Fruit bowl – Brush pens and colored pencils

welcome back to Candy’s Art World I’m
Candy and today we’re going to do a fruit bowl it’s gonna be like a
watercolor background and the fruit will be done in color pencil after I drew it and I used a mutable
eraser eraser to try to lighten up the pencil a little bit but leave it so
there and I’m going to sink my Artesia fresh tip markers are pins to do the background
I’d hoped a color and I use my water brush to spread it out like watercolor I had put in the shadows before I put in
the colors just to experiment and see if that worked out and actually I think you
did I did pretty good having the shadow died before the color answer did the bowl in the brush pens because I wanted more of a wash of color
look versus my solid color pencil kind of a look you I really love how when you use the
odorless mineral spirits it just brings life to whatever you just spent time
shading and coloring and all that it’s like magic and I made sure that it dried between
putting the odorless mineral spirits down and putting any more pencil down if
you don’t it will blunt your your color pencil fast and it can ruin the tooth of
the paper or make it to where you can’t lay any more color on it because paper
has a little tooth to it that helps to grab the pencil I don’t know about with
markers or whatever but with pencil you need that tooth to help grab the color
and hold on to it I hope you enjoyed watching please like
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  • Nephtalie Albert

    This is good. I like the combination of colored pencil and water based markers.


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