Fool Data Brokers with This Simple Gmail Privacy Trick

There’s a trick the Gmail actually has that allows for you to sort of create multiple email addresses. Hi, this is Sean Sullivan,
Security Advisor here at F-Secure. Often I’ll advise or recommend that people use multiple email addresses in order to separate different types of things that they do on the web. Keeping vendors apart from being able to connect the dots in order to identify you. Having actual multiple email accounts can be very cumbersome for most folks. I don’t use Gmail, but I have an email recommendation, because a lot of people do use Gmail. There’s a trick that Gmail actually has that allows for you to sort of create multiple email addresses. If you have [email protected], I could say [email protected] when I register for my F-Secure account. Or I could say sean+bankofamerica or nordeabank so whatever bank that you have, you could do
sean+”the name of the organization” So they would have in their database a different type of email address. When I say plus I mean literally that the plus sign is what you would use, you have your base name, “+” and then the name of the thing that you want to identify uniquely. This is the address I’m going to use for this organization. Then that organization and their database, if they go to like outside marketing firms
and want to you target you with ads, they’re trying to connect this identity, “sean+nordeabank” or “sean+americanexpress” and when they go to something like Facebook
or Google, they’re not gonna be able to connect the dots in exactly the same way. A human being can look as that address and figure it out but I don’t think the algorithms are yet trying to figure out that this address which is not a 1:1 match is the same thing. In any case, it does help if you then see “sean+vendorname” ends up with somebody who’s not that vendor you know that that vendor has sold your information on to a third party. So it does help kind of organize which vendors you can trust to keep your information to themselves first party relationship. With those that sell off your information, because they’re selling your data. Thank you for watching, and remember to
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  • Mika Fiskari

    That's an awesome trick! Why haven't we realized this before!

  • Andrew Wade

    There's one small problem: You'd have to sign into a bazilliion different email addresses to take care of business.


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