FINDING MY ACRYLIC PAINT ART STYLE? | Translating an Art Style into a New Medium

Today I really want to practice painting
with acrylics and capturing my own style together so I’ve accumulated a few
things: I’ve got a paper plate for a palette – some paintbrushes I want to draw
faces particularly but who want’s to draw faces with boring old normal colors? so I
got these colors and I’ll be starting off in my sketchbook ♪ now I
picked out all of my flat brushes you can tell they’re a flat brush because
the brush looks like a round brush that someone sat on (this one is actually an angle
brush) so I thought it would be good to start off with these because I don’t want
to get into detail I want to try and be a little bit abstract with this and I want to focus on like the planes of the face and capturing my style in the
paint that way I’m going to be using my mechanical pencil first and I think I’ll
just sketch out a face really really quickly
I’m gonna just be a little large with it figure out where the nose and the mouth
eyes are let’s angle the shoulders a little bit to make it a little bit
more dymamic did I just say…by…..dy…. English. (to make it a little bit more
dynamic) I’m not gonna worry about erasing this sketch afterwards so I’m
going to just add in a smallest amount of shading I don’t want to leave too
much guesswork for when I start adding in the paint I do plan on like filling
the entire spread, so I want to start simple so I don’t discourage myself I don’t
love it but I do plan on drawing more faces o I just want to
like throw paint at it I thought this dark blue would work really well for
shadows then I have White to lighten up anything we need and then purple
obviously is the color between pink and blue so I got this just so I wouldn’t
have to mix colors as much this is acrylic paint so it is going to dry
pretty fast I’ll need a tone of white. right I’m gonna start with a biggest
brush I have this is a twelve flat, a little dirty but it’ll work I think the
way I want to go about it is maybe start with basically the flat pink as a base
tone and fill in the whole face and then start adding shadows in with the purple
and the blue and the flat brush will hopefully stop me from trying to be too
detailed with it and yeah I’m using paints in a sketchbook that’s a little
weird but it’s just how I like to work obviously the sketchbook is not made for
acrylics but I haven’t had any problems a little bit more white up here to the
forehead though so let’s start by next going in with a little purple maybe I’m
gonna leave the pink on my brush and start adding this where I want it to be
darker I’m in my sketchbook which allows me to be a little bit more creative with
it I feel like it helps me not stress out about making things perfect I think
for the hair I want to go straight blue I’m gonna be really abstract with the
ponytail just add splotches here and there blend out some of these colors even though that’s not really what I’m trying to do I’m trying not to be too
blendy because I want to just practice capturing something vaguely because I
think if I can get better at that than adding details of things/adding detail
on top of something that already has the good foundation is definitely gonna help
my art overall in the future oop I messed that eyebrow up oh well I can actually had
straight blue right under the chin then maybe blend it out just a little (even though I said thats not what I want
to do) let’s mix the blue with some white just highlight the top here and there now I can’t really do her eyes with this wider brush I’m gonna switch to a
thinner flat brush here go in with straight white at first OOP! that is beautiful. look at her…. okay now this was the whole reason I wanted
to do this exercise whenever I start adding paint around the eyes is when I
really lose my art style I think the most obvious feature of my
art that kind of like tells people yes I’m the one who made that is eyes and
when I tried to do the eyes in paint I just completely lose it it doesn’t look
at all the way I want it to or like the way I usually draw eyes so it’s the
whole reason I’m doing this and I plan on drawing a bunch of faces and
hopefully we will see improvement even just today and in the future alright I
just accidentally splotched some of this like light pink paint on her face I
think I’m getting to that stage where I’m overworking this so I’m gonna let
that dry and it can just look the way it does I’ll come back to it when it’s dry and
see if I can add detail on it and how it goes and then I can compare that to the
rest of the art that I make on this sketchbook spread so I’m just gonna
scootch this over a little bit clean the paint brush hope that this paint here
doesn’t dry on me while I sketch out the next character I’m gonna try a different
angle of the face too just to make a little bit more
interesting there we go, we got a little face make a nice simple hair like I just fill in with color something about this face doesn’t even looking right (without paint on it) let’s throw some paint at this one now the big brush again I think I
think I definitely want to start with a lighter color because I seem to add dark
colors on top seems to be my process quickly add a base coat I think I want
the light source lights from over here hey I’m gonna draw the Sun there and then
