Generations Sculpture

when you see little droplets crashing over the rocks when you hear the water slowly eating the stones away you know it’s been doing so for millions of years and it will continue to do so long after I’ve kicked the bucket hell it will do so long actor with all kicked all the buckets there are slowly it covers the earth carrying the priceless landscapes with unseen patience we beam on the other hand lost all patience we become burdened by time well not me though I see value in slowness in the process it may take a thousand years to global forest but the earth they still do it and it can be invaluable that is how invaluable things are made and that is how I’m creating one swipe my swype i am putting my whole life energy into it as did my grandfather I have here a photograph to show you how it looked like when i started working on this look like this see this was 22 years ago when i started this is now see a lot of work a lot of are you this will be the most invaluable sculpture the world has ever seen and in it a few generations Borg energy passed and life will be inscribed my skin absorbs faster than the layers of wood of course that means it’s time for the next finger and by the time I reach the death the first one is healed and ready to go again I I also keep this this dust to the dust you know I keep it on the table and it is mixed with my skin because my skin also comes off the same like in the wood you know and I keep it so so I see how much I’ve done you know and it’s beautiful it’s mixed skin and mixed wood and if if you try it it tastes it tastes like past like history and a little bit so it like like sweaty IQ it you know but it’s it’s beautiful you know what can I say I know I can’t last forever but I am willing to put my life into something that can death is the real value you


  • Zamir A. Hernandez

    With all honesty I can say that I really loved this short film, it has a good message, to transcend, leave a legacy, something to be remembered.
    I also loved the editing and the cinematography, it is reminiscent to Janusz Kaminski, so I know how'd look if Janusz'd shot a Wes Anderson movie.
    Needless to say I am also a huge of Wes Anderson fan.
    Keep it up the good work 🙂

  • romana hanibal

    I don't know how can anyone ever put a dislike on THIS. So beautiful, powerful and meaningful!


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