Fortnite Location Ice Sculptures Skins Secret Easter Egg

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another Fortnite Battle Royale video in today’s video
I’ll be showing you the location of the super dope eye statues in fort night and
I’ll tell me what I think of the new map after the season 7 updates be sure to
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video slap a like and subscribe okay let’s get right into the video I have to
say fort night games really outdid themselves with this map there’s an
iceberg rifts slopes and much more but we’re really caught my attention is
these new statues of the red knight Raven and love Ranger these are
absolutely amazing if you’d like to see these statues go to this location on a
map I would recommend going into replay and exploring all the new parts of the
season seven map you can take some really great screenshots and post them
on Twitter let me know what your favorite new location if you enjoy
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showcase glitches tips and tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you
guys in my next video


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