Garden Design Drawing – Sketching Designs by Hand

hi welcome back to garden ninja now a
number of you online have been asking about my garden designs why I draw them
by hand how I do it what the influences are so I thought what better way to show
you than to take one of my latest designs and draw up a very rough
freehand sketch at the perspective how at the garden to look so this
perspective is after I’ve designed the garden in plan format and then I’m
trying to bring it to life for a client so I don’t claim to be the best artist
this is not a guide to teaching perspective drawing but I thought it
might give you a good behind-the-scenes of how I get my sketches together and
formulate a lot for the client that brings the garden to life! So here we have it my very rough you can
see it there perspective drawing of the current garden design now this is only
really meant to be used to show the client sort of a 3d visual how it might
work it’s not the finished product you would then either go on to drafting it
up maybe in Sketchup or CAD or you’d be using a lightbox to really draw in the
detail and make sure that you have everything and point perfect in terms of
perspectives this is a rough sketch but if I was going to take this another
level further I’d draw up an a3 and make sure that all the perspective lines were
correct so I’ve been Garden Ninja if you’ve liked this video while it
subscribe to my youtube channel drop me a comment ask me questions about garden
design and other garden hints tips and hacks I’ve been Garden Ninja Happy drawing,
happy gardening!

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