Finding The RIGHT Sketchbook for YOU!

There is an overwhelming amount of
options when it comes to sketchbooks. How are we meant to choose the right one? Stick around and we will go through the process together and also tell me in the comments below what kinda sketchbooks you have used and what you like about them and why Lets help each other over this. The type of sketchbook that you choose depends on what you’re gonna do with the sketch
book and what mediums you’re gonna use in it. Sketchbooks can be used for all
sorts of things, including studies, watercolour, gouache, pen and ink, finished pieces, gesture drawings, pastels, you name it, you can do it in a sketchbook. but knowing this will narrow it down on what kinda sketchbook you want to buy So figure out what those are first and then you will find it much easier to pick your sketchbook. Another thing to think about when you are buying your sketchbook is paper colour. Most of them come with white pages but there is a variety of shades, including Ivory, cream, off-white, darker white, normal white, weird white. You can get ones that are in a Tan sort of shade. Grey toned paper. There’s a bunch of different options basically. Personally, I like to have a
multiple sketchbooks for different things and that’s okay too. This one’s
for watercolour. This one is for really quick gesture studies
and anatomy practice. I just want to go through some sketchbooks that I have, that I found are really helpful for all the needs that I… need my sketchbooks for. I hope that it will help you in your journey
on finding your own, personal sketchbook. The first three that I’ve got to show you are these ones. These are really cheap notebooks almost but they have slightly thicker paper than notebook paper I got these from The Range for 99p or something, the company is i-doodle. They’re really cheap they’re also really cute. They have not that many pages and
they’re just a good option for you, if you want to scribble down ideas and not worry about wasting a decent sketchbook but still have something nice and cute
to look at. I have three of these. As you can
see they’re really, really skinny. They are perfect for on-the-go sketching
and they’re not very sturdy, but they do the job The next one I have for you are
these spiral bound Strathmore 400 series toned tan sketchbooks
and they have toned paper in them. These ones are really good for coloured pencil and just sketching with a slightly darker and lighter tone, rather than the mid-tone. So, you don’t
have to worry about getting those values. You can just use a really dark pencil
and a white gel pen or a white pencil and get the results that you want or you
can scribble on these with some colored pencils because those really work as well. I primarily used these ones for doing my portraits that I used to do I really want to get back into doing this and using these sketchbooks for other things rather than just portraits. We all know that I don’t
really like doing these as much anymore, but they are a good thing
to use for this kind of thing. and as you can see, you can get really good results for these as well To go along with that, I have this sketchbook, it’s the same as the Strathmore series sketchbook as well, but it’s an art journal. It’s got a soft cove. I think it’s stitch bound or glue, stitch or glue. So it’s not spiral but these are really good
for coloured pencil as well and this one is upside down. It actually says it on the back, Strathmore 400 series toned grey paper. This is the art journal version. Very good for toned drawings, this one is supposed to be a waterfall. You should definitely try that one out, these are more expensive though. I’m not really into pastels that much but I do have this pastel pad. It’s more like a pad but it’s also got a spiral at the top so you could use as a sketchbook. Apparently these are really good for pastels. I have used it for coloured pencil. I was gonna draw Joey Graceffa at one point and it’s got this little sheet in the middle to protect the paper. It also comes in a variety of shades of the paper. I don’t really want to show you this one but I think I must. This is her really old drawing. Oh my goodness, wow. This is coloured
pencils so they are good for coloured pencils. There is a pastel drawing in
here and these are perfect for pastel drawings. I forgot all about this actually but I really enjoyed doing that one This one is a good one. It’s a Daler Rowney , pastel, 3 assorted whites pastel pad. The next one I have for you is a cheap option this one’s empty but I have used these ones in the past. They come with a shiny, reflective cover but also a matte finish too. These are the Daler Rowney graduate sketchbooks I have a lot of Daler Rowney because in my town these are the easiest to get. Our choices are really limited. This is an A4 version and it has not that many pages in it. so they’re easy to fill up. Makes you feel like a champion
when you actually complete them. It’s got 20 sheets in it, so 40 pages either side. It’s still pretty hefty and they are cheap as well. This one was £2.99. Watercolour sketchbooks are really fun as well I do have a moleskine somewhere Moleskines are really good This one is really dear one though compared to the ones I have had in the past. This one is the Hahnemuhle sketchbook and I do have a review for this one but this one is good for watercolour. This one is my other sketchbook for watercolour and I haven’t used this one as much the paper is really thick This is 300GSM paper I believe… Yep and it is the Pink Pig Black Eco Cover Posh Bockingford Watercolour paper. This is premium stuff but it’s only $4.99 I think they’re £8.99 now but when I got this I got it on a deal for $4.99. and you can get very beautiful watercolours with this
as well. I think I did my very first – Ignore the pocket camp. Yeah, I did my
very first Christmas kind of drawing here of myself My mouth, look at that mouth, it’s not that big but yeah I enjoyed that. Even though this is 300 GSM paper, I haven’t really felt that bad about just doing things like this. This is actually how I got my logo from my last branding I put it on here, then I put it into for shop and I edited it to make it a lot brighter. and last but not least we have this which isn’t actually a sketchbook, It’s a scrapbook. You can get them in your craft stores. and this one has a craft paper in it and
it’s very nice for coloured pencil. I think I do have – Did I take it out? Did
I rip that out? I did! No I didn’t. Did I? Yeah, I think I did. Oh. I did have a
drawing in here but I must have ripped it out Anyway this is my tests on these. A lot of the pens and pencils show up really nicely on this. I think these are good sketchbooks to use I’ve had this for years though and haven’t filled it up. That just shows you how good these are. Price is a big one too. If you’re too precious with your sketchbooks then consider buying a cheaper one. So that you don’t feel like you’re gonna
ruin it. Although there is limitations with this and you can’t really get a decent sketchbook for certain mediums at a low price. However I did find one that’s £4.99 it for watercolour and the watercolour paper is actually really thick and nice So, bargain hunt is the key. Now you’re probably thinking: Amanda this doesn’t help. I still don’t know what kind of sketch book to buy. Unfortunately the only way to find the right sketchbook for you is to try them and see if you like them yourself. however there are a lot of reviews online that you can check out to see what one would be the right one for you. I have a few myself and you can check that out right here. Thanks for watching this video. Please remember to subscribe and I will
see you in my next one.


