FPro Airspray Manual Spray Gun: Markets Expertise | SAMES KREMLIN

The FPro is a gun dedicated to professional painters to experts, I mean people with a lot of experience
who like to play with the settings to adjust them in real time and reach the
perfect result they want. FPro is the first gun to combine the productivity of a
pressure gun and the class-A finishing quality of a conventional gravity gun.
Moreover on this gun, you have the widest spray possibilities on the market. You
have 9 nozzles from 0.7 to 4.0 milimeters 9 aircaps and 5 injectors. Combining them, you have more than 200 possibilities and you can
fine-tune the knob exactly the way you want to have a perfect results. FPro is
available in HVLP technology, conventional technology or our hybrid
technology called LVLP, regarding the the need you have.

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