Free Photo retouching software for the MAC Retouch a Photos using this free app

high today tip is going to be on
how to retouch an a photograph in iPhoto quickly
and easily so the first thing that we’re going to
do is have to open up iphoto and as you can see I have mine open here and we’re going to select the folder
that would like to meet touch I’m gonna pick this picture over here which is up
the lake with some trees in the background to nice picture but it really doesn’t
have the collar that I would like to see so in order to come to fix that I’m
going to come down here to the Edit menu and I’m gonna click on that
Edit menu first thing I can do here is I have
three tabs I have quick fixes affects and adjust in quick fixes I can rotate the image by clicking on it
and so I have it exactly the way I want so that’s quick way to fix it I can click on or to enhance which
enhances the collar immediately which already it’s looking a lot better I could fix red-eye but obviously I I
don’t need it here because I don’t have any people who have red eyes in the picture saw
skip that one I can straighten the image I basically allowing me let’s say to
create the horizon line to be straight and as you could see
there we go it down when you completed I can also
crop the image so if I don’t really want I the entire image I don’t wanna smoke he said that I
can come in and Rick it anywhere with lights which I
just want that part of the image and I would hit done and that would
actually crop it be careful about that because once you crop it you are done another thing that is here is retraction
so you can make this circle as big or small
is it like so let’s do a big one here and let’s say I just don’t like the way
the shadow is here I’m gonna drag my ass is on clicking let
go and as you can see it did some
retouching affect its not really what looks good but this picture some
good and do it it’s mainly used to clean up a blemish on your skin I’m if up here for example the clouds
are show you one that what it would do you see I got rid of the blue in it but
I kind of want the blue somebody put it back but that’s how you can use at the be touching to when you complete
it done now let’s go to a fax so affects you can
do different things you can click CPR you can do antique you can do with edge blur which does it on the side you can do that yet
a Mac a fade a boost of color on and of course none which is back to
the way we were so if there is something in here that
you like you can take it you can also click on cooler and each time you click on it we’ll see
I’m getting more blues I’m you can darken the image if you want
or you can rightly image if you want I think definitely needs to be like
debate I’m you can increase the saturation and then you can increase the contrast and you could
increase saturation and look at the difference at this picture when I’m simply doing that on if you
find that you want to go warmer you can do that
June give it more warm a look but look at where we started and look at
where we are now it’s just wonderful when the colors are popping in their vibrant if
we got to adjust which is the last one these levels
adjust the lightness in the dark best so if you haven’t overexposed image UK
and a dark image would be dark in this would
be light you can lighten up the image a bit and I kind of like it somewhere back
here you can increase the contrast and kind
of play around with that she could see how that contrasts works the saturation you could put even more
saturation and get even more pop in color you can add some definition on which is
and I think highlights I you can add that as well you can seem
really what’s going on with the clouds up there they really taking on a very surreal fact see me
like that you may not but you basically can see how the shadows
and this is the sharpness how each of these the noise will
actually give it a blur and last one hears color temperature
season go with the blue a fact wage go with a
little bit more green sell you can play around with that in
this also on the tents so at this point I if you don’t like
what you did hear you can always click undue and it will undo everything that you
pretty much dead so that works out nicely I’m once you’re done with everything I
you have to have the option to revert to the original so if you don’t like everything that you re touched and you
want to start again you can just revert to the original and that’s what we originally started
with once you do that are you can no longer doing on do so be
careful if that’s what you wanted so just a quick recap if you want to do
this really fast you can click enhance go to a fax and do some saturation here which is what I
was doing go little cooler go a little lighter up and you already have a better picture go to adjust do your final adjustments
right here change the exposure slightly and once you’re done all you would have
to do is click on photos here and the final we
touched image will be saved and as you can see here we have the
retouch damage which has a very different look than the original
one well hope you’ve gotten some good tips on how to retouch pictures are
trying to do some more on these in the future said she get some quick
tips on how to get your father’s looking amazing thanks for listening enjoy retouching

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