as I draw characters around it I’m gonna keep that as my light source so if the
Sun is here, her eyebrow..i don’t know what that’s called but the eye holes under your
eyebrows would be casting a shadow all around here would be in shadow okay
there needs to be more purple in this I should have just used straight
purple probably — trying to think of the plains of the face went a little crazy lighten it up when we get to
where they’re overlapping I’m suppose to be using the wide brush so let me just go bigger on that add a little eyebrow
action it’s still a little wet so hopefully we can blend it although it
doesn’t seem like it’s blending, the brush is a little wet so it’s a little
transparent I was gonna switch to the smaller brush okay got the smaller flat
brush add a little pink around the eyes just seeing what looks good seeing what
doesn’t it’s all about experimenting and finding my painting art style try adding some pink for the lips I just
realized I’ve completely abandoned the lips EW I hate it I hate it I hate it I
hate it I hate it yeah I actually think I hate this one [laughs] like that’s a strong
word but mmm kind of feeling it but I think what’s wrong here I think I know
what I’m doing wrong I’m trying to shade the face a little too much and I like it
to be a lot simpler I like flatter shapes and things like
that/flatter colors I think it’s probably a better way to put it so let’s
try one last thing and if this doesn’t work I’ll get some references with some
lighting and we can practice that from real life – What I’m trying to do is just
translate my style to paint and if I decide that the problem is that I don’t
know faces well enough then it’s time to go back to studying from life which
probably should have started with anyway but I thought I thought I was trying to
do something else but I think everything always comes down to practicing from the
life so I shouldn’t be too surprised here we go, add some nice big ears I think I’m gonna try this
time is to be a lot more subtle with the shading because you can see
this is kind of my style of shading the face-
can you see how different these two look ?? I’m going way too crazy I think I’m getting
very overwhelmed by the art supply and thinking I have to do something one way
when that’s not at all how I usually do things which would explain why it’s
turning out so messy because it’s not something I do on the regular give her some
hair, nice and simple see my style is kind of simplifying and I’m trying to add way too much
shading and I think that’s definitely where I’m going wrong here so this time
let’s try and add a flat color to each element first that seems like an
interesting place to start oh let’s do I still want it to start light
though let’s try very light pink for the skin
again I’m not gonna add any other tones to this not right now that’s not
what we’re here for fill in the shapes there we go nice and
simple now I want to add a little bit more darkness around
the nose and underneath the eye so I’m going to switch to the smaller flat
brush grab the pink maybe with just a little bit of white for now kind of
blend it in just very subtle shading I also want to add a little bit of blush
to the cheeks make it pretty dark there I’m liking this better already a
lot subtler just need to blend out these cheeks they went a little overboard I
think I’m gonna try this nail art brush try to just define this nose a little
not crazy about it so far I’m currently only using the one color
and white so it’s definitely easier for my little brain to wrap around which
might be a good place to start it’s almost like working in greyscale because
it’s monotone but it’s obviously more fun because his pink might try adding a little purple right under the chin I’ve kind of given up on my flat brush idea add a little
white to the eyes they are getting lost in there somewhere come back! eyeballs! highlights the Nose still completely lost its shape I’m a little lost as to how to fix
that though except just like maybe drawing it in as if it was pencil but
with paint – i can try that nope that didn’t really work darken up a few things, add a little
bit more contrast here so for today my plan was to just try and practice
capturing my style or finding my acrylic paint style really I’ve dabbled I just
haven’t really found my clear vision yet (this paintbrush is driving me mad) so it
just takes a little a finagling I kind of changed up the light source it’s
coming from over here (sorry mr. Sun) I think I’ll go back to the little nail art brush use the
blue try my darndest to do these eyes properly slow maybe focus on the shape just try to get it right probably my best so far this lash is a little droopy I’d really like to one day, the
dream, is to be able to make like a big canvas painting of a portrait of some
kind but like in my art style so it’s kind of important that I know how to do
that first before I jump in, right? I mean I suppose jumping in it’s never terrible
I like shading faces with markers because of the way they blend in and out
they’re usually subtle enough where it looks nice she doesn’t look all that
happy just kind of blank faced so emotions maybe will come later I might
actually go over that with some pink it’s light pink mixed with the white
