Filling Jimenez’s Shoes – Key & Peele

You must be Detective Hobbs. I am your new partner,
Joshua Taye. All right. Your last partner, Detective Jimenez,
I never met him, but I hear he left
some pretty big shoes to fill. Let’s get one thing straight. You’re never gonna
fill Jimenez’s shoes. Ever. Jimenez was a good man,
better cop. Fill Jimenez’s shoes. The tip of your dick
couldn’t fill a bottle cap. I’m very sorry
if that came out wrong. I’m sure Jimenez
was a great cop. The best. Okay. So, these prostitute murders,
seems like a serial killer. It could be. I actually worked on a theory. I don’t give a hobo’s hat
about your theory. You think Jimenez
worked off of theories like some kind of
a needle dick Charles Darwin? Not on your ass. Jimenez always shot
straight from the dick. You think you’re Jimenez? Absolutely not. You’re God damn
right you’re not. I just said I’m … Jimenez would’ve busted
20 perps in the time it’d take you to pull up
your pants over your itsy bitsy teenie
weenie yellow polka dot ba pee pee. Two daughters,
raising them on his own. You want that job, huh,
Mr. Baby Dick? What is going on? You want to be that daddy? No. You know what? I think we got off
on the wrong foot. Not Jimenez. Oh. Jimenez got off
on the right foot every God damn day
of his God damn life, which is more than I can say for
your pimple penis having ass. What? Jimenez wannabe. I can assure you I don’t want
to be Jimenez. Why not?
What’s wrong with Jimenez? There’s nothing wrong
with Jimenez. Then why wouldn’t you want
to be like him. I don’t know. You said- pecker. Okay, I’m out. I can’t,
I can’t make this work. Jimenez would’ve made it work. Come back from Florida soon,


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