Full Face Using Only E.L.F. Makeup… I’m Speechless!

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? now in today’s video we’re going on a little adventure
to the Ulta in Calabasas because today we are celebrating the launch of the
Morphe x Jeffree star brush and sponge collaboration! it is now in every single
Ulta here in America and of course on Alta’s website! so I’ve seen a million
pictures of the displays but we’ve never seen them in person so me and Nate are
about to go over there and see if there’s any left to see the display for
the first time up close and personal and then I am going to be grabbing a bunch
of new ELF products and we’re going to be coming home and doing a full face of
elf makeup! now of course bitch it’s March and just like I promised last
month we are going to do another giveaway so what the hell do I have up
my sleeves today alright bitch we are gonna do five lucky winners in today’s
video now what does that mean for winners will receive a jeffree star
morphe brush set you will also get the coveted elf primer that i approved a few
months ago it is everything and I bought this with my own money this is not a
sponsorship with elf I just really love their products
they’re affordable and they are sickening
so for lucky people we’ll get a primer a rush kit and then the grand prize winner
will receive a $1,000 gift card at Ulta beauty plus the brush kit and a primer
hi how are ya alright you guys what do you got to do
to enter all you got to do is be following me on Twitter which is @jeffreestar and be subscribed to my youtube channel
anything else is fair game if you want to comment down below and say hi of
course it’s always appreciated but that is it the rules are simple and the
giveaway it will be ending March 9th! after that I will be announcing
everything on snapchat and Twitter alright you guys let’s get in the car
and get to Ulta all right we are almost there we live so
close this actually used to be an old Toys R Us and we all know what happened
to them I think they’re bankrupt they’re trying to have a comeback was it a whole
publicity stunt who knows all I know is is that their location and got bought by
Ulta and Trader Joe’s work it’s literally a mile and a half from my
house so we are about to pull up and let’s hope that they have the display
most locations have it up by now but there’s some that are still building
them or they’ll come in the next few days so all right you guys here we go hi
ladies are you guys so we are about to go see our display for the very first
time I am so excited I am freaking out I love you too I’m gonna go see my
display and the hot sex picks up everyone hours in listen
almost every Ulta location in America is sold out in just a few hours so this is
a greatly but with right there yes it’s so cool I can’t believe it everything so cool seeing my face and all are you guys
like as a customer it’s crazy to like see your baby
none I know all the sponges everything is gone and it’s cool huh Wow
the good news is and this was obviously not planned because I had no idea where
I was gonna be where’d you say it was babe literally right here look at
morphine l4 connected that is crazy I need setting powder for under-eye
highlighting powder does Alf not have setting powder what it’s not wild and
this location may not have it could be sold out all right we’re gonna grab this
wisdom eye shadow I don’t even know if they make setting powder I don’t see any
I could totally use something else oh wait Chris I think it’s just labeled as
something else Nate can help me get that out it’s stuck
in there you guys oh thank you this is it no HD Club yeah loose yes okay we
have it let’s grab a few more lip glosses in case I don’t like the colors
I picked out okay cool yeah yeah we don’t there’s not a lot of stuff you
guys alright the rest of the stuff I got in PR or I’ve already bought previous so
let’s check out with meet some fans and let’s go up without the makeup alright that was so fun alta thank you
guys for coming to say hi and thank you to all the store employees I can’t
believe you everything is selling out in every single store whoa I’m overwhelmed
with feeling very grateful but right now we’re gonna dive into all this makeup I
just laid out on the table there’s a lot here elf let’s roll
a lot of this I paid for some of that I got in PR so we’re about to dive in into
a full face of elf cosmetics now the first thing I’m gonna use I’ve already
used before and it’s the only thing I haven’t really tried today it is the
poreless putty primer now not the to my own horn but after this review this
product may or may not have sold out in every single Ulta and every single store
worldwide it’s a sickening product and it has the official Jeffrey star stamp
of approval so this is really good I’m already kind of moisturized I prepped my
skin we’re ready to roll now we’re just gonna promise primer but let me just
tuck my hair back for a second should I get my ears pierced again you guys it’s
been like five years and for some reason the whole clothes so I’m not having it
should I go to Claire’s next video alright so I like to just scrape this
off with my nails get a good amount on my fingertips just massage this into the
skin and this is gonna fill your pores you’re gonna look a little more
airbrushed than normal this is just really good to put on before foundation
mmm all right now we’re gonna try some foundation now this
oh come on glass packaging now elf has a newer foundation I’ve never tried it it
is a flawless finish formula it looks something like this I have three shades
here and I tried to match myself you know it’s a little rough sometimes when
you are just randomly picking so we’re gonna go with beige today snow and pearl
