Get a Photoshopped Look with Savvy Minerals Makeup

Hello, everybody! Healthier Hannah here.
Today I’m going to talk to you guys and show you exactly all the wonderful
things that I love about this brand-new mineral makeup that has totally changed
my life. Savvy Minerals is a brand new makeup
line that was just released this past summer. And I’ll admit, I was kind of wary
about it. I’ve never been a fan of mineral makeup. It was always so messy, it
didn’t stay on very well, I didn’t feel like the coverage was very good. And some
of the brands of mineral makeup that I had used before in the past left my face
feeling super itchy and irritated. It was just not – I was not fan at all.
So, when Savvy Minerals came out, I was naturally skeptical. So I went to one of
my friends houses and I tried on the makeup for the very first time – and I was
beyond floored! I was so amazed at what it did for my face. And all of these
preconceived notions and ideas that I had
about what this makeup was going to do for me – they were all completely debunked.
Being that I love makeup already, and being that I used makeup for many years
even in television setting, I had all these, you know, ideas of how to apply
makeup. I love using makeup. I loved trying different techniques and stuff. So
that night, when I actually tried it, I tried all these techniques that I had in
my head that I had used in the past. And the result – I was so amazed it actually
looked like full-coverage makeup that you would find somewhere else, which was
shocking to me! Because a lot of the pictures of the before and afters that
I had seen on this makeup were a very sheer look, very natural look, it was very
pretty. But when I realized that I was still able to achieve this full-coverage
look, that full-on glam look that I like to do sometimes, I was really really
excited! The makeup is buildable. You can do different things with it to achieve
the kind of look that you want. And so I took a before and after photo – here’s the
photo right here – and people were in an uproar! I mean some were like, “oh that’s
so cool!” and then some were like, “This is photoshopped! that is not even real!” So
that’s okay. All you cutesy little haters. I’m just going to show you exactly what
I did too this look. I mean look at me right now!
This is obviously not photoshopped, this is on video. So I’ll tell you exactly how
you can get it this full-on glam look, this look of full coverage that you
might not think that you can achieve, but you totally can – with Savvy Minerals! So
let’s go let’s do it! All right, the first thing might be like a little weird and
unconventional, but don’t freak out. I have like a method to my madness here.
I’m going to make kind of like a liquid base here, kind of like a tinted
moisturizer. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to first use a foundation that
is one shade darker than what I normally am. So normally I’m Warm 2, but this one
is Warm 3 by Savvy Minerals. And then I’m going to grab the Young Living Sheerlume Brightening Cream, and I’m going to mix a little bit of both of these in
this a little baby bowl. And this is what I’m going to apply on my face first,
right. And you don’t need a whole lot of this to make a little bit of a tinted
moisturizer base kind of thing. I’m just grabbing like a finger full, and then I’m
just going to dab a little bit of the powder into this little bowl right here,
and then I’ll just mix it up, right. So you see, whenever I’m mixing it, it’s kind
of making what looks like a liquid foundation. And now, I’m going to apply
this on my face as sort of a tinted moisturizer. And what I really like about
doing this is it causes, whenever you put the moisturizer kind of mixed with a
little bit of some foundation on it, it causes whenever I actually apply the
mineral foundation on top to stick better, and then it holds longer
throughout the day. So kind of compared to what my face
looks like before I actually did that little tinted moisturizer, it gave my
skin kind of an even tone, and it evened out my freckles a little bit. And now,
the next step is actually the mineral foundation itself, where you actually get
the brush, put it in there, and put it on your face. And so this one is Warm 2,
this is the color that I normally use. So here’s my trick to this, okay? So I
normally like a more full coverage look. I like the glam, the Hollywood of it all.
