Funny Thanksgiving – Elementary School Comedy Skit : SKETCH COMEDY // GEM Sisters

And all my family is with me that’s what
makes me mostest happy And best of all there’s turkey and that’s why I love Thanksgiving! Amazing poem! Excellent job Rachel! Alison you’re up. Miss Roberts I
did the extra credit. That’s wonderful, go ahead. Whenever you’re ready My Thanksgiving tradition. In my family
the day starts very early When I hear my mom scream “Get out of bed you lazy
bums, it’s time to start thanks-cleaning” My dad mows the lawn in his underwear, which
makes our neighbor very mad. And every person on our street comes to watch Mr.
Jenkins fight my dad. My mom works hard at cooking well I’ve got every toilet. And then I feel sick because the stinky food makes me want to vomit My family comes one-by-one, first my
grandpa Then my weird Aunt Flo. And each of them
pinch my cheeks, and use their slimy lips to kiss me on my nose. I help decorate the table, while my Uncle Jim lights a fire. But with all the orange and brown Thanksgiving colors. It looks like a poopy baby diaper. Everyone pretends to like the food but we all know that it’s gross. Why would pilgrims choose to ruin marshmallows be adding sweet potatoes then the afternoon is filled with nothing but football and snoring. Personally I think they should call this awful holiday Thanks-boring. In the evenings the adults play lame card games which is when the arguing always starts.
And by that time the whole house has a smell of grandma’s turkey farts.OK Alison thank you very much. That was very informative. But I’m not done.
Are you sure? okay I guess go ahead. If the Pilgrims and Indians were to see
Thanksgiving today, what would they think? Help me stop this horrible holiday.
Join me now! Thanksgiving stinks! Thanksgiving stinks! Thanksgiving stinks! Thanksgiving stinks! Thanksgiving stinks! Thanksgiving stinks! Thanksgiving stinks! No more Thanksgiving! Please be quiet! Destroy it all!Please stop. No! Principal Davis! Principal Davis! Help ME! Hey guys, it’s the GEM sisters! Giselle, Evangeline, and Mercedes. So we don’t actually hate Thanks-Farting. I mean
Thanksgiving but it’s definitely not our favorite holiday. GEMS we want to know
what you think. If you love Thanksgiving then leave a turkey emoji in the comments. But if you think it’s Thanks-Boring then leave a bored emoji. GEMS if you are bored we have tons of fun games and activities on our website to keep you entertained on Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and
turn on your notifications so you don’t miss any of our funny videos. We hope
your Thanksgiving is filled with amazing food, and not gross food. Happy
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