  • A Girl That Paints

    I just get the cheapest one xD I literally just ordered one from £2.50 on Amazon 😀

  • Scruffy Scrubs

    I have a Strathmore tan…I like it. If I come across a good buy, I get it.

  • Katy Vaughan Art

    I need those cute notebooks in my life 😍😍😍😍😍😍 great video!

  • April Rains Fine Art

    Good thing for me I love basically everything I try for one thing another. One of the benefits of being all over the place as an artist lol
    I love all the information in this though. Hopefully, I'll remember to visit this again when I get my next sketchbook!

  • Dennis C. Nolasco

    Great tips on sketchbook!

  • Nicki Montie

    I use whatever I find on sale or clearance 🙂

  • Oana Illustrations

    My favorite sketchbook is Moleskine for watercolor. It has paper of 200 gsm. Perfect for watercolor. It also stays flat when opened 🙂

  • TianaDIY

    thanks for sharing, this was very helpful

  • Arquidesis Studio

    My favorite sketchbook is the Canson A5 Graphite sketchbook. It is the perfect size for my handbags and schoolbags, and takes almost everything well without having super tick paper.

    +the cute pocket at the back , the strap and a hard cover.

    It was 25 € though, as much as I love it I haven’t bought anything above 6€ since. My current sketchbook is 3€.

  • Weblight Dreams

    Very nice collection of sketchbooks. I recently tried the toned tan paper and it was very nice.

  • Caitlyn Stroud

    Mont Marte, and the kmart brand ones. They cost $2-4 and they dont bleed and are amazing for mixed media.. This is coming from an Australian.


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