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– Hi, I’m Steve from CHEMLINE. And as part of CHEMLINE’s commitment to excellent customer service, I’m going to show you how to disassemble your Fusion AP Spray Gun. (hard rock music) First, here’s some features on the gun. This is your safety on the back. To disengage, you push in
and rotate to the left. To reengage, you push in
and rotate to the right. This is the grease Zerk fitting and your tip. To disassemble, all you
need is a small screwdriver. The first thing to do
is take off the air cap. Then, remove the compression ring. After removing the compression
ring, loosen the side seals. There’s a flat space here
that allows for leverage. Once completed, rotate
the compression ring leaving behind the mix chamber. To remove the mix
chamber, rotate and pull. These parts can all be cleaned in solvent. What you have left is
the handle of the gun. And all you need to do
is wipe that handle off. You don’t have to take it
apart on a routine cleaning. Now, taking the fluid assembly, you want to remove the side
seal cartridges completely. First, loosen them with the
screwdriver as a pry bar and they pull right up. Then remove the check valves the same way. Within the check valve
they also have a flat spot. Pry against for leverage,
removing your check valves and your filter housing
all at the same time. Again for this gun, A side or ISO is marked A. And there are no markings
on the B side or resin. Side seal and the filter
housing are both marked A. Each one of the filter
cartridges is also a check valve. So we can pull the filter
off and unscrew the post in the center of the check valve housing. Here we get three parts, post, a spring, and your check valve ball. As well as an o-ring
that seats it into place. To take apart the side seal cartridges, you do not want to pull on it with pliers. Because a pair of pliers
will leave tool marks that can and will leave permanent
damage on the side seal. Again, we use a small screwdriver or a rag to simply pull the side seal
out of the side seal cartridge. It has two parts, the
cartridge itself and the seal. Small spring acts as leverage which pushes against the mix chamber. That spring is what exerts pressure on both the side seal
which rides very intimately with the mix chamber. Again, all the A side parts on
this gun are marked with an A that includes the housing
or the fluid head, the side seal itself, and the
appropriate filter housing. Thanks for watching this video on disassembly on your
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