looked a little too light on me and I’m not trying to look like flashback
Geoffrey Lynn today so let’s give us a little shake and of course we’re gonna
apply our foundation with the morphe Jeffrey star a beauty sponge right here
if you guys have not tried these out girl what are you waiting for
all right you guys now this foundation oh it looks thick okay let me just try a
little bit then and see what happens hello Wow now I literally only have
three shades so if this one doesn’t match you guys it’s a wrap because the
other two who her too like for me oh wow this is actually
blending and really nice thank God anytime there’s a good affordable like
drugstore foundation I’m always gonna tell you guys like hello so hopefully
this one will be a good one I’m gonna dot this all around let’s see what
happens oh wow alright so just with this side on
I’m already feeling like myself airbrush and now let’s turn this way oh wow that
covered a lot quickly okay so far so good okay I know this is like the first
product I’m trying in this video but what the hell I’m like girl look at my
skin this is like really good foundation I’m a little shook right now I was like
right off the gate did not expect this but okay wow I really can’t get over you
see me going back and forth like Hello it covered up my pimple and all of my
worries work next product oh my god all of you told me to review this I got it
in PR a few weeks ago and I still have not had the time to try it so I am
really excited today let’s bring up this all Big Daddy hello know this is a new
product from them a lot of you have already tried it you said Geoffrey it’s
sickening I’m like okay let’s see about that
this is the new 16 hour camo concealer there’s 18 shades full
coverage long wear and a matte finish which I live for this product retails
for only five dollars look at that shade rage let’s get in every shade in the
frame yes very cute now I always gravitate to a concealer that is
brightening I never matched my skin tone I like to be a little brighter so let’s
grab maybe this one right here I don’t want to break a nail I’m just gonna grab
a few I’m gonna go in with fair beige I love a good brightening moment so let’s
see if this works hi packaging I like how fat and sturdy
it is oh as a big applicator which I live for we love a thick end and I guess
we’re just gonna apply it’s almost like skin care and concealer at the same time
so I don’t know how full coverage this is let me just kind of like not go
haywire in case it’s like a lot let’s just do a little bit there and let’s see
what happens I’m gonna go right in with the same sponge let’s bounce and blend oh that’s brightening oh wow so this is
blending out really nice with the blender I’m actually gonna take some and
put it over here cuz bitch I put a lot on this is blending like a dream what
the hell whoa I love how this is looking look at that eye area I like covered up
all my darkness I like to take the sponge and just kind of finesse some of
the concealer on my lid it’s kind of like my little pre primer over on the go
take your concealer and isn’t blend it over there and it’s like a good morning
you can skip eye primer when you’ve got to get on the move I’m a little shook I
might start throwing away all my luxury products Tom Ford by Gucci I don’t know
girl because a six dollar foundation and a five dollar concealer I’m looking in
the monitor and I’m like damn bitch I look plastic and I’m living for it let’s
set it and let’s see how it wears of course is we don’t know how it’s gonna
look in a few hours baby I was trying to find loose powder of course you guys
thought LTL I was trying to find loose setting powder at Ulta and all I found
was this sheer HD powder now listen I don’t know what this is gonna make this
look like let’s pray it’s supposed to create a soft focused effect on the skin
and mask fine lines and imperfections alright bitch let’s try it oh my god
actresses pour powder here that is so cute work alright here goes nothin y’all
so I’ve used the same sponge for all steps like honey she’s a multi-talented
whore I’m just gonna bounce that right on top
of that concealer that set that concealer huh whoa all right you guys
that powder was like I’m speechless I’m like wow I’m looking up close and
I’m like it is pretty good face is feeling very snatched now I always take
an extra powder base to kind of finish everything off and I didn’t really see
much except this is a literal finishing powder it’s in shade fair and light it
looks a little like I don’t know almost gray toned in there so I’m not sure how
it’s gonna look on the skin let’s grab the JSE little powder brush hi how are
ya and let’s see what this is gonna look like in everywhere where he didn’t put
concealer that’s where I’m putting this powder that actually looks good come on
airbrush ammo man all right my face is feeling a plastic
fantastic now let’s put on some contour I do have this is the only thing I found
y’all BAM this is what she looks like maybe a little warm for me so I’m a
little spooked right now so give me a second and this is the primer infused
bronzer and shade forever sunkissed now it’s supposed to be long wearing so
maybe we will apply this let’s give it a whirl we’re going right in if it’s too
orange don’t fight me okay I’m going to be really soft look at
that wow we’re done just kidding this is actually really pretty I was
afraid it was gonna be a little too warm for me but it looks stunning slummy
bronze up the rest of the face and see how we look all right now we’re just gonna contour
the nose a little bit just running this down
hello nose how are you doing today girl all right the bronzer was really cute I
liked the formula I think it blended really nice and I’m feeling the glow so