So I will get the Savvy Minerals Misting Spray, and my little brush, and I will
spray three times on my brush like this. Just like that. And any excess, I’ll just
kind of wipe off on the back of my hand. And the reason I do that, is because
whenever I put it into the powder, it holds the powder better, and it’s not
flying everywhere. Now, I’ll just put a little bit of foundation in the cap – whoa, that’s a
lot – okay, kinda overdid it there. So, now that I got the right amount,
I will take my misted brush and put a little bit on it. And whenever I apply
the actual foundation, I will go in like this circular motion here. And when I
want to apply more foundation, I just spray again and do the same process
again. Okay, so now I’m going to get a little
bit more detailed here. So I love the look of contouring and highlighting a
lot. And so now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab Cool 1, which is also
a foundation, and I’m going to apply it underneath my eyes, and the bridge of my
nose, kind of like this area. I’m going to try to highlight and bring out the parts
of my face that I want to look a little bit brighter. And I’m doing Cool 1
because it is the lightest color foundation that they’ve got right now. And
so what this is going to do is it’s going to kind of eliminate those dark
circles that might be under your eye from no sleep, like me last night with my
teething 7 month old son. So I’ll do the bridge of my nose, I do kind of like in
between my eyebrows here, and also my chin, and then like kind of this part
of my upper lip right here. So, now that I’ve brightened some areas
in my face that I want to stand out a little bit more, I’m going to now contour
my face. And basically what contouring is, is it’s
a technique that allows the natural shadows of your face to appear more –
shadowy..? But it’s pretty because it allows your face to look a little bit
slimmer, like your cheekbones and stuff. The places I like to contour are right
underneath the cheekbone, right here, this area. I also like to contour my temples,
and the top of my hairline, this area, and then also this part of my chin
underneath. Lots of people like to do bronzer with it, but I am going to do a
darker color foundation, so I have chosen Dark 3. I just added some
to the lid of this, and I’m getting a different brush than my foundation brush.
And I’m just going to really easily apply under the areas that I want to be
contoured. You see how whenever you look at me
straight on, it’s kind of like sunken in a little bit? That’s what contouring does.
But here’s the other thing – I know that my neck doesn’t necessarily match the
bottom part right here, so I will take a little bit of that and I’ll just apply a
little bit over my neck and chest just so that everything blends in really good. All right, so now that I’m bronzed up a
little bit, I’m going to put a little bit of pinkness to my cheeks. And I’m going
to be using the color Smashing, it’s a really really really pretty blush color.
And whenever I apply the blush, I like to apply it kind of like on that apples of
my cheeks, kind of like this area, whenever you smile. You see this little like round part? That’s where Iike to apply it. And doing that, it just gives me a little bit
more of a youthful pinkness to my cheeks. Now, if you really want to glam it up –
you’re about to go on a date night, you’re about to go on some, I don’t know, formal
event or something, and you really want to highlight it and make your face just
look total movie star – you can add a little bit of the Savvy Minerals Diamond
Dust to your face. It’s great for highlighting, but it also gives your face
a little bit more of a shimmer, so it’s really pretty. Okay, you see the progress so far? Pretty
good full coverage, don’t you think? I was really shocked. And now, one of my
favorite parts is the eyeballs! I always do my mascara first. Kind of my routine.
Savvy Minerals is going to release a mascara very soon, but I have their Sweet
Savvy Minerals mascara, which was the same exact company, same exact
formulation that Melissa Poepping created. So I have the original right
here that they’re going to be releasing very soon. And yes, I do use this, what
looks like a torture device, on my eyeballs, because it allows my eyelashes
just to look really really long and extra curly. Already a huge difference!
Curled, not curled. Curled, not curled. This one’s also kind of a lazy eye, so it
doesn’t help much. Now, hold up. I only put one coat of
mascara on, but here’s another little trick that I wanted to enlighten you
guys on that I do like to do. So I will get my brush, and I will apply a little
bit of Diamond Dust to my eyelashes. I know, but don’t freak out, what it’s
going to do is it’s going to cause it to naturally lengthen your eyelashes by
just applying a little bit of this powder. It’s going to be able to hold the
lashes, and hold the powder, and elongate and lengthen your lashes whenever you
put on the second coat. See this? How annoying is that. Story of
my life, right there. Story of my life. Here I am trying to get it off, and then
all I did was got more on it. Like, oh my gosh. See? Whoa, Nelly! Who needs fiber lashes when
you can just use what you’ve got from Savvy Minerals! Oh, wow, I should have totally
plucked my eyebrows before this. Oh my gosh. Okay, I’m annoyed, we’re just going to
have to cover this up with eyeshadow or something. Okay, so now that lashes are on, I – whoops. There goes my light! So I’m gonna do eyeshadow now. And so, I use like four
different colors, all right – don’t let it intimidate you, it really does look good
in the end. But the first one that I’ll show you is Determined, that is like the
darker color. Then I also like to use Unscripted, which is kind of like a purplish
color, and purplish eyeshadows look good with people with green eyes. I have green
eyes. And then, there’s Residual – that’s the one that I put all over the lid. And
then there is Wanderlust, too. For a more long-lasting eyeshadow look, some people
like to prime their eyelids with the Young Living, like, Lavender Lip Balm.
