Furchester Hotel: Elmo Admires a Sculpture at the Hotel (Full Episode)

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, welcome to
the Furchester Hotel. FUNELLA: Your room
is ready for you. FURGUS: Just needs
to get the bed. PHOEBE: The lamp, the
desk, the rug, the sink. PILLOW: A pillow for your head. ALL: The hotel’s run
by monsters, a staff beyond compare. We’ve got the kind of service
you won’t find anywhere. So welcome to the Furchester. La, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la. Welcome to the Furchester. La, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la. FURGUS: Dine in style. FUNELLA: Certain deal. COOKIE MONSTER: Cookie
come with every meal. ALL: La, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la. ELMO: Here are your
keys, and check right in. ALL: Let your fairy stay begin. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel! NARRATOR: The Sculpture. HENRY MOOR: Ah, at
last, my sculpture is ready to be seen by everyone. FUNELLA: Oh! Oh, it looks just like
me, doesn’t it, Furgus? FURGUS: If I didn’t
know any better, I’d say it was you, Funella. FUNELLA: We are so lucky to
have such a wonderful sculptor staying at the
Furchester this week. HENRY MOOR: You
are indeed, madam. I am the best cow
sculptor in the world, or my name is not Henry Moor. FUNELLA: Oh, Furgus,
Furgus, Furgus! We must keep this
sculpture right there in the lobby forever for
the whole world to admire! PHOEBE: The sculpture is here! ELMO: Yeah! [INAUDIBLE]. HENRY MOOR: No, no, no. No, no, no. Please don’t touch it. It’s very fragile. It could break very easily. HENRY MOOR: Well, Elmo
will look with his eyes. COOKIE MONSTER: Cowabunga! Is that what me think it is? ALL: Uh oh! HENRY MOOR: Uh oh? It is what me thin it is! Cookie! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! FURGUS: No, it’s not cookie! It’s not a real cookie! FUNELLA: It’s just a
sculpture of a cookie. HENRY MOOR: Yes, a
very fragile sculpture. It could break very easily! COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, me so sorry! Me no want to break sculpture. HENRY MOOR: Thank you. COOKIE MONSTER:
It’s just that it looks so much like moist,
delicious, chewy cookie! Cookie Monster! Here is a real
cookie right here. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh. That’s relief. FURGUS: And there’s
more in the dining room. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, dining room! Oh, terrific! Oh, boy! Sorry, cow. MRS. INKWELL: Good afternoon. FUNELLA: Hello, Mrs. Inkwell. Oh, mind the sculpture. MRS. INKWELL: Sculpture? Oh, yes. I like it. Needs more arms, though, I feel. HENRY MOOR: Oh, no. Please, watch the tentacles. Do be careful! Oh, my sculpture! MRS. INKWELL: Oh, I’m sorry. Is it breakable? FURGUS: Yes, of course! It could easily be smashed
into a million tiny pieces. MRS. INKWELL: Oh,
well, you really shouldn’t leave it
in the lobby where someone could bump into it. Not everyone is as
careful as I am, you know. HENRY MOOR: Oh, please. How are you going to keep
my sculpture from breaking? FUNELLA: Oh, don’t worry. That’s a problem we can solve. HENRY MOOR: But how? FUNELLA: I’ll just tell all
our guests to be careful. Attention, guests! Attention, all guests! We have a wonderful
sculpture of me right here. HENRY MOOR: Yes. FUNELLA: But it can break,
so please be careful. Whatever you do, do not touch
it like this, or like this, and definitely not like this. Oh! Does everyone understand? ALL: Yes. FUNELLA: There you go, Mr. Moor. That should do the trick. Problem solved. Now there’s nothing
to worry about. Uh oh! HENRY MOOR: What
do you mean, uh oh? BOY: Tea! BOY: Dee. [INTERPOSING VOICES] BOY: Whoa, look at that! HENRY MOOR: Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Please stop it! Oh, no! My sculpture! FUNELLA: Oh, Mr. Moor. You seem a little anxious. HENRY MOOR: Yes, I am