far so good I’m like shook is the drugstore just like coming for blood
this year is that what’s happening cuz I’m just like okay and now I want to try
a little bit of blush if you will there is a new primer infused blush in shade
always cheeky it looks really shared here so I’m not sure about this one I
also bought this one which looks way more vibrant like Hello I don’t even
know what this is cuz I have boxes littering everywhere here we go this is
the luminous blush and glowy rose I’m scared oh you can even see that pigment
on the pink brush okay I don’t wanna overdo it look like it so let’s just
relax here let’s just add a little bit on oh wow that’s bit me David whoa I’m
like Elvis usually kind of sheer but baby what is happening today
I’m also very fair so let me just kind of like buff this into the skin oh oh
okay and if you ever want to tone down anything take some powder you guys it
doesn’t matter what it’s from literally same brush go back in with the finishing
powder and then just kind of voila I’m actually really shook at the
pigmentation on that blush I just put a little pressed powder over it but girl
she’s there okay let’s move on to a little bit of highlighting I’m like work
there is a new jelly highlighter from ELF look at it right here I love a good
jelly highlighter now this one look at it go yeah let’s try it all right I don’t even know
what this feels like I’ve tried a jelly highlighter the og
from afar solely on my channel before oh wow that’s pigmented I barely touched
that so this is very similar I’m gonna assume oh yeah if you just pop it on
your face look at that okay that a lot came off so maybe we do the beauty
sponge all right let’s just try it if it looks wonky we’ll figure it out later
I’m just gonna press that on there like that oh wow that looks crazy let’s blend
before it’s too late Chris I’m flopping you won’t know why
it’s drying someone’s gonna use my skin and my skin up screams my finger and
press on it before it’s too late I’m definitely flopping by using my
finger you guys so hold on you see I left that little dots it’s because it
was right there on the edge of my finger I literally just sabotage myself okay I
took this little uh Nastasia hat it has to have a synthetic bristles that’s what
I’ve realized for this jelly highlighter since it is like a cream and now it is
blended really pretty I mean that is blinding holy shit I took this in this
and I barely whoa I just kind of went like that shimmied it in there a little
like that tiny little bit you guys goes a long way oh wow hi I’m suddenly in The
Wizard of Oz all right let’s dive into the eyes now I have a few new palates
this one really caught my eye the prism eyeshadow palette right here these look
really pretty almost like a creamy type of shadow that looks powder you know
what I mean like a powder that’s kind of creamy makeup is getting crazy all the
formulas are getting flaky and I also have this palette it’s called mad format
let’s open this up BAM and this is says it’s called the holy smokes edition
right there and I’m thinking of using this that and not today I think with a
little shimmer and bam I think we’re gonna feel really nice today so I have
never used these before I guess let’s grab a brush I mean I listen you know my
brushes just launched so I’m gonna keep using them I live for them by the way
who has got the kit yet let me know all right is there shade names no there’s
not great now I always prime my lids with Mac painterly paint-pot
I put a lot of concealer down so I’m not really feeling like I need to but a lot
of you may go Jeffrey not giving in a fair shot unless you do
what you always do so I’m gonna coat these lids and I’ll be right back this
is all blended in the eyes are primed and now let’s grab a little j/s blending
brush what’s gonna go in right here Bam Bam Bam now I haven’t really used
elf shadows that much before I know we did a full face elf
a few years ago on my channel and that video was very fun
so I hadn’t really used their palettes though I’m just gonna tuck this in I
want a really soft pretty kind of monochrome look today
now this shadow definitely is blending nice and has pigment and it isn’t
evaporating like some shadows we’ve seen on this channel lately okay this is
looking really cute nice and airbrush like we like it – all is alright I’m
just adding a little bit more in there deepening and softening bringing this
down a little bit yes ooh cute now I’m gonna go in with the shade next to it
this more warm toned brown color we’re gonna dip in with the same brush now
looking at the shades it’s kind of like a Velvet Matte it blended really nice on
the eye I’m just gonna take this shade and just go under the eye and just kind
of blend and buff easy peasy right on that lash line just to do a little quick
smoke out all right now I’m just taking that shadow and smoking it out really
lightly just to give kind of a blown-out effect so we’re just gonna go under go
all the way to the edge and then just kind of flick it out give it a little
smokey soft appearance voila these blend it out really pretty now let’s go into
the prism eyeshadow palette now I don’t know if this is actual cream I guess
let’s touch one and see what the hell is about to happen oh it feels soft and
it’s very like buttery alright I’m gonna take a little morphe m-43 one pencil
brush and normally I would wet the brush with a spray but I want to try this out
first okay that coated the brush there’s a little bit of fallout so I don’t want
to go to him and I’m just gonna put this in my inner corner right here and let’s
see what it looks like oh okay I love the yellow undertone now I like to do and you don’t have to
do this you can wet the brush I literally use my own saliva all jokes
