FPro Airspray spray gun success at CHERVIN Kitchen & Bath | SAMES KREMLIN

My name is Mike Baglione and I’m from SAMES KREMLIN Canada. And I just want to discuss a little bit about my valued customer, which is Chervin Woodworking, which manufactures kitchens and baths. We just recently got into an application where the FPro…for our application on their dye stains on their millwork. They’ve had a lot of success with spraying a specific type of dye stain with minimal mottling and also they love the design and the ergonomics of the gun both male and female operators. Hi folks, we’ve got an FPro gun from SAMES KREMLIN. We love it. It’s lightweight, easy to adjust, maneuverable for inside the cabinet. It’s one of our operators’ favorite guns.

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