Flash Challenge Preview: Under Pressure – Ink Master, Season 7

– We doing here?[truck horn honks] There’s Dave getting
a truck ride.– Welcome.
The longer you survive, the more intense it gets
as we close in on the strongest group
of artists this competition
has ever seen. In the end,
only one will earn $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. – Yeah. – This week,
we’re testing composition. – Composition is how you take
all the different elementsand put ’em together to make
something that’s cohesive.
– For today’s flash challenge,
working in teams of two, you must use a power washer
to strategically blast a massive design
onto a 53-foot semi.– These trucks are huge.That’s a lot of ground to cover
for just two people. – Oh, my God.
– That’s crazy. I got into tattooing
specifically to not do manual labor. – Every mark you make
counts, so plan carefully
and keep a steady hand, because there are
no second chances. Sausage, you won
the last elimination tattoo. That means you get to assign
the teams. Be strategic. – I do not have an ally
in this house.I have to play this game
on my own.
– This is gonna be
a real telltale skull pick. If Sausage tries
to screw me over,I’m gonna know where
his loyalties lie.
Artists, one by one,
please read the number on the bottom of your skull
to determine your team. – Team number one. – Three. – One. Me and Sausage both have
a great solid knowledgeof the inner workings
of this competition.
It’s gonna be
a great fit. – Three.– I really feel that
Megan and Christian’s alliance
is kind of crumbling.I don’t think that they’re gonna
work really well as a team. – Two. – Two. – Four.
– Four.I got paired up
with Alex Rockhoff.
This is a big, manly project,
man, and this dude is
half of a man. – The winners
of the flash challenge will have the power to assign
all human canvases in the elimination tattoo
as a team. You have four hours to create
a dynamic composition on a semi, and your time starts now.[dramatic music]– I thought of, like, a Medusa
or something. – These trucks are
very long rectangles.The artists are gonna need
a lot of different elements
to fill up
this whole area.
– Oval, landscape. – The white truck
with the design in the center. – Dude, yes. – Composition is everything. If it’s not put together well,
it’s not gonna be appealing. – I don’t know if we need
the whole truck. We just need smaller elements
that create a bigger image. Even if we only did
this much, at least we’re creating
what the rules of it are. – We don’t feel that
we have to blast off 53 feetin order to win.– We’re succinct, smart,
and efficient. – I think so too. We’re gonna go smaller
with as much detail as possible. – What I was thinking is
doing, like, a big cobra. Over here had a big dagger.
Let’s throw some bones in here. – Bones is good. – It’s taking me back
to my train bombing days right here. – Cleen has
a graffiti background and he’s had the most
skull picks in this competition. I would be stupid
not to follow his lead. – You want me to take the reins
and get it laid out? – Yeah.– It would be nice to have
a little help around here.
Alex is a tiny little guy;
I don’t even think he has the strength
to hold the pressure washer. – Like, how this
turns on more. – Oh, your hose is kinked. See how it’s kinked
right there? I’m gonna have to work
twice as hard ’cause I’m gonna have to
pick up his slack.[dramatic music]– Two hours remaining,
everybody, two hours. – Well, I think you’re
the [bleep] star of this today. – My arms are gonna be
so sore tomorrow. – Go quick, don’t be
so precision with it, otherwise we’re gonna
be here all day. – All right.
– Like, a little rounder. It’s a little football shaped
there. – Oh, okay. I was expecting Matti to be
kind of an asshole,but we’re working well
and everything’s coming out
really good. – Oh, yeah,
that’s [bleep] good!Guess what, Sausage,
you get skull picked
and you [bleep] yourself. We’re gonna spank you
like a [bleep] little baby. – I don’t know what that is. – I don’t know what it is
either. – It looks like a jellyfish
eating the city. Me and Anthony are
busting our assesto do 55 feet of artwork,
and Sausage and Jimmy
are doing a piece of broccoli
about 3 feet wide on theirs. Sausage,
you dropped the ball. – My arms, man.I’m getting pretty frustrated
’cause I’m doing everything.
[bleep] ladder.
Hang on. No, just let me handle it.
I’m fine with ladders. Christian’s having
a super hard time getting any sort of bold
or confident line or shading. – Ooh, yeah. – You okay? – Yeah, just not as good
at this as you are. – I just want to give up.[dramatic music]– Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Time is up.


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