Gekke kunstenares | Sketch | Het Klokhuis

Hi, I’m Bea. I’m an artist and that totally cool, it rocks! Woohoo! Loads of my fellow artists are complaining that it’s so difficult to earn money by selling art. But I always tell them: Sobbing about it won’t help you, just sell proactively Top of the morning to you! I’m Bea, but you can call me ‘Creabea’! Haha! How can I help you, ma’am? – Do you want to buy my art? Well, I… – What do you think of this gorgeous painting? – What is it? It’s art, obviously. It depicts a mother and her child at the beach. It doesn’t look like that, at all. It’s impressionism, it doesn’t have to look alike That’ll be €600 – Well, I don’t think that… What do you think of this? It’s a sculpture. Isn’t it marvelous? – I don’t quite get what it… It’s abstract art. You mustn’t understand, you must feel and love. How beautiful, it makes my eyes water! Ma’am, I’m truly sorry, but… €600, as well. – I’m not interested, I’m sorry. Oh my, I know something. I’m gonna paint your body, that’s what I’m gonna do. Let me undress you. – Oh no, you will not! Undress, sir. – Leave me alone! I always have a trick up my sleeve in case of nasty customers: I’m great at painting on windows. I just started doing it, but I’m already a pro. Watch me! Sir, sir, sir. I can also paint your window, isn’t that terrific? Alrighty then, let’s start! Ma’am, stop it! How lovely, I’m so enjoying this! So lovely! An eye over here, a crest over there. Cuz that’s what a chicken has. Look at it! This will be art! Finished! Woohoo, it’s finished, I’m done, it’s beautiful! It’s nice, I gave it my all! Doing arts in the outdoors, that’s great! I’ve had it, get out of here! €500,-? – €500,- to clean this mess! I’m calling the police! Usually you have to visit a church for glass paintings. I gave this gent art at home and still he’s whining! Wow, I spilt my gifts to someone who isn’t worth it! Never mind, I’ll try again somewhere else. Bye! Watch another video!


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