advance on this dome pan as opposed to on a cake
the night before and you don’t want to be kind of swearing this might be a good
option for you and you can see looks pretty nice I’ve got a simple triangle cutter that I had from a Wilton kit and I’m cutting as many triangles as I need to go
around this ball not sure how many it’s gonna have to be and the other thing you can do is you can just clip off that so that they fit like so together on the cake you see here are my triangles and what I’m doing is
I’m ruffing them up with my little cutter I’m just cutting like kind of pieces out there’s
no rhyme or reason to this just do what you want I’ve got brown and green airbrush colour
i’m using electric green my favourite green and now I’m gonna airbrush my pieces alright here are my pieces think they’re dry flip them over and now we’re gonna airbrush this
side brown now I’ve got the ball and my flack on my silicone here and we’re going to be attaching those
pieces of airbrushed fondant an important thing when you’re
handling pieces with airbrushed colors on them is to make
sure your hands are not wet so I’m just putting corn starch on
my hands to absorb any moisture I just washed them now i’ve got some brown air brush sorry
brown royal icing and I’m going to be attaching my pieces
I’m adding a bead of brown to the bottom of my here let me move them into frame I’m adding a bead of brown to my piece there and I’m pressing that along the edge and I’m curving that down so what’s happening is this and I’m making
sure that the green is but right against like my work surface
here again another piece if you want you can add a bit here for the seem to the two pieces pressing that into the ball we’re curving it down so what’s happening is
the soccer ball is bursting out of the ground I am going to be airbrushing the cake now if you air brush your fondant accents you need to airbrush the cake even if you’re using technically the
same name gel and airbrush colour it will not give the same finish if you want really a continuity in
the color you need to to follow the same steps if
you were to meet in the gel into the fondant well then again but you won’t have the two sides
the way to do the two sides is you’d role a piece of green ,a piece of brown and adhere the two pieces together you could roll them and then cut your pieces all right let’s get going I’m gonna have a border on the edge of my cake and for this one I’m gonna do grass all I’m doing is from the bottom of the
cake I’m dragging up the cake alright so now the cake is ready if you want it
at this point if you’re working in advance you could put it in the freezer wrap it up put it in the freezer and
take out the morning of your party and it would be thawed out by lunchtime and
now I’m gonna finish off the design pick up the ball that we made in advance and I’m going to line myself up so that there’s about the same you know distance all around and I’m just
going to apply some pressure on the top to sink into the buttercream and to
hide that seem but as you can see that was decorated in
like two seconds and voila we have a soccer ball popping
out of the earth and voila here’s the finished cake it
took no time all that you need here is to fill in all
here with maybe some gummy worms and the little guy or whoever’s receiving this cake will be
absolutely thrilled closing music


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