FPro Airspray – Pressure manual spray gun (conventional, HVLP, LVLP) | SAMES KREMLIN

Selected airspray gun Looking for a solution meeting your painting requirement Looking for more Performance, Productivity, Sustainability are key for your business and your customers We have the solution with FPro Airspray Our new pressure manual airspray gun FPro has an innovative airspray painting solution to increase your productivity in many markets Automotive, Agricultural, Wood Construction, Transport, Industrial FPro Airspray means much more New standard in airspray technology/High transfer efficiency up to 79% Effortlessly perfect spraying/Performance: perfect finishing available for all painters New standard in airspray/New way of spraying paints/new technologies PERFORMANCE. restrictor paint speed controller/Vortex spin effect/Perfect atomization PERFORMANCE. three atomization and aircaps technologies: conventional, LVLP & HVLP PRODUCTIVITY. Perfectly balanced for reduced repetitive strain injuries PRODUCTIVITY. The Fpro is an extension of your arm and is a natural working tool for painters PRODUCTIVITY. High level of sensation on the trigger for a perfect paint spraying PRODUCTIVITY. Reduced handle volume, ideal for operator with small hands Effortlessly spraying Super light hoses Ergonomic handling You are in control!

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