aside if you’re a makeup artist do not do this on a client if you’re doing on
yourself who fucking cares okay this is looking really pretty now
I’m gonna take a flat brush and I want to do this little rose gold color right
there let’s see what it looks like I want to pack it on the lid right in the
center and let’s just give my eye a little extra shimmer oh hello
and we’re just gonna Pat that on the lid now I’m not gonna lick this brush again
because I have Taco Bell post mates on the way
so we’ll just wet this really quickly by themselves they are a little bit more
sheer so I always wet the brush anyway to always amp up a metallic moment and
then I’m gonna pack that right on the lid alright that is looking really
pretty I think all this I look really needs is I have a new elf eyeliner I
could definitely add it in there I guess let’s see what it does this is the new
eye pencil in shade just black it’s creamy its pigmented it’s supposed to
glide on and work I guess let’s give it a whirl cute okay now mascara I have
this guy right here to plump it up mascara dr. Kirby where you at alright
let’s give this a whirl oh wow whoa what I miss most like
playdough in a good way mmm nice oh hey dude Harry where put this mascara on me all right I’m gonna wrap this up in
Laurie right cool okay so we’re gonna go in with this length and volume black
waterproof way is this this oh my god you guys I have two mascaras sitting
here no we’re not we’re not going in with that at all
oh okay this little baby is okay I want to go in with this one
this is the plump it up we already said that black defining and voluminous
mascara let’s coat these lashes let’s see what’s happening here now you guys are gonna see a lot of glue
on my lash line I’ve been wearing fake lashes probably every day for a week
I’ve had a lot of photo shoots some events so my real lashes hate me right
now but oh wow this is looking pretty good all right whoa this mascara is
really cute I love how it made the bottom lashes look really full Python
slashes we don’t know her today now the only thing left you guys is I do have a
few setting sprays here and then of course we have a lip now I grab three
liquid lips from Ulta we have what is this praline blushing rose and the
sticker fell off I don’t know all right I don’t know which one I’m gonna go with
maybe this one oh it’s kind of monochromatic to my blush outfit and
backdrop so let’s give it a whirl Oh an applicator is like okay like that it
doesn’t really smell like much let’s see what it looks like oh alright I think I picked a good color
for this look I know Valentines just ended I’m just living my Barbie fantasy
right now all right I think the only step we have left is setting spray
now there’s two options here we have the new dewy setting mist no this is the new
one and then we have the og Matt magic mist inset now I am already very mad I
do have you know normal skin but overall I have a lot of makeup on so I
definitely don’t to go matter and more drier so let’s go in with this new guy
the dewy setting mist let’s see oh a blast off a lot oh it smells nice
alright let’s set me oh my god that was a lot that was like oh that was good
you know when the setting spray is on I like to go back in with the beauty
sponge and just kind of press everything together and make sure that the skin is
looking really nice alright you guys I am really happy to say that this look is
complete okay so this might be one of the first times any first impressions
where nothing really flopped I’m looking in the monitor and I’m like whoa like
the foundation and the concealer it’s been on for a while I’ve been running my
gums we smoked a few bowls off-camera and I’m like whoa the skin looks really
good for the price I’m like I’m a little shook at this combination like I had no
idea five dollars six dollars it’s blowing my mind I think it looks
beautiful the eyeshadow palette was great the mascara stuck out to me
because the bottom lashes are looking really pretty was the eyeshadow palette
the best thing on the planet no but guess what it worked and for the
price this is really cheap and it was cute I had to pack it on a little bit
but look at that like honey this is a easy glam on-the-go the eyeshadows were
beautiful the liquid lip like girl I do have the number one liquid lip in
America not to toot my own horn bitches worked real hard for that and I am a
very harsh critic on liquid lip and the is nice it’s not over drying yet it’s
not cracking it doesn’t look weird it looks pretty what else
I think the spray did it do anything I have no idea okay so I’m always down for
more spray that is a heavy mist though it kind of blasts you which you know
insert pun there but it did do its job now nothing failed really I’m looking at
the table has ever happened before I’m weird this is weird right
the only thing is off-camera this blush was a little sheer so I didn’t put it on
because the other one was like it stole the show so this was the only I guess
negative but everything else wowed me for a drugstore brand I have tried a lot
of drugstore now in this channel and Wow a plus so I guess every this is so crazy
I’ve never said this before every product in this review from ELF is
Jeffrey star approved whoa this is kind of a first for my channel 2019 is
getting mysterious what the fuck alright you guys I am shook the house do
not forget to enter in the giveaway and wow I had a really good time today just
playing and makeup and hanging out all right you guys thank you so much for
watching the video I will see you on the next one bye guys


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    the highlight is to die for omg && jeffree looks SO cute with his hair pinned back like that lol super cutesy vibes

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