That’s one way. And also really keeps the eyeshadow stuck on your eyelid all day
long, and then it doesn’t kind of try to get in the creases, and look like some
random grease rainbow on your eye. I’m going to use Residual first. I’m going to
use that all over my eyelid. Savvy Minerals has, like, these great brushes,
but mine haven’t come in yet, and I’ve waited a little bit too long to get this
video done for you guys. So I’m just going to use a regular little thing that
I have in my makeup bag already. And now I’m going to get Unscripted and
I’m going to apply this on the creases of my eyelid. And now I’m going to get the darkest
color out of all four that I’ve been using, and that one is Determined, and I’m
going to apply this on the outer creases, just like right here. See that? Like that outer area of my eyelid? And whenever you’re applying these darker
colors onto the creases, or to the outer parts of your eye, it also causes your
eyes to look bigger. Also, I’ll add a little bit of this color on the bottom portion
of my eye, right here, where the corner of the eyelashes are, right here on this
bottom part. So, what I’m going to do now is I’m going to apply a little bit of Wanderlust on the inner corners of my eye, kind of where the tear ducts are. Also on
the brow bone, right beneath my eyebrows. So now we’re going to do the eyeliner.
We’re going to get Jetsetter, which is the Young Living Savvy Minerals black
color that they have. Has this tassel been doing this the whole time? What is
this tassel anyway, like, graduation? Whatever. Hopefully that hasn’t been
bothering you throughout this whole video. Some people really like a
liquid eyeliner look, so if you do like that, then you can mix a little bit of
the Jetsetter with a little bit of water. Just to get a little bit of the powder,
mix it with some water, and then you can apply it that way. It has more like a
liquid look. But I’m going to go for just a smoky look today, so I’m just going to
do it dry. So I’ll just get my little applicator, and I’ll apply the mineral
eyeliner directly, as close as I possibly can to my eyelashes, on the very top and
also a little bit on the very bottom, too. And again, going a little thicker on the
eyeliner on my lazy eye. Oh, the tricks you learn when you got a crooked face!
And now, of course, obviously I never do my makeup like in that, like, perfect
order, I always forget something, and I did forget something. I’m gonna have to
go back and do it. I forgot to like shadow the outer parts of my nose.
Because it’s so funny, all of the Linn’s, which is my maiden name, we are born with
like these massive nostrils. Like, look at these honkers. Like, if my nostrils were a
bra size, they would be a double D. So what I do, is I kind of like disguise it
a little bit, and I’ll just get a little bit of the, I guess I’ve been using Dark 3 my bronzer, but I’ll get a little bit of the bronzer or whatever
color you want, and I’ll just, like, shadow the bridge of my nose a little bit. So
this gives the appearance of a smaller nose. Voila!
And yay, now one of my favorite parts, lipstick! So I’m going to use Uptown Girl
today, okay? This is the darker shade of lipstick that Savvy Minerals has. I like it, I
think it’s pretty, it’s kind of like a deep plum color. But oh, I’m not done there! So now, I’m
going to use the lip gloss, which I love, it’s so pretty. This one is Embrace, okay?
Savvy Minerals Embrace Lip Gloss. I’m gonna apply this on top.
Oh wait! Y’all! Oh my gosh! I completely forgot. Okay, so I know that a lot of you
guys like to fill in your eyebrows. Well, I have blonde eyebrows, and so a lot of
people use Multitasker whenever they have darker eyebrows to fill in their
eyebrows, but since mine are lighter, I get Dark 3 again – hello, how versatile are
these foundations, they’re great. And I will just take a little bit of Dark 3,
and use that to fill my eyebrows. So yay, y’all, we did it! And my light decided to
go out. Oh well. Now you can actually see it a little bit shadowed, which is nice.
But do you see what I mean? You can get full coverage with this makeup. You can
have a perfectly photoshopped look with Savvy Minerals. It’s amazing what it can
do for you! You can look good and feel good about the ingredients that you’re
putting on your face. There’s nothing more exciting to know, that as the
gatekeeper of everything that we put in our bodies, we’re making the right
decision with this makeup instead. Yay, I feel so excited now! So now I’m going to
go and show my husband what I did. He’ll be like “where you going babe?” I’m
like “I’m not going anywhere, I was just doing a video.” Makeup or not, you’re fearfully
and wonderfully made. You are perfect in every single way. Love you guys, see you


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