Gerda Steiner Valentine Penguins – Prismacolor Pencils Real Time Colouring!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I’m
back with my second video today sharing a card made as guest designer for
Gerda Steiner designs using the Valentine penguins stamp set I’ve
actually already done a video showing how I coloured this set of images I’ve
stamped and masked them out this cute little penguins in the same scene and in
the first video I actually colored them with Copic markers on some white
cardstock this time I’m coloring the same images but with some prismacolor
pencils and I have changed it up a little bit I did stamp these images out
with onyx black ink because I’m coloring with prismacolor pencils and they work
really well with this black ink and it’s a nice fast drying pigment ink and it’s
good on colored card stock or card stock that’s not perfectly even so if you had
a close look at this card stock or at this card if you have a look in the
pictures at the end or even head over to my blog the link will be below you’ll
see that there is a slight texture to the card stock
it’s an American crafts, and I’ve forgotten the name it’s a really really pale blue card
stock so I am working on the smooth side but but even the smooth side has like a
slight texture so I am kind of having to work the pencils into the grooves a
little bit well though I’m not pressing hard because once you filled the tooth of the cardstock it won’t accept anymore pencils so then I will just pill up and
be a pain in the neck anyway I did colour the Penguins in the similar color as
I did to the other card and then because it’s on the blue cardstock I did decide
to come in and use the white pencil on the actual body of the penguins
the thing also with prismacolor pencils is they do cause a bloom and when you
stamped an image sometimes it will kind of cover over the edges or the eyes if
you accidentally cover up color over them and a way to get around that which
I do do a little bit later on I’m not sure don’t if I shared it in the video
so just come back with either a black multi liner or in this case I actually
used a black pencil just to redraw the eyes and the eyebrows things like that
that got might have got lost a little bit of definition I’m having trouble
speaking okay I don’t like to use gamsol or any blending agents on colored
cardstock I don’t I don’t tend to find that they work really well I usually
just use the pencils to blend with each other so I usually go back and forth
with my pencils just using them lightly and add the color that way just in case
you haven’t noticed I have got a little piece of cardstock off to the side it’s
the same color that I’m working on and what I’m doing here is actually testing
my colors before I add them because they do react differently than if I was just
using them on white cardstock so it’s a good idea just to test your pencils off
off to the side on the same color cardstock I’m keeping a nice sharp
pencil as well just so I can try not to end up with any bloom or too much bloom
over the edges of these images I will list all the colors that I’ve used today
over at my blog and I’m also going to link below this video to the other video
that I created you using this same set of images but colouring them with copics now I did kind of color this balloon in
a real sort of pale blue and white color I don’t know in retrospect I was kind of
thinking maybe a nice bright pink balloon might have looked nicer or stood
out a bit more so I’m not sure if you notice at the end of the video I did
make this balloon a little bit of a bit brighter blue but it’s still a fairly
light balloon but if I was to remake this card I probably would do it in a
nice bright pink I’m thinking I’ve got my copic multiliner out and I’m actually
drawing kind of a rough ground here with some stones it’s not complicated it
really is just squiggles and circles and that just rounds my images I just use
some of the cooler grays to actually add some grave to that base as well and I
want this to be a little sort of a surprise card and like a party card so
this is where it’s changing up from the other card as well I decided to add some
bits of confetti and just chosen some nice bright colors that worked really
well on the blue card stock and just hand drawing lots of confetti and
streamers and dots and such all over that is on making sure that I draw some
over the images as well and that’s probably why I really couldn’t come in
and color that balloon in at the end because I had drawn some of the
streamers over top of that and I didn’t want to sort of muck those up by because
they’re not blended I just thought well it would be easy to leave it as it is, but if I did
do it again it would be hot pink decision is made Gerda Steiner really has some of the
most cute critters and they’re really really easy images
to color and fun to put together on cards I’ve used heaps heaps of the
critters over the last 12 months in particular and every time I call them up
it just makes me smile and especially when it’s a nice little party scene like
this oh I’m not sure if you noticed but on the ground there where I drew the
confetti and streamers I did draw them on the side like they were lying down
whereas the ones in the sky was sort of straight up and down like they were
floating and of course these hearts did make a pink like I really like how this
color turned out on the actual blue cardstock and you know maybe I could
have actually just restamped the balloon and adhered over top that’s
another way if you do make a mistake while you’re not happy with something
that’s a really easy way of fixing it now I’ve made this a landscape card as
well and just use some ATG behind the panel and just attaching that to the
it’s a top fold landscape and I thought it’d be fun to add some Prisma glitter
which is a really fine glitter so I’ve got my quickie glue pen
and adding some small dots all over the front of the card where the confetti is
and where the Penguins are as well I thought it’d be heaps of fun the thing
with the Prisma glitter is it’s very clingy so what I like to do is actually
wait for it to dry and then I just use like a really soft paintbrush you know
like the you know the really kind of fluffy ones and you can just once it’s
dry I can just brush away any of the excess Prisma glitter the sentiment
today comes from the Your’re Koalafied stamp set and I’ve just stamped a hot
pink surprise and cut out with a speech bubble and
that’s my finished card for today thanks so much for joining me it’s been heaps
of fun until next time Happy Papercrafting bye


  • Dot Freel

    I love this one the most but both are so cute and love the additions you drew in!

  • Barb Ghig

    Adorable card, Therese! Beautiful coloring with your pencils, and I love all the sparkle you added at the end!

  • Connie Hinojosa

    So cute love it 😍 💖

  • Barbara Lassiter

    Love this using the Prismacolor pencils! I started out with a small set and have added many more over time, and I need inspiration to use them! 🙂 I do think the Gerda Steiner stamp critters are cute!

  • Renee Cassidy

    Absolutely adorable!

  • Hanne Tang

    Lovely, but it is a long time since you used your Inktense pencils? 👍🏻😁

  • CouzCat

    So sweet & fun!

  • icardeveryone01

    I'm less than 2 minutes in, and have already decided I LOve this one the very most… LOve the texture, the tooth, of this paper!  Also the fun stony ground… I've just been brought back to a comic I love – BC – do you know it?  Heaps of fun watching your little penguins party, my friend … xx   =]

  • Lisa Ainscough

    Just love watching you colour.
    It's so relaxing.
    Had to watch this video twice because I zoned out the first time!

  • Stefanie Staniak

    So adorable. This sure is perfect for those winter birthdays. TFS.

  • Connie Inman

    So adorable Terese!

  • Cynthia Clark

    Fabulous! I wanna go to that party.

  • Jenny Martin

    thanks for the video! I love the cute penguins and the confetti is such a fun touch!

  • dee wilkes

    Love both cards. This is a sweet stamp set and the cards are really cute. I use Copics most of the time as my preferred colouring medium and I’ve learned so much from you, but I’ve just bought myself a set of Prismacolor pencils and I very much appreciate all the tips you give and your lovely sense of humour.. Thank you for sharing your skills with us. It’s always a pleasure to watch.

  • TheInkinGardenSpot

    this is such an adorable card. just love it! your videos are always "heaps of fun". 🙂

  • Pri Created

    Loved the confetti in this one….super cute card Therese..!! 😍🐧

  • Ruth Andrews - Crafting While the Baby Naps

    Absolutely love this. I’ve been enjoying colouring with my Polychromos lately and I love the soft look you get. The added details are just brilliant. Definitely one to try xx

  • Debbie L

    what a great card with wonderful ideas with the streamers /confetti – great way to hide "mistakes " for me 🙂


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