wonder if I can like somehow do what I learned from this face and move it into
this one — can’t make it worse I know that switch back to the nail art brush that
would be an awesome sign if I could somehow take what I learned from that
one and fix this one I think that means I’m going in the right direction but I
might need a little more experience before I have that ability but if I can
even come close that’ll put me in a good mood I mean
it’s better it’s an improvement I’m basically evening out the tone canceling
out most of the shadows that didn’t make a whole lot of sense [cough] losing my voice oh [coughs] it’s a little too wet to try and add eyebrows
they’re just blending in but I like it better I can actually look at it without
baby barfing in my throat so that’s a plus eh whatever. guess for the hair I’m gonna go straight blue kind of like we did over there
just start filling in the shape so it might need a couple coats cuz this blue
seems to be a little runny – add a little hair coming out here I think the smart thing to do would be to try and
draw one more and see if I really actually learn something here or I just
got lucky I mean hopefully I will get better the more I do as soon as I figure
out what it is that I am doing PENCIL!! my favorite art supply I’m so
glad to be back with you – okay so let’s do one more we haven’t done
any faces looking left yet so that seems like the obvious choice make sure that the eyers are lined up guess she
needs a body they are all so headless…. well (they’re all so bodyless) don’t really plan
on painting it for me art styles and their exclusivity like the way they look
like a certain person drew though I think almost eighty percent of an art
style of an artist’s art style is in the face obviously there’s ways to do
like line art and stuff that carries throughout the whole piece but I feel
like faces are the part that people really differentiate between artists so
that is why I am focusing on faces when I’m trying to capture my art style in
paint there we go – good enough! start adding in some paint I don’t know if I
want to switch to another color yet I want to make sure I can do pink
since Pink’s the closest to like a natural skin tone that I have here so
let’s go in again pink, with white, mix it all up add in our base color – a little hand
down here muppet hands next I think I
grabbed pink I just started adding a darkness to the nose and the cheeks and
maybe the ears as well I would like the ears to be even Pinker than that so uh
redden up the lips alright it’s not going too bad yet – though I don’t know
if the other ones look bad right off the bat did they? maybe I’m blinded because
they’re much children [mouth clicking thinking sounds] a little white to this color just to lighten it up oh
that’s kind of pretty I love that color oh it’s like a periwinkle almost so I know a lot of you draw with me so I was wondering what are you drawing right now
if you’re drawing along be really weirdly specific like I am drawing the
right side of a bang styled in a fashion popularized by the model from the 1960s
named Brigitte Bardot let me know what you’re drawing I guess
it’s the left bang isn’t it it’s her left bang, right from my point
of view I was using the blue as line art at this point ♪ darken up some of these areas add highlights to the
eyes again that always makes like a huge difference for the nose…what did I do? I
added purple this one from the nose let’s try that again and I still want
the nose just to be Pinker I don’t I’m saying how it ended up so light I’ll let that dry and add just the tiniest little highlight on it I think I might be
almost done with this one but I do think I am headed in the right direction I do
like these two more than these two – even though I kind of enjoy the way this face
looks like the structure of it even if it’s a bit of a mess I’m happy with
today’s progress art is definitely a process takes time and I think I’m
slowly figuring out how I like to use acrylic paints obviously there’s like a
million different ways and styles and forms that you can use acrylic paint I’m
just trying to find the one that works best for me this one I think I did um
resort back to like the errors I was having with this one so it’s nice to
know that I got it right once I want to thank you guys for watching I’m kind of
like to fix this though before I sign out i’m just try fix this one last time yeah i do prefer the subtle flat look even if this maybe went a little too far
in that direction oh art, you continue to drive me mad and keep me coming back for more I think
from overworking this face it got a little muddy but I did manage to
accomplish the look I like with the darkness around the eyes and the nose
and pretty flat around the face so I’m happy with that I want to thank you guys
for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me practice drawing acrylic paint faces
trying to capture my style in acrylic paint and maybe I guess more so find my
acrylic paint art style let me know what is something you’ve been practicing lately
and something you want to improve on that if the
putting time into or you’d like to put time into in the future I’ll see you
guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! that was a weird wave….uh bye. [giggles] ♪


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