Forklift Design: Improving the Way People Work

To some people, this is simply a forklift. To Crown, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to innovate. To make
someone’s job a little easier… …and the supply chain more productive. In
fact, no one in the industry works harder… …to research and understand the human to lift
truck relationship. And why is this do important? Because it’s as much as seventy percent
of the cost of operating a forklift. Labor costs associated with the five
hundred thousand-plus lift truck operators… …in the U.S. are over sixteen billion dollars
annually… a number that balloons to over a
hundred and eighty-one billion dollars… …over the life of the truck. So one can only imagine what that amounts to, globally. One thing’s for sure: It’s an investment
that’s a way too big to take for granted. That’s why we watch. We take notes. And we constantly ask, “how do we take what we’ve learned and… …make things better?” Because design isn’t just about changing
the shapes of machines. It’s about changing the way people work. It’s why Fast Company magazine called
us one of the Top 30 Design Driven… Companies in America. It’s why Crown continues to rack up the most… …prestigious industrial design awards. It’s why Forbes magazine referred to crown
as “the BMW of forklifts.” So how does design innovation
change the game? By constantly putting a new twist on
supply chain productivity. By putting big ideas in small spaces. By allowing people to work higher, faster
and safer than than ever before. By understanding that for people to do their work better, they have to see their work better. By providing a… …whole new level of control. By putting automation in the palm
of your hand. By designing information technology, like
Crown Insite, that’s changing the way… …people manage their workforces… …to create efficiencies today… …and even bigger efficiencies tomorrow. At Crown, we are tenacious about
uncovering and solving problems… …through smart, clean, and green design. Because we’re doing more than designing
lift trucks today… …we’re redesigning the technology that will lead the industry tomorrow. See what we’re doing today at crown dot


  • Peter Tunkey

    Buffalo Materials Handling is a Crown Dealer in Buffalo, NY and their customers have experienced the excellence, safety and ROI of these innovative and quality built lift trucks!

  • CrownEquipment

    Thanks for your comment, Peter! We’re happy to hear Crown customers are enjoying the many benefits of our forklifts.

  • CrownEquipment

    Thanks for your comment, Marc!


    Curious to know how that "Quick pick" remote works. Is it meant for operator to control a travel or lift function? Is it wireless based upon WiFi signal?


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