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– Hi, I’m Steve from Chemline and as part of Chemline’s commitment to excellent customer service,
I’m going to show you how to reassemble your Fusion AP Spray Gun. (rock music) First, make sure to have
white lithium grease on hand to add lubrication to
the o rings and threads. When the filter cartridge
gets reassembled, you’ll want to add a
little bit of lubrication with white lithium grease. Take the filter, cartridge parts, and place the ball back into the cartridge and the post and the spring. We screw the screw back in and we make sure that the
screw is just beyond flush for proper location. Then, we slip on the filter
after it’s been cleaned. That’s complete. When the side seal
cartridge gets reassembled, the spring goes in first,
then the side seal. The o ring end, it rides
against the mix chamber just like this. We take the handle of the
gun and the mix chamber, we look for the notch on
the back of the mix chamber, and then twist in just like this. Then we put the head on and thread it back into place. It’s a precise fit. You have a large gap in
front of the compression ring or locking ring and you have a small gap behind the locking ring. Then, after that’s in place, you look at your side seal cartridge, ball with a marking on
it for A is the A side. It goes on the A side of the gun. Press it in. Little more lube on the B side. Goes into the B side. Press firmly and we’re ready for the A side filter cartridge. Lube that o ring, locate
the A side of our gun, place the A side cartridge
pressing firmly into place and the same for the B. We squeeze those together. After they’ve been cleaned and lubed, and back in the appropriate location, we’re ready to put on the compression ring and the air cap. We like to take a small amount of lithium, wipe it down on the complete gun. This will aid in cleaning next time we proactively clean our gun. Thanks for watching this video on reassembling your Fusion
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