Hey guys welcome back to Limitless
Detailing, today we have a 2010 Subaru Legacy that belongs to an auto
mechanic. Now this is his daily vehicle and now he’s trying to get rid of it
before he tries selling it he wanted us to work our magic and remember like
subscribe and turn on the bell notifications for future updates The first thing we do is remove all the
big bulky items out of the vehicle this includes trash personal items and
anything just hanging on top of the mats. We like to keep a trash bin on both
sides of the vehicle so he can double-team these cars and do things
much faster in this particular case the owner had removed all personal items he
wanted to keep so everything in the vehicle was trash. Once everything is out of the vehicle
and the mats removed we start to vacuum using our brush to help us remove all
those pesky pebbles and rocks and things that aren’t as easy to come off.
For those hobbyist and professional Detailers that watch us and want to know
what materials and products we use we’ll have them in the description. After vacuuming the carpet seats my
brother uses a tornador with all-purpose cleaner to destroy all this grease and
dirt on the doors. Now guys peep that microfiber this is
after using all-purpose cleaner and we still had to wipe it down a couple of
times to get it all cleaned up. Making its first appearance here on
YouTube our McCullough steamer now we had to use it on this car because it was
just disgusting we had to he had to there was no way around it. At this point we decided to double-team
the Legacy give it the Limitless L. In our line of business we use many
products and one of our favorite APC’s is Super Clean and this is one of the
reasons why just look at how it melts all this grease on the armrest. You’ve made it to our favorite part now
as much as we would love to remove the seats and extract the bottom we can’t
two reasons liability and most clients to be honest don’t add it to their
budget but when we have one we promise to recorded and uploaded for everyone to
enjoy here we use the all-purpose cleaner
alongside the brush drill attachment to agitate and try to break down all the
dirt and grease that’s on the cloth seat because of how heavily stained these
seats were we decided to use our steamer this is just help and enhance how much
is broken down we do use a Mytee 8070 light which is a heated extractor and
this makes things and life so much easier I think we gave it about 2 or 3
complete passes to take everything out and make it look as good as the very end and this is the final product it’s safe
to say how he killed it. The difference night and day. We hope you guys enjoyed
this interior detail hit the like button subscribe and turn on notifications so
you’re up to date with our new releases Those with a keen eye will notice that we
didn’t put the weathertechs back stay tuned for our other video how to re-store
weathertech mats


  • Limitless Detailing

    Thanks for watching guys! We didn't remove the seats due to possible liability issues and because this particular client didn't add it to their budget. What do you guys think? HUGE improvements in our opinion.

  • Montserrat Córdoba

    Amazing. <3

  • Emmagorgon *

    Great Job guys!

  • Amarezka Baltodano

    My fav YouTube channel! 😍❤️

  • Alberto Gonzalez

    Que buen trabajo muchachos

  • Plum Plum


  • Varius Walker

    Awesome man just good content as always

  • Kelly Peralta

    Awesome jobs guys

  • Joseph Maloney

    Is the regular Superclean a good product? The product you are using is the Foaming” type which is much m9re 3xpensive, as you can’t buy it in gallons

  • Joseph Maloney

    Did you do any work on the headliner?

  • Joseph Maloney

    Great work! Big improvement; but parts of those back seats just could not be expected to come clean.

  • Raquel Vasquez

    The results are insane! Y’all are amazing!

  • nosaj03

    Great vid! Channel is growing fast. Well deserved. What dusk masks are you using? Have you considered getting a pump sprayer to help saturate seats?

  • Ray Cruz

    Is there a particular place you have to dump that water or can we just dump it down the drain? I know every state is different. Great video

  • Philip Nick

    I don't believe in removing seats. That job turned out great excellent work! That fabric is nasty to work on!

  • shay

    How can someone have a car that filthy and not budget in removing the seats to make sure it is SUPER sanitized? Dang. Anyway, I hope they were happy with the results. I was very impressed. Those poor back seats though. You guys did your best but ultimately you can only do so much.

    Thumbs up!

  • David Caffi

    Great work👍🏼👍🏼, I have to be honest, I was going to stop watching cause I thought you weren’t going to use an extractor but when you began extracting, I was like “ok I’ll keep watching “ 😂


    Good editing, good detailing. You will get at least 50k subs

  • The Big D’Taylor

    Really great work but tbh them seats look dirty still and that’s not a disrespect on your work theyre just really bad seats lol. Car must be very sentimental to owner but if that’s case why were they allowed to get so bad 🤷‍♂️

  • Valery Rizzo

    Gotta show all that dirty water after the extractions!! It’s the best part lol 😆
    Great job though! That car was gross…

  • Bryan Escobedo

    Awesome guys! What’s the liquid that you use into the tornasol gun?

  • Bailey Bacon

    Omg I can’t believe how clean you got the seats 😳 you guys did an amazing job

  • Ians Tech

    WOW that came out INCREDIBLE! Excellent work!

  • brianallen0826

    Tornador can fill all the crevices with the muck, gotta be careful

  • Veikra

    only one owner, a bear with diarrea

  • Jeremy 331


  • DRAG Star

    Great job. I wouldn't like to see the state of there home!

  • Katy Bauer

    Why would anyone who was not does not have OCD when it comes to keeping their car clean, buy a car with a cream colored interior? GREAT JOB!!!

  • a.n. casey

    Very clean job how much would you charge for a job like that…And how long does it take to dry


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