anxious, Mrs. Furchester! My sculpture is not
safe in your hotel. FUNELLA: Oh, no don’t worry. Just repeat to yourself–
everything is going to be OK. Say it with me. HENRY MOOR: Everything
is going to be OK. FUNELLA: And again. HENRY MOOR: Everything– [BARKING] HENRY MOOR: Madam, don’t
let your dog get too close! He might knock it over! Well, then why did you
put it here the lobby? Come on, Ruffer. HENRY MOOR: He’s right. I’m taking my sculpture
out of the hotel and putting it in
the Moogenheim Museum where it won’t get
knocked over or broken. FUNELLA: Now wait. I’m sure we can figure out
how to keep the sculpture safe right here. Furchesters never give up. [BELL RINGING] ALL: La, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! A Furchester never gives up,
never gives up, never gives up. A Furchester never gives up. We try our very best. Because we are monsters
through and through, and so we do what monsters do. We ugh, and oof,
and oof some more. We oof even harder than before. A Furchester never gives up,
never gives up, never gives up. A Furchester never gives up. We try our very best! A Furchester never– COOKIE MONSTER: Never! ALL: Well, hardly never. A Furchester never gives up! FUNELLA: Right, everyone. We will not give up
until we figure out how to keep the
sculpture from breaking. HENRY MOOR: Yes. We’ll just put our furry
heads together and think. OK. I’ve got it. What if we take the
sculpture out of the lobby? ELMO: Oh, yeah. And put it in a room. FUNELLA: Room 222
is free, and it has walls to protect the sculpture. PHOEBE: Oh. Then no one will
see it up there. FUNELLA: Phoebe is right. My sculpture should stay down
here in the lobby for the world to admire. FURGUS: Wait a minute! What if I build a wall
around the sculpture right here in the lobby? FUNELLA: Yes! That’s it. Mr. Moor. HENRY MOOR: Yes? FUNELLA: Good news. Furgus is going to build a
wall around my lovely sculpture so that it will– FURGUS: Finished! FUNELLA: Oh, Furgus! What a magnificent wall! ELMO: Well, yeah, but Elmo can’t
see Auntie Funella anymore. HENRY MOOR: No, and
neither can anyone else! [SIGHS] FURGUS: No problem. I have a solution. Right. Here we go. I’ll just put this ladder
here, and then people can climb to the top
and look at the statue. FUNELLA: You are always
thinking, my darling Furgus. HENRY MOOR: Are you sure
that’s going to work? FURGUS: Oh, yes. Oh, no! Oh, good grief! Look out! I’m so sorry, Mr. Moor! HENRY MOOR: My magnificent
sculpture is ruined! Ruined! Oh, how will I ever fix it? FUNELLA: Oh, breathe,
Mr. Moor, breathe! PHOEBE: Fuzzle wubba! Oh, that gives me
a monster idea. We can fix it! Why don’t we put the
sculpture back together again? FURGUS: We can try. PHOEBE: Yeah! Let’s get to work. ELMO: Yeah! Come on, everybody. ALL: Ta da! FURGUS: Problem solved. FURGUS: This? is brilliant! FUNELLA: You think? FURGUS: Oh, yes. I’d know you anywhere, my dear. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, hey. That new sculpture? FURGUS: Yes. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, boy. Me like it! Very original. FURGUS: Yes. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait a minute. Is that what me think it is? Cookie! Oh boy, oh boy! [BELL RINGS] FUNELLA: (SINGING) You
really can’t be going, and say it isn’t true. ALL: The Furchester will
never be as furry without you. So don’t check out. Don’t check out. Please, please, please,
please don’t go. Don’t check out. COOKIE MONSTER: Don’t check out! ALL: No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, please, please, don’t check out.


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